Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eating overseas

I'm well known for my sensitive stomach.  It's a requirement at any place I live to have 2 toilets.  One for me and one for anyone else, for simultaneous timed needs.  This was especially important when Teh BFF and I lived together since she also has similar issues.

When I went to Bahrain, I was worried about what I'd eat.  It was nice once I finally got into my apartment so I could cook for myself.  Eating out all the time gets old quick.  I could usually predict what was going to upset my stomach, so that was good.

When I went back to the US, I had to readjust to American food.  Luckily, that wasn't as torturous as leaving America.

Now that I'm in Scotland, the food is strange again.  We've all been complaining of stomach issues.  I'm pretty sure I've eaten something either fried or greasy for every meal since I've been here.  :(  This makes me extremely sad, as I've worked really, really hard to eat better in the last year.  Another issue with eating here is that everything is expensive.  Pretty sure I've not eaten a meal that I've had to pay for that was less than $10.

Oddly enough, I didn't think about what I'd blog while I was away.  Food never even crossed my mind till today.  By the time I'd thought of it, they'd already cleared my dinner from the table.  On the other hand, my eating schedule has been pretty messed up since I've been standing the midnight-8am watch, so that would explain why the thought hadn't really crossed my mind.

I've not yet tried Haggis, which is a local "delicacy".  I'm willing, but I'm not going to order it for a meal then not be able to eat it.

Tonight, I went to The 1629, an italian restaurant.  I ordered Tapas for dinner.  I got 3 different things:  some type of meatball that was fried, mushrooms stuffed with pate (also breaded/fried), and bruschetta.  Since I was livin it up, I also ordered dessert:  pancake with ice cream and cherries.  Never had I considered pancakes a dessert, but I'm not opposed to the idea.  I had wanted a cannoli, but this definitely made up for it.

Pancake over ice cream with whipped cream and black cherries.

Learning lessons 1 photograph at a time with my cell phone instead of my Nikon.
I didn't anticipate such good lighting because from the hotel, I could see all the clouds rolling in.  I was extremely disappointed when I pulled up for dinner and this was the view, along with the rainbow directly in front of me when I parked.  Lesson of the night: don't leave the hotel without my DSLR.  Teh Bear told me, "Duh," when I shared these photos with him.

It's ok, I deserved it.

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