Monday, May 10, 2021

The Jump Rope

So yall remember a few weeks ago when I told you about my jump rope strife?
Let me jog your memory: Jump Rope Strife

Well, my gym goals are currently not to injure myself (always #1) and to be able to do box jumps, nothing related to jump rope.. but it's been bothering me that I let this "small" thing defeat me.  I mean, I've purposely avoided jump rope gym days and I hate being that guy.  Rather than go to the gym I'd go on a run, but still, I pay a lot of money each month to go to the gym, so like.. I should go to the gym.

Anyways.. last week was a jump rope workout and I wasn't sold, BUT I wanted to maybe try to work on my jump rope malfunctions.  So, I decided on a happy medium for myself.  I would NOT go to the gym for the workout, but I WOULD work on my skillz, since I have my own jump rope.  I didn't need an audience in case I needed to sling shit.

I woke up and went on my run.  During my run, I met 2 greyhounds, which validated my life choices to do my own thing.  When I got home, I planned to do the gym workout sans the cardio, jump rope, air squats, and push ups.  Cool.  

I start with my jump rope.  Minor leg whip.  I have to size it.  Do some jumps.  Resize it.  Whip ankles, no rage.  Keep jumping.  Start getting tired.  Rope gets tangled in my feet.  Rope whips my ankles.  Each time, I reset, no rage involuntarily erupting from me.  I finally make it to 100ish.  Do the rest of the set.  Move back to the jump rope to start another round.

I get about 4 jumps in and all of a sudden my jump rope becomes a jump string.  The little gasket that holds the rope in the handle had flown off and was NO WHERE to be found.  Yall, I used ALL my imagery skills to look for this fucking thing.  I was doing so good with the jump rope situation.  I wasn't angry, I wasn't in my feelings, I wasn't frustrated.  NO WHERE.  

At which point, I accepted the truth:
Jumping rope is NOT meant for me.

I tried.  But I mean, I can take a hint.  When your jump rope breaks when you're having a GOOD day, it's a GOOD day to walk the fuck away.

That said, now I have to decide if I want to replace the gasket/jump rope or not and I just cannot decide.  

I'm all for some emotional growth, so it's tempting, but at the same time, I think I need to stick to the box jump goal.  But what if jumping rope would HELP me with the box jumps?  Oh shit.  Ugh.  Guess I have to go fix this jump rope situation.

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