Friday, November 22, 2019

Five on Friday #217

EINS - Random Shit

Matilda's peer pressure skillz are undeniable... and now I'm signed up for the Kiawah Half.  Although, really it's Teh Bestie's fault since she texted us the the photo of the medal and expressed sadness over not getting it.  Then Matilda was like, I'll come to Charleston for that.  And I was like, if you come to Charleston, I'll commit.  And that's how I ended up signing up for a race I wasn't planning on doing again and how I ended up running 9 miles that afternoon.

Ok, I actually ran 9 miles because I meant to run 8 and then I was too far from home and it ended up being 9.  It was a fantastic run, despite tripping over a silk fence trying to get to the dirt access road I use for extra miles now that the main road is open and there are no side walks.


I finally fired my shitty cleaner.  Gentle Readers, I feel such relief at having fired her.  Especially after finding this the day she came to clean.

If you can't see it, that's orange mold around the faucet.  In fact, there's so much, it's drooping and starting to fall off.  When I told her she didn't need to come back, she expressed how hard she had worked and how hard she had tried to please me and how she never cleaned anyone's house for as cheap as she did ours.  Of course not, most of your houses are families with kids.  Whatever.  It's done.  Soooo.fucking.happy.

In addition to the faucet mold, I also happened to take a looksie at the downstairs toilet bowl and noticed that the holes where the water comes out for flushing had huge black rings around them.  RRRAAAGGEEE.. It was simple enough to scrub off with a toilet brush (which I did), but that's what I was paying her to do.  #Validation

I already hired a new lady.  She cleans for Teh PT Wife and her mom.  Can.NOT.wait.


I was having a crisis about the word ax after my Tuesday post.  I learned that ax can be spelled with or without the 'e'.  With an 'e' upsets Chrome, which is actually why I spelled it without an 'e' in the post.  I typed out axe, but thought I had over-assimilated to axe body spray or something.


To the fuck face who thought sports bras with a zipper were a good idea,
-Runner with chafing from your fucking "good idea"


I'm 100% not interested in a career in cybersecurity, but I 100% want to go to this Women in Cybersecurity conference next year, so I'm faking it.  I've applied for 2 scholarships to go to the conference and I've also got someone at work on the mission.

The real reason I want to go?
It's in Denver in March and it means missing 2/3 days of school prior to spring break starting and then we'd spend my spring break in CO... because I'm already there and Teh German would fly out because... DUH, Colorado.  As if he would turn down the opportunity to be in CO.


I've scoped out some Black Friday things and I need nothing (*praise hand emojis*) and can't find things I even want.  Soooo, money saved????


Girl, Stop Apologizing was not what Girl, Wash Your Face was to me.  I wanted it to be, but it fell flat because I couldn't related to too much of the book (mom, business owner, etc).  There were a few solid one-liners that she said that hit home, but not enough to make me want to buy the hard copy to mark up.  I will admit that the conference addition at the end of the audiobook was more moving to me than the entire book.

One of my favorite quotes:

You don't have to give any justification, because as long as you're not asking anyone [for] approval, you don't need anyone to give you permission. 

~Rachel Hollis (Girl, Stop Apologizing)


PM: These docs are just checks in the box.  No one is going to read them.
Me: Uhh, ok.
Me: Do we have this?
PM: It should be in the doc.
Me: Yes, the one I'm writing.
PM says random shit that doesn't help me solve the problem in anyway.

TL;DR: The documents I'm working on literally just slinging shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.  DO NOT LIKE.


I forgot to hit publish on this post.. so you're getting it late.  #EndoftheSemesterProblems

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Food/beverage things.
-More dog pjs (this time for Pax)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

If ever there was an accurate analogy for my life.
At least the warning light turned off...

There were people who actually said to me, "When would you ever need a charger than is longer than 6 feet?"
I present to you, "When I want to take a relaxing bath and play on phone/read a book and my phone is dead."

Looks suspicious.
Like something in my house with fur was not pleased with how I made the bed and.or was cold.

Looking at Black Friday deals and seeing a 5TB external hard drive for only $90 makes me feel ancient.
I paid $300 for a 256GB external hard drive in 2006.  It had to be plugged into the wall.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

You are not any less important than the people you look up to.


You will not be able to be everything to everyone today and that is ok.

She continued to give her best,
even when her "best" looked different from one season to the next.

I hope you can give yourself a little more credit.
I hope you can remember this road has not been easy for you.
I hope you can see where you are as progress even though so much is still unknown.


My daily challenge

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Getting to spend time with Teh Advising Sister.  
  2. NO CLASS.  161 days.
  3. Work tasking.
  4. Applying for "scholarships" as an excuse to get a free/cheap trip to Denver.
  5. FOOD.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Good for you for finally firing her! You've had issues for a while. I'm a big believer that if it's not working, stop it.
    -I like Hollis in chunks...but I did not like GWYF over all and didn't bother with Stop Apologizing. Like, that quote is AWESOME. I just don't care about her stories behind them, haha. Which is what GWYF was for me.
    -That charger..bahaha. I need long ones when I want to sit on my couch & the phone is dead- my outlet is like 2 inches too far away for a standard length cable.
    -It kills hubs to think that we spent more on our 45 inch screen in 2009 than our 55 inch last year.
    -Someone at my workout group shared a MHN quote and I immediately thought of you!
    -I've been working on the kneecaping thing! I didn't know what it was called, but I do it ALL the time.


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