Monday, November 11, 2019

Weekend Review {11/11}


EVERYTHING passed sooo slowly on Friday.  EVERYTHING.  It work and school day. 

After completing a HUGE work task, I had to motivate myself to do homework.
There were 3 parts and after each part, I got a reward.

THEN.. ~3, TEH BESTIE ARRIVED!!!!!!  YAY!  I was so excited that I, not only, forgot to take a selfie, but I also forgot to pick up the Sam's order.. soooo yeah.  After picking up Bestie, we headed home.  Meri was SO excited to see Bestie that she couldn't decide if she wanted to go outside (her absolute favorite thing when it's not raining) or if she wanted lovins from her Other Momma.  She went back to her Other Momma twice before finally going outside.  It was adorable. 

Shortly after 5, we headed downtown with Teh PT Wife for ladies night at Halls.  BISON FILET MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!  WOOOOOO!!!

It was delicious, as always and I had ZERO regrets.  After getting home, we headed over to Teh PT House for a bit more socializing.  By 10, we were all yawns and it was time to go home.


An agreement for Bestie Weekend was that we'd relax and plan things by ear.  AKA, no obligations.  It was kinda hard not to plan a run, but I managed..

I got up with the beasts to accomplish some homework in the AM.  For lunch, we went to Bad Daddy's Burgers in Summerville.  We've been to other locations before (Raleigh, Denver), so we knew what we were getting into.  The food was delicious, even if we had to wait.  I'm always so surprised at how small they make new restaurants here.  Maybe it will make more sense after the newness wears off?  But IDK, based on this location.

After lunch, we headed to Sam's to pick up the forgotten grocery order.  Bestie and I ran into Walmart while Teh German went into Sam's to pick up the order.  We got everything loaded into the car and headed back home.

Teh Bestie and I had tossed around the idea of going to the Elizabeth Warren town hall that was being held nearby and after getting the groceries put away, we headed to the high school where it was being held.  We weren't really sold on the idea of getting there at 2:45 for a 4:15 event, buttt when we pulled up at 2:47, the parking lot was almost full and there was a line at the door... Soooo, glad we listened. 

When we were filing in, I got to speak with my German teacher from last spring and I explained how I wanted to be there, but with 5 computer science classes, I just couldn't swing it.  She did say I was missed, which made me happy.

Bestie and I made a new friend, RJ, while we waited for the event to start.  RJ was a recent transplant to CHS from Orlando and is also a runner.  Despite the age gap (RJ is 22?), we had a grand time.  It was nice to speak to a youth (ha) that had intelligent things to say and was interested in what is going on.. and, ya know, shares some of my beliefs.

Senator Warren's talk was good, she hit home with a lot of things and explained the 2 cent tax on individuals who make more than 50 million dollars (2 cents is deducted from every dollar after 50 million).  I thought her tongue-in-cheek attitude was amusing, but did not detract from the seriousness of her topics and things that are happening.  The fact that she seems to have a plan for everything doesn't hurt my feelings, although getting plans pushed through is always the problem in American government.

We pinky promised.

I know that I will probably vote for Elizabeth Warren if she is the democratic nominee.  While I really appreciate Andrew Yang's views on technology, I'm not sold on the idea of giving everyone $1000 a month, despite how much I crush on him for his stance on technology and data security.  He's the ONLY dem candidate that seems to understand tech and that IS important... it's VERY important.. and we currently live in the dark regarding these issues.

After standing from 2:47-6:47.. we were EXHAUSTED and headed home.  We had cereal for dinner and we introduced Teh Bestie to Big Mouth.  #NotSorry.  Unfortunately, she got an emergency call from Teh Chief Smartass and decisions had to be made and now little Zo-Zo is no longer with us.  She's been ailing in her old age, so it wasn't unexpected, but it always is.. and having to make the decision while you're not even there is even more difficult.  Thankfully, it's 2019 and Teh Bestie got to FaceTime with Teh Chief Smartass and Zoey while they were at the vet. 

Finally, around 0100, we all headed to bed, mentally and physically exhausted.


Sunday morning was a slow start.  Teh German got up with the beasts and we had brunch reservations at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen in Isle of Palms at 11.  Brunch was deeeeelicious.  I'd totally recommend Acme if you're a bruncher.  I would also recommend a reservation since the place was WAY busier than I had expected it would be.  Also, there's only a single women's bathroom and a single men's bathroom, so that's less good, but whatever.

After brunch, we came home for laziness. 

I ended up resting my eyes while Monkey-Doodle used me as her personal body pillow.

Before dropping off Bestie at the airport, we went to Bath and Body Works and spent some dollas.  I made sure to send my sadness selfie after dropping Bestie off.

It was a quiet evening.  I worked on homework, or attempted to, and Teh German did some scrolling/YouTubing.  It was sammiches for dinner and we were finally in the bed by 10:30, because I kept forgetting and remembering things (like to place the stupid Walmart grocery order).



Today is Veteran's Day and I've been quiet about it this year.  IDK.  My 0900 and 1000 classes were cancelled today and since there was no quiz in my 0800 class and a guest speaker in my 1300 class, I decided that it was a non-Citadel day.  I had planned on going into the office, but when I woke up this morning I was still exhausted.  In fact, it's almost 1 and I'm STILL exhausted and my head is hurting, so I suspect this might be some PMS.  So rather than go into the office, I teleworked today, which is no different than any other Monday, so NBD. 

What it really meant is that I got EXTRA snuggles with BOTH dogs this morning and I'm not in any way disappointed about that.  When it gets chilly, Meri is extra snuggly and I just lurve it.

Today I've been rather productive, I ate breakfast and scooped poop (since it hadn't been done in at least a month based on the overflowing bucket of poop I gathered), then went to the computer for the things I do.  I also managed to migrate the photos I store on Dropbox to my external HD, so YAY, finally!  This is always a difficult chore for me since I often want the photos that I just moved to my HD but I've already deleted them from Dropbox so I don't duplicate them on my HD later.  #TechnologyWoes

This week is mostly quiet.  The dogs have an appointment to get their toes cut off on Thursday, praise Allah, since the clicking is driving me batshit crazy.

12 days until Thanksgiving break.
179 days until Graduation.

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