Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #19

Oops... guess who forgot her Friday post?!?!  I fix it, I fix it!
Actually, I wasn't staying up late to wait on them to post on Thurs night, then Friday I was occupado!  Yay for lazy Saturdays!


1. My first memory is probably feeding the cows with my great uncle, John.  Sometimes, my cousin and I would get in the back of the truck and push the haybales off the back.  Sometimes, John would put the truck in 1st gear and we'd get to drive.  We were little when we were driving the truck around the field.  As in.. under the age of preschool.  That's how you know you grew up in the middle of nowhere.  

2. My first love was   probably Jordan Allen.  I'm not really sure if he knew I liked him, we were in some elementary school grade together and I used to go over to his house and play sometimes.  The next year his family moved and I never saw him again.  /shrug.  

3. My very first favorite color was   neon pink and/or neon green.  I had a pair of socks in each color that I would wear.  The cool socks that you pull up your calf then have to fold back down to your ankle (people still wear those?).  I wore them with EVERYTHING.  They matched NOTHING.  

4. The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when   I got to college and was out late and realized that I didn't have to "report to" anyone or be home by a certain time.  Now, I feel "grown-up" when I realize that I love the sound of crickets outside my window and the smell of fall as the leaves fall from the trees.  That the bills will get paid and I'm in charge.  

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is   move as quietly as possible not to rouse Phil, because once Phil is awake, I usually guilt myself into getting up to let him out.. even though he sometimes lets me sleep in till 9am.  

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was   The Space Jam Soundtrack.  The first tape I owned was Jean Osborne's "What If God Was One of Us?" single.  I don't even remember the song on the other side because it never got played.  

7. My first car was   a 1997 Honda Civic, which Teh Dad named, The Silver Struck (he accidentally put this on a card once) Streak (due to my speeding habits).  Teh Granny purchased Teh Kaar (my name for my car) as a graduation present for me after I'd been driving Teh Mom's F-150 to school.  The same F-150 that I could barely push the clutch to the floor with the seat all the way up because I'm so short.  Teh Mom passed me one day and said, "You looked really cute driving the truck.  Although, I could barely see you."  EXACTLY NOT what I want people thinking...  I drove Teh Kaar for almost 10 years.  It went to Raleigh with me for college, it went to VA Beach with me for Navy training, it went to GTMO with me (where I promptly blacked out the windows making driving at night EXTREMELY dangerous), and it's last adventure with me was in Bahrain (where the tint had to be removed).  Teh Kaar stayed in Bahrain with Jaseem who almost/kinda ripped me off due to a language issue.  Teh Kaar and I had some good times.  Yurtle has definitely filled the hole in my heart very well though.. 

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