Monday, April 13, 2020

Weekend Review {4/13}


Started off the day with a run with Teh Bestie and Teh Running Advisor, then I pounded out some work.  From lunch after, it was work fuck off time on zoom meetings with coworkers, from our office and later from the entire company.

My new shoes arrived!

After all the conference calls and making sure my documentation that I wrote during the week was sufficient, I headed to the couch to be lazy AF for the rest of the day.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch and Teh German woke me up for dinner.  After dinner, we spent the evening watching The Witcher.  It makes my renn faire loving heart so happy.


Saturday morning I was no longer willing to fight my Bojangles craving, so I went out to fetch breakfast for us.  I was pleased with my life choice until I saw they'd skimped on the Boberry icing.  Siiiigh..

After breakfast, I headed to the office to get started on school things.. annnnnddddd spilled coffee all over my laptop.  I cleaned it up immediately, much to the startlement of the dogs, but after I cleaned it up, my keyboard started spazzing out and buttons that weren't being pressed were making actions happen.. and rather than just frying my entire motherboard, I shut everything off and poured rice on the keyboard and sat my laptop out in the sun (per Teh Chief Smartass's recommendation).

I left my laptop outside most of the day and brought it inside in the evening but left it powered off.  Siiiiiigh.  Not the crisis I wanted to deal with 3 weeks prior to graduation, mkay?  I immediately started making Best Buy calls since I have the Geek Squad protection on it (because I'm me and I figured something like this would eventually happen).  Since Geek Squad isn't currently open right now, the call center has waits that average 45 minutes to an hour. Soooo good times on that.  The first agent I spoke with was a fucking moron who told me to call the store to get authorization to send in my computer and even offered to give me the number to my local store, like I hadn't started the call with, "I called my local store and no one answered."  Sooo that was fucking fantastic.

I did get off the phone with the agent and tried to call the store over and over and got no one.  I called a different local store and someone did finally pick up, which was helpful that I spoke with a human who confirmed that no one had been working the Geek Squad desk for the last 3 weeks and the agent I spoke with was a moron.  Great.  Sooooooo.. I called the 1800 line back. 

The next agent was knowledgeable and intelligent.  She did manage to get a Geek Squad repair authorized and the packaging stuff sent out to me so I can mail my computer in.  Le siigh.  Such a hoopla to go through.

During all that shit, Teh PT Husband delivered a smoked butt to us (yay!) and I let my research team know what happened.  I did knock out some German homework and made the decision NOT to do some of it because it was too much effort.  I did all my homework when I was sick and throughout the semester until this point, so I'm taking advantage of my early hardwork to slack off now.  #YOLO

After computer things were accomplished, I put on my Clawz and headed out to scoop poop.  It's the first time I've scooped poop in months that it hadn't just rained.  It was delightful since all the poops were hard and easy to scoop rather than mushy.  You're welcome for that visual.

Teh German had went out on a ride for the afternoon, so when he came back, we ate dinner then sat down at the island to play online games with some friends over Zoom/with our phones.

If you're me, you've seen it WAY more than 2x since Teh Sister watched it....
over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..
and that was only the first VHS, not the second one.

After games, we headed to bed.


Sunday started with the goal of a run, which turned into a walk with Teh PT Wife.  We ran the first mile and a half, and then we started walking and neither of us said anything about starting to run again and we finished off a 10k with a walk and I wasn't sad about it.  When I got home, it was shower time, then FaceTime with Papa G.

After that, it became acceptance day.  I considered trying to make research things work on my work laptop, but I wasn't ready yet.  I did power up my laptop and confirmed that it does still work!  YAYYYY!!  The keys are kinda stiff/sticky (as expected), but it works, sooo Easter miracle!  That said, I'm very dark cloud about it all and expecting it to crash at any moment, so I'm not letting my hopes get up that it's ok.  The laptop still needs to go to Geek Squad anyways since the screen is messed up (a-fucking-gain).

In the afternoon, Teh NY Chef delivered stuffed shells for Easter dinner, which we brought over to Teh PT House to have "Easter dinner" with them.  We sat outside for a while afterward socializing and finally headed home after doggy dinner time.

After feeding the beasts, we plopped down in front of the TV and watched 3 episodes of The Witcher.  Teh German said he really likes the show, so that was a good affirmation that he's not being tortured.

Super late, we finally went to bed.


It was a weekend.  I didn't get much accomplished (like I really should have/needed to), but whatever.  The end is near and I'll save my stress until the very end like every good graduating senior should do.

We woke up this morning to some crazy storms and even tornadoes touching down in nearby areas.  A coworker said his neighbor no longer has a house, so that was pretty harrowing.  This week looks like more "stay at home".  The only place I might go is to the office to pick up my keyboard since I'm using my work laptop primarily again.  If I go to the office, I'll also swing by the Chiro and I'll probably also time to when Park Circle Creamery is open to go pick up some ice cream, because that's this week's craving.  #YOLO(again).

In addition to all that, all the miles over the last few weeks are really adding up and my hip has been screaming.. Oooorrr it could be these storms that have been rolling through like Charleston summer is wont to do.  Either way, I'm sore.

The new shoes were a win, so I'm pumped about my life choices.  I still need to do a run in the green ones to see how I like them, butttt that was not in the books for today with this morning's storms rolling through so ferociously.  Tomorrow is supposed to be books day, I think, but since mid-March I've barely read anything because I just haven't, ok?  Gosh.  Where I was 3 books ahead of schedule when we rolled into March, I'm now one book behind and I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm trodding through books that I'm not overly committed to/interested in/tolerating.  I know better, but here we are.

Let's hope April keeps trucking along... much faster than March.


  1. I love your new shoes! We made pork butt last weekend too! What game are y'all playing online with your friends?

  2. -I want BoBerry biscuits now.
    -Sorry your last semester is ending like this, but sounds like you are doing okay (I mean, I'm sure it's hard, but you're doing it which is majorly impressive).


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