Saturday, April 7, 2012

I don't always sit in front of the computer.. just frequently...

This weekend is the last weekend I have before returning to work after my surgery and that may not seem like a milestone to many, but for me, I had this "relish this opportunity" attitude to it being the weekend before I return to work.  I guess I tried to make it like I would a "regular" weekend, and by "regular" I mean, worked like a normal person who wasn't on convalescent leave.

I've tried not to vary my schedule too much, despite not going to work.  Mostly for Teh Phil-boy, he's a stickler for a schedule.  When the caretakers were here, he continued his walks regimen, same feeding time, etc.  I've also picked back up on our walk/runs since I was given the all-clear-but-be-careful talk from the doc.  Wake-up time is only 45 minutes-1.5 hours (depending on how lucky I was each day) later.  We still go on our long afternoon exercise session.  Dinner is still between 6-7 (or 5-6 pre-daylight savings time, ugh).  Bedtime.. well, that doesn't matter because, lets be honest, Phil sleeps all day and all night.

But today, I was all carpe diem.  Phil let me sleep till 0755, at which point I tried to lay in bed and not move, because if he hears me move, he gets excited and gets up and his tail slaps all the furniture, which has to annoy the neighbors.  I made it till 0801, which I know the exact time because I was roused by the sound of colors.  After carry on, I carried on.  I got up and took Phil out then came back and fed him breakfast.  I enjoyed a scrumptious Carnation Instant Breakfast shake while doing my morning internetting.  I finally burned Worldwide Jesus Lover's (WwJL) wedding photos onto discs.  I poked around on Pinterest and watched 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and then the carpe diem started making me feel unmotivated and like I was wasting the day away.

I got the stupid motivational bug and did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen counters.  Then, I decided it was pb&j toast day (mostly because I bought a whole new loaf of bread for Teh Granny since the loaf I had was almost gone, and she left the next day).  As I was getting my PB&J toast prepared, my NY Cousin called me on Skype to talk to Teh Gramps.  We didn't really have much to talk about, since I'm not often in touch with my NY relatives other than FB.  He kept commenting on what a nice smile I had.  I felt like I should have been smiling less, lol.  But I was hoping that by being smiley there would be no reason for him to have a grouchy/angry mood swing (he has Dementia).  After signing off with Teh Gramps, I finally finished my cold toast (it was still delicious) while talking to Teh Bear on Skype.  We watched a few episodes of Community (love that show) then it was time for him to get ready for work and for me to be productive.

I started laundry and watched another episode of HIMYM.  Since WwJL's photos were complete, I packed the dvd's and the spare bridesmaid dress (oh guess who forgot her dress on the wedding day?  This girl!!!) in the box that my new flash came in.  I also told someone that I would send her my brown undershirts since I would no longer be requiring them.  She has some re-purpose ideas for them, and I'm excited that I don't have to deal with them (all 15+) in the closet anymore.  I gathered those up for mailing on Monday also.

Then, I was searching for things to do again.  So, I figured I'd make the chicken that's been sitting in the fridge since the day before Teh Granny left.  We bought it for dinner then ended up eating other stuff and then she left.. so it was up to me to eat it.  Le sigh.  I also made rice and beans the night before she left.  I made a whole bag of beans because I thought Teh Granny was going to be staying longer.  Soooo much rice and beans.  Anyways, 1 package of thigh pieces + 1 can of shredded pineapple (dump entire can into pan) + bake till done (165°F+) = delicious, fyi.  Goes well over rice (without beans) and a salad (which I enjoyed for dinner).  After the chicken was done and a few more episodes of HIMYM, some Pinterest scrollin, and a call from Teh Dad, I decided it was time to do something outside.

I figured I'd start with a walk/run with Teh Phil-boy.  I think he was very appreciative, because he'd started to get restless.  After our run, we went by the dog park to cool down.  There we met a dog named Cody and his parents.  Today I learned that Phil is possessive over toys.  He only barked at Cody, but I quickly told him no and took the toy from him (and it was Cody's toy anyways, greedy Phil).  Cody and his parents left and Phil was bored (I think when they finally mowed the dog park, they took out all the tennis balls that are usually laying around), so we left too.  Once Phil was watered, I decided to finally take my camera and take photos of flowers/things I've been eyeing for a while now around the apartment complex.

Side story: I had my eyes on my (I call it mine since its right beside the stairs to come up to my apt) cherry blossom tree when I returned from NC with Teh Dad, but the flowers were only there for a day or 2 then started blowing away, and after my surgery I didn't give a shit that the tree had flowers, to take photos of it was way too much effort for this girl, so all the petals blew away and now the tree is just ugly again.

So, I set out for the single yellow Tulip amid all the other yellow Pansies?  Idk, they were ground level, yellow flowers.  I'm not a botanist people, I only took a Mushroom class in college.  Everyday that I pass this single yellow tulip, I think to myself, "one of these things just doesn't belong" (oh yeah, Sesame Street kid!).  After that, I kinda moseyed around the complex, finding whatever I could that looked pretty/interesting.

Evidence I went outside today:

Can you find the camouflage tulip?

Swaying in the breeze.

Pretty and pink.

Spyglass.  Literally.

Duck on what I like to call the "collector pond" since it seems to just sit there stagnant.

Random boat/floaty thingy in the water...

...That these men seemed to be operating.

Today's April Photo of the Day was "shadow".  I had a more clever shadow of my camera lens.  

This is spring.  In America.  Which you never take for granted again after being in a desert climate for 2 years.

Floating spider?

The pathway for Phil's morning walk.


Fallen solider.
After photos was more HIMYM, rolling the laundry (finally), and dinner time for me then Phil.

How about a YAY for shooting photos so awesome they don't need to be edited???  YAY!!

Also, I've noticed that Lightroom does watermarks.  As in, you can put watermarks on all your photos with a few simple clicks.  WIN.  Maybe once I figure out a cool mark I can start putting some of my bestest photos on the blog/fb?  We'll see.  :)

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