Friday, November 8, 2019

Five on Friday #216

EINS - Random Shit

If someone walks in the communal Kurig room before you and sets down their k-cup and is rinsing their cup and you come in and start making coffee in the Kurig, you are a fucking shitwad and I hope your coffee scalds all your taste buds off.

Did this happen to me?  Yes.  Yes, it did.
I think it was actually a professor but I don't know this person so I don't know what their role is.. other than fucking shitwad human.

Later that same day, this same individual came into the lounge to microwave their lunch and then left.. and finally someone in the microwave line took that person's food out of the microwave since it had been several minutes since completion and set it to the side.  Shitwad's apology was meager at best.  Lack of consideration for others should be punishable... especially when it comes to communal spaces.


Teh German has strong feelings about clothes.. and well, his poor soul married me and I do NOT have strong feelings about clothes, much to the disapproval of Teh Bestie and Teh German.  In fact, I am probably somewhere in "The People of Walmart" because I will 100% wear my pajama pants in public with zero fucks to give.  If I'm out alone and I've come from home, there is an 80% chance I will be wearing something with a stretchy waist*, be that yoga pants or athletic shorts.. I try not to be in jeans when I can help it.

That said, because martial bliss harmony is a priority for my mental well-being, I try to make an effort when I am going out in public for 2 of my favorite people.  I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that Teh German shamed me into changing clothes with a mere disapproving glance at my outfit.  If I didn't, yeah, that happened.  It's fine.  My feelings weren't overly hurt.  I put on jeans instead of workout pants and didn't die but a little.  It was acknowledge that I only changed because Teh German judged me.  We laughed, moved on..  except now, this has become a thing....

Just to be clear, on that occasion, I would have been changing out of dinosaur pajama pants, made by Teh Sister, into workout pants.... and I was kinda reluctant about agreeing to go because I really didn't want to change out of my dinosaur pants, but would because #marriage.  But I also figure that workout pants are my trade-off and I have to play my cards right.. because there will come a day when I go out in my silly pajama pants with Teh German and he will say it's alright, but it will, in fact, NOT be alright.  PROMISE.  His "it's alright" is the same as my "it's fine"... it is definitely NOT alright and it is definitely NOT fine.

And let me clarify something quick like.. by workout pants I mean cotton pants that are a solid color, usually grey or black, with pockets.  They do not have holes, they are not tattered.  Photos of me in these pants are usually me after a run, because that's mostly what I wear them for... unless I go to Walmart on the weekend, by myself..

*My linen pants do not count, because I wear those for work, even though they are stretchy waist.


I always grab 2 packets of oatmeal and make them.. and about halfway through eating it, I realize, again, that I should have only made 1 packet.  This happens EVERY TIME.


Life Lesson: NEVER use a package that was shipped to you that could possibly have your address on it in multiple places to contain something you sell on Facebook Marketplace.  I was confident I had removed most of the identifying information from the package, but the buyer stated my address was on the box that I had given him, after he'd expressed dissatisfaction with the item he bought, claiming it was a fake.  In the messages, I said the city I lived, which could be seen on the box, so that didn't alarm me, but I am now paranoid I didn't get the enough of the street address off (I know I removed the house number).  Thankfully, my name on Facebook isn't my real name and I peeled off the majority of the name info (except the last few letters).  The buyer claims "also capture in a photo the sticker of your car" which I think means they have a photo of my license plate (the buyer was Hispanic and had poor English skills), which does concern me a bit.


Since it was cold this week, a Cadet in one of my classes voiced that he wished he had some hot chocolate.  I suggested the secretary might have some and he said that she only had coffee.  On occasion, I "donate" things to the department secretary since she provides treats to the Cadets who come to her office for snacks or coffee (usually computer science and math Cadets, so my people), so I purchased 2 boxes (of 50 packets) of hot chocolate for the secretary's office.  See, I'm not always a horrible person.


It makes me extremely stabby when I bring my car in for service to the dealership and when I get back in my car all my radio stations are reset.  It's 2019, how are we not more advanced than this?!

Also.. WHYYYY?  WTF are you doing that my battery needs to be disconnected causing my radio to reset?  #HATEHATEHATE


Last year, in my Circuits class, I had a super annoying partner for my class project.  Well, he's a computer science major and now we're friends, because that's how I roll, and we are partners for almost all the class projects that we can do together.  Anyways, he accidentally knocked up his GF, now fiance, and I want to adopt them for Christmas and help them get set up for their new life post-graduation and WITH a baby.

He is the absolute worst at accepting help in anyway, so this is going to be difficult.


I found out Monday that my very first ever boss passed away due to a battle with cancer and I won't lie, it really put me in the feels.  I didn't acknowledge veteran's day in anyway, which doesn't overly matter, but is out of my norm.  2 of my classes were cancelled and since we had no quiz in my 0800 or 1300 class, and a guest speaker in my 1300 class, I skipped class.  I had a headache, but I considered it a mental health day.  Since I don't normally go into the office on Mon/Wed, I just teleworked.  I did end up going to campus to work on the software engineering group project with my group and then I stopped by Walmart to pick up the grocery order that I kept forgetting to put in.

Anyways, back to my original point, this person is probably the first nonrelative that I was close with who died from cancer.  I had spoken with her in the last year and we'd met in Charleston when she came to do reenactment events at Magnolia Plantation.  I was able to visit her at Fort Defiance during our visits to home, home.  I didn't know she was that sick though.  I knew she was fighting cancer, but from the Facebook posts, I didn't realize she was THAT sick.  I'm just sad in my heart because she was a pillar of my life.

She taught me what hard work looked like and doing things right the first time was worth it.  She also ALWAYS noticed when I'd be extra diligent tasks she'd give me, which made me feel validated that I had put in the extra effort.  She LOVED telling people about our favorite moment, which went something like this:
She was talking with another volunteer and said something about giving a kid a spanking.
I said, "You know what the Chinese say?"
Her, "No, what?"
Me, "Beat your child once a day, even if you don't know why, they do."

She loved that.  She claimed me as a daughter and she always made me feel at home.  She will be missed, dearly.


Stress is the fucking worst:

Wednesday appearance.

I messaged my primary care person on the VA portal for some herpaderp meds (since I forgot to get them at my Sept appt), but apparently that can take up to 3 days.  FML.

Friday: Residence established. FML


Weds evening, I didn't have homework to do, I didn't have house things to do.. I didn't know what to do with myself.  We walked the dogs, we ate dinner, and I ended up watching Caps play while Husband provided applicable sound effects.

Least favorite thing: The dog sitter we used while we were in Chicago used the downstairs TV like I asked him NOT to do, and now the settings are fucked up and Alexa will no longer mute the tv and it makes me stabby.  Maybe there was a software update, but I'm blaming the dog sitter because I did ask him NOT to use the downstairs TV since it's a complicated setup and I didn't want him to mess it up....


I have to tell you a secret, Gentle Readers.  IDGAF about Disney+.  In fact, it's hard for me to give a fuck about anything that comes through a TV screen.

Teh German admitted that he wasn't really into Friday Night Lights, as I suspected, and I reminded him that we had seasons of Modern Family to watch and we've both been LOLing at the few episodes that we've managed to watch this week, and that brings me joy.  It's really difficult for us to find new shows to watch, so I wasn't sad about Modern Family being there for us.

Anyways, Disney+.  I'm not a Star Wars fan, I'm not really a Marvel fan, and despite the fact that it's a Herculean task to get me into a movie theater to watch a movie (which hasn't happened in several years) so I've missed all the new live action releases, I'm not motivated to watch the live-action films, even though I've heard they are good (holy run-on sentence).  I guess I'll just miss out.  Or I'll do a puzzle and listen to my audiobook.  Ya know, something NOT in front of a screen.


I bought a "Toasted Marshmallow Mocha" pack of k-cups.  They are gross.  Makes me sad.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Hot chocolate for Cadets
-Sam's Club subscription
-Bath and Body Works x2 (Wallflowers and lotions)
-bully sticks
-expensive ass headphones.
-Halls Chophouse ladies dinner
-Willow doctor appointment (regular maintenance)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I just want to show off my buttons again.
Books/reading and "Nevertheless she persisted" and German.
I feel like my bag is pretty Megan representative.

The beasts in their jammies bring me ALL THE JOY.


Now, I don't hear anything I don't want to.
#OnSale, #ElCheapo

Snuggles with my Monkey-Doodle are one of the things I live for.
She just brings me so much peace when I'm stressed and uncertain or even when I'm doing ok.

This perforated garbage never actually opens when I try to "insert thumb" to open.. EVER.
Filed under: shit that makes me stabby.

We are the worst at eating ALL the breads.
That USED to be a potato hamburger bun..
and now it's a science experiment that went out with the garbage.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved,
but in her love,
and in her courage,
and her audacity to believe:
no matter the shadows around her,
light ran wild within her,
and that was the way she came alive and it showed up in everything.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

May this be a season of believing beyond what you see.
Trusting that even though you have no felt brave, you have still managed to be.
You have still managed to trust that you can carry on, despite your uncertainty.
You can choose to believe the future can be beautiful, even when it doesn't seem that way.
Remember the little things and let your have gratitude for them.
Let them remind that amidst all that of the uncertainty, there is still so much to see and take delight in.
There is so much ahead of you, and there is so much around you.
Slow down.
Take it in.
Let gratitude remind you that you are coming forth like gold, from within.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Getting in the giving spirit.  Doing small things, like buying hot chocolate for the Cadets, brings me so much joy.
  2. Not having endless homework this week.  It's exhausting.
  3. COLD WEATHER IN CHARLESTON.  Like legitimately cold.  Like, setting record lows, cold.
  4. Snowflakes and Cashmere scent from Bath and Body Works.  I would buy ONLY it for the rest of my life.  I lurve it that much.  
  5. Walking the beasts with Husband.
  6. The general uplifted feeling/cheer that people tend to get into as we enter the holiday season.
  7. RAIN.  Everyone is grumbly about it.  Not me.
  8. Plans to get shit done.  See also: Seeing the end of my assignments/homework to-do list on the tracker I use.  The end of the semester is near, Gentle Readers!  IT.IS.NEAR!
  9. Work provided lunch on Thursday.. WITH SWEET TEA.
  10. Date night tonight. <3 

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -It's more of a thing for me in the summer, but I wear yoga/workout pants all the time. Between the heat, chafing, and the kid...yep. Comfy pants all the way. All the time. Everywhere.
    -Good luck with the helping. It's hard. Maybe just do it anonymously? Like...a huge package with his name on it? Better if you know his address and can doorbell ditch it. Maybe it can be from "Santa" :)
    -So sorry for your loss. It's always difficult.
    -I wasn't going to pay full price for D+, but considered asking other parents to go in on it. Our friends got it and let us share, haha, since we share a different account with them. It's mainly to show Babycakes all the stuff we liked as kids, haha.
    -Apparently one of the things that bugs Hubs the most is that I do not use the dedicated openings on cartons, but this is why! They rarely work anyway.


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