Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A blog about bloggin.

Gentle Readers,
Do you know Brittany?  Well, I do.  She writes at Delightfully Awkward Brit and we met on 20sb.  I'm no longer really new to blogging, but I'm new to networking within the blog community.  Something I've never done before is a guest post though.  Brittany asked for some guest posts for her blog and I'm all like, ME, ME! PICK ME!  PICK ME!!!  MEEEEEEEE!!!!! HERE!  HERE!!  MEEE, ME!!!  (all that is 100% accurate almost, it went down in my head like that though, for sure).

Well, due to my over eagerness she was willing to let me do a guest post.  It has been posted!

Check it out:
Teh Megan guest posts on Delightfully Awkward Brit!


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