Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Off the Hook?

Fun update regarding the never ending jump rope debacle.

I was throwing Pax's frisbee for him the day I wrote the 2nd jump rope post and I tossed it over the fence, as I do.  Which means I had to walk all the way around the entire house to go fetch it.  As I was coming back around, I happened to look down as I was walking by the stairs to the front door..

I found that mother fucking jump rope gasket that went AWOL the day I was trying to work on my jump rope skills.

It survived several days of heavy rain, multiple deliveries, Teh German doing yard work/walking through that area, a visitor or two, and general being outside-ness (there's a lot of birds, ok, any of them could have picked it up).. and I FOUND IT.

I thought I was off the hook for jump rope and now it's like my jump rope has been revived.

What the fucking fuck is this garbage nonsense?  


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  1. I think your jump rope is trying to tell you something...


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