Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Confessions {6/22}

-When companies have online chat options, I get a little excited.  #smarternotharder

-On Monday, I woke up hoping it was Friday.  On Tuesday, I woke up hoping it was Friday.  It's still not Friday, but we're getting closer.  #arewethereyet

-Getting back into our routine has brought me much joy.  Once we sort out the running/training schedule, we'll be set.  #regularlyscheduledprogramming

-My Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify was on point on Monday when I got back to work.  I listened to the playlist at least 4 times on Monday alone.  #jamsinmyearholes

-Apparently, my oven that isn't properly heating, needs to be calibrated.  WTF.  Why does new shit already need work?  How did it get UNcalibrated?  Rather than deal with Teh German's apprehension and inevitable tension/stress over dealing with something unfamiliar, I'll just take care of it myself.  #Icandoitmyself #newshitshouldjustwork

-I "calibrated" the oven.  It still doesn't work.  I'm 100% certain that it shouldn't be 375 degrees inside the oven when I set it to broil at 525 degrees.  Now I have to deal with customer service again.  #FML

-Teh German hung curtains on Monday night upstairs and I started to get concerned that he was going to either insist on doing all the curtains at once or punch a hole in the wall.  The first one WE actually hung, he drilled the holes for one side and I drilled the other side.  WE did it because his holes were crooked and he was very upset that the bracket looked like ass.  So he drilled 2 more holes beside the originals to try and get them straight.  Also crooked.  I kept trying to get him to understand that the hooks didn't really matter if they were straight or not, but he wouldn't accept that.  After the first curtain rod, he finally decided to use the level I had tried to give him before we started everything.  #germanprecision #curtains

-We bought about $1600 worth of stuff for the house on Sunday on a granola bar each.  This is a feat and there wasn't really any hangar, just an inability to decide.  We got: curtains, curtain rods, rugs, a TV for downstairs, and a TV mount.  #adultingisexpensive

-Then we went out last night and spent another $500 on patio furniture.  Anyone wanna come play handyman at my house?  #gladIdonthavetoputitalltogethermyself

-It amuses me how Americans think that their way is the only way.  Things that Europeans do that "average" American's don't: Use military time regularly, use the metric system, know more than one language.  #theworldisabigplace

-It is a strong effort to write my Germany recaps.  Mostly because the photos aren't edited yet and I'm feeling super lazy.  But I really want to write them so we have a record of our trip since I know I've already forgotten some of the awesome.  #memoryfailsme

-I really want pizza.  #thanksYelp

-I confess and hashtag even without linkup hosts.  #likeaboss.


  1. Traveling makes it painfully obvious how little we know in this country. Ooops

    Online chat options are the best. #notalking

    Where are you shopping for stuffs? Cha Ching!

  2. Traveling makes it painfully obvious how little we know in this country. Ooops

    Online chat options are the best. #notalking

    Where are you shopping for stuffs? Cha Ching!

  3. I thought it was Friday on Tuesday...not that days of the week actually matter to me right now...but it just felt like a Friday.

  4. Well, still not Friday but we're getting closer? I've had the longest week ever...I feel like it's been 27 days straight of working.

    I LOVE online chat options when I'm on a website - any time I can avoid actually speaking to humans I'm happy.


  5. Online chat options are the best!

    What is that calibration junk?! Stuff should just be working after you paid so much for it! That is shenanigans.

  6. Military time and the metric system make so much more sense. Why do so many resist?!?!


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