Thursday, April 29, 2021

Happy Gotcha Day, Sandra Dee!

Not to be Captain Doom, but if you'd have asked me a year ago if I'd be making this post, I'd have told you definitely NO.  You see.. what had happened was.. Teh FL Greyhound Wife found an Irish Wolfhound on Craigslist and then The Sighthound Underground picked her up... and I was subsequently trying to manage my mental breakdown because the semester was so close to ending and graduation was so close I could SMELL IT and seeing the intake videos of this dog absolutely shattered my heart. 

I figured she was in such rough shape that she wasn't going to live much longer.  3 weeks? 6 weeks? 3 months? 6 months, MAX!  She was 30 pounds under weight, her back feet knuckled and dragged, she was 7.5 years old AND a giant breed, the ONLY thing I wanted to do (besides fucking graduate already) was to give this old lady a soft landing for the rest of her, obviously minimal, days. 

You know what Teh German did NOT want to do?  Let me bring home ANOTHER dog.  And a dog with special needs who I was literally bringing to our house to DIE?  Oh he was NOT into that.  He knows how attached he gets and he was (is?) still not over losing Teh BaggyPants, I mean, it was a completely fair and understandable argument to NOT bring home a 3rd dog into our "2 dog house"... and still I begged and actually CRIED about giving this dog a hospice home.  I knew with school ending I'd have time to devote to her care.  I knew she would break my heart in the end, but isn't that what it ALWAYS means to love a dog? 

Finally, Teh German relented and I made a stealth trip to DC during full blown quarantine time to pick up Sandra Dee. You guys.  I did NOT fucking know what I was getting myself into.  Senior dog rescue-ers will tell you straight up that seniors will defy your expectations, but I didn't KNOW, KNOW. First off, Sandra THRIVED with us.  I expected to give her a soft landing and manage her pain and let her live out her days in whatever ways she wanted and have to make the call within a few weeks to let her go.  

What this Floofs wanted was to RUN and frolic and eat from your plate please, but do not diss her by expecting her to eat THAT kibble or THAT chicken or so many various other things that were placed into her bowl as a sacrifice/trade for her to just fucking eat already (we now always have "Sandy cheese" in the fridge). This sassy lady keeps us on our toes.  She LOVES to be out and about, even with her droopy booty.  Her fancy "boots" (Timo's socks with duct tape over the toes so she doesn't scuff her nails/knuckles to the point of bleeding when she drags her feet) gave her a new lease on life.  She prefers to RUN everywhere, which usually results in me being dragged along at a full-sprint to keep up with her, which is wildly hilarious and equally horrifying because I could die at any moment. 

She does NOT trust strangers but she is curious about them.  Teh Bestie is probably her favorite person, but I'm going to pretend it's actually me, but I see the way Sandra reacts when her Other Mama comes over.  Sandra quickly won Teh German over with her goofiness and her desire to play and just LIVE and her obvious lack of interest in dying.  And when she sat on his lap?  He was a goner.  Her Backup Mom still enjoys it when I send her smut of Sandra running in the yard with Pax and Meri or roughing around with Pax or participating in a "family talk" or just being generally adorable. 

As for me?  I've been smitten since I saw her wobbly booty 1 year and a week ago (her rescue-aversary).  My heart broke open and I just knew in my soul that we could provide Sandra with what she deserved, for as long as she'd let us.  Each time she gives me kisses it makes up for all the frustration I've had when she refuses to eat for absolutely no reason.  When I see her galloping in the yard with the other 2 hoodlums, my heart grows 3 sizes because I NEVER expected her to be well enough to consistently PLAY with the other dogs.  And when she joins in on the family sing-alongs?  Be still my motherfuckin' heart.  

This lady let us be her pack and every day I'm so honored and relieved to get to spend another day with her.

Sandra Dee,
You have taught me that I have more patience than I thought I had (parenting at it's finest?).  You taught me that broke parts are for overcoming and working around in whatever ways you can.  You have taught me to be even more grateful for every single day, because I thought I'd only get maybe 3 months with you, 6 if I was lucky...  You have defied so many expectations and I know you DNGAF about anyone's expectations, which is what makes you so fabulous.  

I know we joke that you're going to outlive Pax and Meri, but if that actually happened, I would be ok with that (disclaimer, they aren't allowed to die #sorrynotsorry)... but like I told you on our ride to SC, as soon as you give me the sign that you are ready, I'll make sure that the necessary arrangements are made.  No sweet old lady should suffer and even if it breaks my heart, I'll make sure the end is the celebration you deserve.

I break my own heart thinking about days without you because I want to feel gratitude from my toes to my soul for each day with you.  You tolerated 4 meals a day until we got you up to weight and now you actually have muscle definition (wuttt) and you don't knuckle or sway like you used to and we do the stairs 2x a day and call it PT and you absolutely LOVE going on walks in the park/getting out of the house.  I sometimes wonder about your previous family and I hope that we are able to provide you with even more love and comfort than they did (until they didn't, fuckers).  I wonder if you miss them and hope that my snuggles and butt scritches bring you comfort during those times.  

I promise bully sticks and bedtime snacks and eye booger removal services and obnoxious Mahm love for perpetuity.  You are my bestest, floofiest, tiniest Wuffy-Wuffs and I love you unconditionally.


  1. I am SO VERY glad I looked and found that ad. I have found a few hounds this way over the years. Extremely happy this beautiful girl got the best ever home and is living her best life!!!!


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