Saturday, April 17, 2021

The (Lazy) Eye

Two things, real quick.

1- I am a grown ass adult and I got shampoo in my eye this morning.  WTF is that shit?  Fun fact, it still burns just like when I was a kid.  Additionally, dat Herbal Essences burns WAY more than No-Tears Lavender by Johnson&Johnson.

2- I have a lazy eye.  Usually by 7pm, this eye is more tired than the rest of my body and then I look like Count Adhemar and if you don't know who Count Adhemar is, Ima need you to go watch A Knight's Tale (RIP Heath Ledger) and report back.  I think this LITERALLY every time my eye is being lazy.  Every.single.time.  

Count Adhemar GIF
This is Count Adhemar if you live under a rock/have never seen A Knight's Tale.

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