Friday, April 10, 2020

Five on Friday #231

EINS - Random Shit

I told Teh German that I wish I could NOT do my homework.  There's so much of it that it's overwhelming me, but I know that I can't NOT do it.  And that makes me mad at me, and then I'm mad that I'm mad at me.  It's a fucking disaster.  I just need school to be over with because this online shit where we get double the work that we were getting if we had been going to class is fucking garbage and I cannot handle my life like this.

Truthfully, I do wonder what would happen if I didn't do any homework for the rest of the semester and only completed tests/quizzes/the final exam.  Would it tank my grade so badly I wouldn't get my 3.5 GPA that I want to graduate with?

Additionally, that 3.5 GPA doesn't really matter anymore since there won't be a commencement ceremony where I wear my veteran/honors rope anyways.  Siiiiiiiiigh.


I need to gather the stuff for my database final project and turn it in.  It's done, I just have to package it together and send it.


PITA Professor saying that we could send him an envelope with postage and our address on it so he could mail us back our tests with his comments/our grade on it almost set me over the edge.  I almost told him that he could come to my house and and use my fancy ass printer/scanner/machine thingy and scan all of them..  Apparently, he only has a flatbed scanner.  What is this 1985?  Jebus.

I'm trying to come up with an alternative but other than "can you take a photo with your phone and just email it to me" I got nothing... and there's no way he would do that for the entire class.


The hardest part about teleworking is that I'm not in my environment where I do the tasks.  So at school, I get school things done at school.  At work, I get work things done at work.  At home, I fuck off and do homework things and sometimes work things.. But now everything is at home and I can't stay focused on a single task to complete anything to move on to the next task and it's absolutely debilitating me.


After years of email chaos and not receiving race emails, I finally created a new email account for run things.  Granted, all of my emails filter into my main personal account for my convenience, now I can give out my run email for run things and it keeps it straight.

Obviously, this is me acting out and needing to control things in my life.


I finally went through my Feedly.  IDK why but the unread blogs were giving me anxiety.  I knew I wanted to read them, so I set a work stop time and then clicked over and went through and read and commented as I felt.


In a true Megan situation... I am almost out of my hot flashes birth control.. and this is a situation beccccaaaauuuusssseeeee....
-My OBGYN won't authorize the refill because I need to come in for an annual visit.
-I am trying to migrate all my health/medical stuff to the VA.  It's free, why shouldn't I use this resource?
-I had a lady bits appointment in February, but my appointment was scheduled for a day they didn't even do lady bit appointments... that was that VA visit where I had a breakdown in the clinic weight-taking area when the nurse told me this fact.
-I wasn't sure if the OBGYN office had forwarded my records to the VA.

-Since the medication is for hot flashes and not reproductive things, I was hoping that an exception would be made.
-It was confirmed that the OBGYN did sent my records to the VA.  #SmallVictories


In my dealing with the medication situation, I had several good interactions with VA persons and it is always so surprising when that happens.  The first lady took my info to have someone from my clinic call.  The 2nd lady listened to my situation saga and made all the notes and THEN she was like, would you like this prescription mailed to you?


You see, part of the reason I'm in this situation is because I had 3 month supply of the medication, as to minimize my trips to the pharmacy.  I realized and forgot when I had one month left.  Now we're 2 weeks out and with CV, this is now an almost emergency.

Youuuu seeeee... I'm finally going good about taking my medications on their schedule (anxiety meds at night, hot flashes med in the AM) and I'm stable.  Like my hormones are as stable as they are going to get and I like where I'm at.  Not having the birth control would change the hormones and cause instability and with all this anxiety over CV and not leaving my house.. unstable hormones would probably be one of the worst things that could happen in this hizz-ous.

Latergram: They sent me the wrong medication, but called to tell me they sent the wrong medication.  Unfortunately, the medication I'm requesting is not fulfilled by the VA so I still have to go get it AND pay for it.  Booooooooo.


Things I accomplished this last week:

  • NOT doing a homework assignment to watch a FULL MOVIE and then answer some stupid fucking questions on it.  Yes, I could have BS-ed my way through those questions and skipped through the movie, but I just didn't have it in me.  I made a choice to do the other assignments that were due for that class instead.
  • Skipping my PITA Professor's class because I just couldn't deal with him.  Straight up.  I was home, I could have made the time, but I had other shit to do that didn't include listening to him berate the class about whatever we needed to be berated about that day.
  • Getting my office back together.  All the stuff is hung on the walls again.  Now I just need to clear out this tub of stuff for my Navy shadow/I love me box and figure out a solution for these conch shells from GTMO.  I just do not need 10 conch shells.  Anyone want a conch shell?
  • Enduring going to the vet during these Corona times of social distancing and not touching another human being.
  • Wearing jeans!


If you are preaching social distancing but still making me sign something with the pen you've handed 50 other people today, you're a fucking moron.


Social distancing vet visit was as trying as any other vet visit.  I really hate when I make an appointment and I have to wait for half my life to be seen.  I made an appointment so my time isn't wasted, let's focus on that.  LE SIGH.

I delivered poop!

Waiting in the car to be called into the office.

I did enjoy waiting in my car instead of in the waiting area.  Meri is extremely friendly and then acts like she's being eaten if someone approaches her and Pax is a small dog eater.. so waiting areas are high stress areas for me.  Also, as someone with 2 big dogs, many people are afraid of them because they are so big.


Things I accomplished THIS week:

  • Setting up a run with conference call.  We all run at the same time, whatever distance, and we huff and puff in each other's ears.  It's exactly as awesome as it sounds!
  • Acquiring my hot flashes medication.  It involved the script being mailed to me and then me having to take it in to the pharmacy to be filled and Teh German picking it up on his way home (so I didn't have to wait for it to be filled).
  • LOTS of miles.  I've probably run more this week than I have in any week of 2020.


I finally broke down and decided to buy new running shoes.  /sob.  I know, I know, I just bought running shoes and they are super awesome!  Except for the part where they give my little piggies (toes) blisters.  I was hoping that breaking them in would help, but it has not.  And I'm a moron and didn't assess this situation prior to the 90 day mark, NOR do I still have my receipt, so I can't return them.  Oh well.

I bought the blue/pink shoes in a size up to test and see if that will work, since it's the same make/model of my current running shoes.  If it works out, I'll probably purchase the plaid shoe in the bigger size and either use my current running shoes as non-running workout shoes or as walking shoes or donate them, but probably the first 2 options since I really love those shoes.


Chase has a COVID-19 announcement that takes up a significant portion of the screen.  When you go to close it out, if you click the X more than once, you get signed out, because THAT button is underneath the announcement X.  /facepalm.


Me: Uses dog poop bag to pump my gas.
Also Me: Uses non-covered hand to make gas selection on pump.


One of my coworkers is a HUGE Bernie Bro, but not in an obnoxious way... Recently, he lost his father.  I was more concerned about him when Bernie quit his campaign than when his dad died since he was prepared for his dad to die since he was sick.  I told him exactly this and he laughed.  I appreciate down to earth coworkers who get me and not interpret the things I say as being an asshole.


Meri and Pax this week:

Mr. Moose has been very demanding of attentions lately.
I don't mind at all.

This ho stealin' my seat when I decided it was break time.
Rude ass.  Good think she's cute.

Pax supervising as Roux takes his daily stroll.

Monkey kisses.

Morning walks after I go on my runs always seem to settle them for the day.
And then sometimes, we still do an afternoon walk.

Meri supervising Roux's walk the following day.



Running Things this week:

Ran with Teh PT Wife on Sunday to achieve my German CV medal!

Teh Bestie and I ran "together" on Monday afternoon and it was quickly determined that we should make those AM runs instead since Charleston outside is trying to kill me with the >85°F.

When I got home, my Skidway Half medal had arrived, making my half marathon last Thursday legit!

When you run "with" friends you represent your relationships in your outfit.
Teh Running Advisor since we worked together at NC State and Teh Bestie since she loves Minnie Mouse.

Completed my Corona 19k with some extra KMs.
YAY for motivation to run since I ran all these races "with" others!

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Virtual run medals
-Bojangles for breakfast, because I needed it, ok, I NEEDED IT
-Groceries/house stuff
-Payment for the paint loan (it was 0% financing for a year, so we figured, why not?)
-$30 charge for non-payment because of the credit card fiasco from the beginning of the month.
-Bagheera taxes
-SWEET TEA.  The McDonalds is RIGHT BESIDE the Neighborhood Market that I go to for my prescriptions.  How could I not?
-Properly fitting shoes?
-Teh German's "graduation" present (a new exhaust for Lars-Ludwig).
-Bully sticks for the dogs.. and by the dogs I mean mostly Pax since Meri has stopped eating hers and Pax usually gets her after she drops it and we don't pick it up.
-Gas.  $1.99 for premium.  $1.65 for regular.  WUUUUTTTT.
-Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for the year.  Post-graduation plans are about to fucking GO DOWN.
-Drink local shirt for Teh German since it was for a good cause.
-Face wash

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Stay-at-home coping mechanism.

This is how I learned that I, in fact, do NOT like salted caramel.
I want my caramel so sweet my teeth hurt.  Don't put no beach in that shiz.

Bison and sausage meatloaf with shrooms and mashed potatoes.

Dem <10 min splits!
I had to slow it down to be able to manage a half, but still.

My Amaryllis bloomed... and then Thursday's crazy winds blew it over and now I'm sure it's going to die and I'm sad since it had only been completely open for a few days.  #RUDE.

Work Virtual Tea Time theme was "sport you miss the most".
I legitimately ran upstairs so I could fetch my jersey since any excuse is a good excuse to show off your Canes jersey!

Green Twins eating our green doughnuts at the same time!
Teh PT Kid is one awesome dude.

Papa G sent me this and I was like, THAT IS MY LIFE!

Sitting on the porch for lunch because I needed some time away from my computer screen.

When you forget to thaw the buns for meatball subs, you have spaghetti instead!

VIER - From the Internet Shit

When you make memes to send to your techs to request certificates from them so you can request access for them.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Friday afternoon being filled with virtual camaraderie meetings which meant approved work fuck-off-ary time.
  2. Virtual run medals.
  3. Running with others.
  4. Having work to do and being able to do work remotely.
  5. TWO FUCKING WEEKS of school left.
  6. Skating through the rest of the semester.
  7. Sitting through Zoom meetings with my work laptop in front of my personal laptop gettin' shit done.
  8. Being the person on the conference call who says to the govt lead of the entire project "Are you serious???" and the team messaging you right away to say, "WE LOVE YOU."
  9. Learning new things to make a job I hate easier.
  10. Uploading a pic of me with blue hair for my virtual commencement photo.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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