Monday, September 10, 2012

Becoming a Colored Person - photos.

Photos from The Color Run in Washington DC - September 9th, 2012.

The wordy recap of the weekend.

Me with the "Start Dude"

Me skipping towards Teh Parents

Miss Reflective, Danielle, Teh Megan

We decided to put our numbers on our backs so we could get properly colored.

The Color Ninjas!

This lady was holding the wave boundary.  She was very tricky.

They were DJing and throwing free stuffs to us and generally getting us amped up.

Before heading into my first color zone.

After the 1st color zone - red.

Easiest way to get me lost?  Tack a -95 on the end of any road name that I need to take while I'm driving in DC.

After the 2nd color station - yellow!

Going into the orange color zone.

And after the orange color zone.

Coming up to the final color zone - blue.

I twirled through the blue zone... :)

Almost to the end!

I found Teh Parents!


The end!!!  I look like I got barely colored at all, but you can definitely see the sweat marks.

Standing at the finish line giving high fives and waiting for the others.

Miss Reflective finishes!

Danielle finishes!

The color "after party"

The cloud of color from a color toss.

After my first few color tosses.


Chevy was a sponsor, but this car was pretty awesome.

Colored Runners!

We had to get a photo with both sides of the sign since it was cool.


Re-finishing the race!

I made it!!!

Not sure who this crazy person is, but they were obviously having a blast as well.

Me with 2 of the orange zone volunteers...
I've now seen that Smurfs have cousins.. They are orange and yellow and red!


Me trying to open my color packet.

Miss Reflective said that she had people rolling on the ground to get more color.  I said that my butt needed more color!

Best photo bomb of the run!

Teh Wind Jammas!

Another color toss.

All the packets.  We were forming a conga line, so you could actually see the ground!

Danielle exploded her color packet in my face, in my mouth, up my nose.. EVERYWHERE.

Miss Reflective got a little color as well.


This girl had perfect colors!
We also saw a girl in her wedding dress.

We did it!

Trying to get a jump photo.


The final try.
The dude who had 2 DSLRs , one with a huge telegraphic lens was a fail.  :(

My "tan line" and orange spot.

The final product.

Danielle's final product.

I Color Ran!!!!!

Most people had left by this point, but this was the parking lot where the after party was.

Teh Stepmom said my lips were green, so I wiped them off, but this part didn't come off.
Teh Bear said he didn't want these kisses.

After wiping my face off a bit.

Miss Reflective's rainbow eyebrow.

It was a B.E.A.U.T.iful day!

Seriously.  Photos like this make photoshop irrelevant. 

The Krispy Kreme that killed my hopes.

Doughnuts that I should have gotten.. Instead I got the ones below.. FAIL.

Even Teh Dad got some color!  Some kids were playing with the color and he got some! 

Hulk Boobies!



  1. These pics & your description post make me so excited for my own Color Run soon! I'm sure I will be one of those annoyingly so people and my friends will have to leave me also. Can I ask if you did anything special for your phone to keep it clean while taking pictures?

    1. Actually, my method of keeping my phone safe was leaving it with Teh Parents. I did have a ziplock baggie for my camera which I didn't really use honestly. I saw lots of people with their phone unprotected (including Miss Reflective) and its just powder. You can actually blow it right off (like with a hair dryer). I saw people with their stuff wrapped in saran wrap as well, but I don't really think its necessary unless you're getting wet.

      We also wore bandannas, which by the end, I wasn't even bothering with. I saw a post where someone had powder all over their teeth, but I really feel like the kid probably hadn't brushed his teeth that morning, so yes, the powder stuck to his nasty teeth. I got blasted in the face and didn't have green teeth (except for in the immediate moments after before it could dissolve/be licked off).

  2. I really wanted to do the color run here, but missed the sign up... It looks lik eyou had a blast!!


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