Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventures with Teh Bear... part 9.5

This post is 3 months late, but its ok, because I'm the blogger, dammit!  PS, Teh Bear is coming to visit me again the first week of May!!!  YYAYYY!!!

While Teh Bear was in MD in February, I completed 2 Pinterest inspired ideas.

Most important:  food.  Pepperoni croissant roll ups with string cheese.
I started a project in November for decorating the apartment.  From these inspirations:

On canvas (image)
On stryofoam (image)
One is on stryofoam board and the other is on canvas.  I went with canvas, since I was worried about the wear and tear of the styrofoam boards.  I bought fabric (sets of 5 from Jo-Anns) instead of paper and a super duper staple gun.  I ironed the fabric since it had been folded, but stretching it over the canvas helped get the wrinkles out the best.  Some of the wrinkles never came out period.  Oh well.

After ironing, I stapled the fabric to the back side of the canvas frame.
Each canvas ended up being folded differently, but I did at least try to make each corner neat.
Fabric completely stapled around the canvas.
This was the part that I'd been waiting on.  I had to hammer the hanging hooks on them.  I just bought a  can of sawtooth picture hangers and when I purchased them, I didn't have a hammer.  Since Teh Bear and I were doing all kinds of home projects, the tool set was definitely in use and I no longer had an excuse.
Completed Christmas set.  Yay for decorations for next year!
The final look of the final product.  I didn't really measure between each canvas, but they are all still hanging on the wall, so I consider it a success.
The final look of the bathroom canvases.  These turned out matching the bathroom set better than I anticipated.
We also did a lot of eating.  Teh Bear made chili and we also found a killer pizza sauce recipe in the recipe book he got me for my birthday.  We decided to make homemade pizza, since we already had the sauce.  We used the dough recipe from the KitchenAid stand mixer recipe book.  It was difficult and I actually made it twice.  I had to add water to make it not too dry... both tries.  Siiiiigh.

Teh Bear making his pizza.  He was concentrating very hard.
Me making my pizza.  We had a lot of pepperoni left over after the roll ups, so we had to use it!

YYYAAYYY for more Adventures with Teh Bear coming soon!!  (probably).

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