Friday, September 20, 2019

Five on Friday #212

EINS - Random Shit

After last week being the week that would never end, this week kinda flew by and I'm not sad.  I'm ready for September to be over already.  For no real reason other than, that's a month through school and I'm ready for consistent cool weather.


Things I did this week:
-Went to my first VA appointment.
-Cancelled my ENT appointment.
-Rescheduled the exterminator visit so someone can be home since I want them to do the inside of the house and I want them to do a better job in general (i.e., remove the spider webs like they are supposed to).
-Scheduled a laser hair removal appointment.  My BJB is back and I have the sads.
-Applied for graduation 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
-Had an ice cream date with Teh PT Wife at Sweet Frog because No Weigh Wednesday is a priority.
-Worked out consistently.
-Enjoyed outside.


In a freak incident, my steering wheel ate my brand new lint ball on Thursday and it was kinda par for the course of the day.  I'm still not even sure how it happened, but it did and I was super upset about it.  Granted, I ended up finding TWO lint balls later when I was doing laundry, but it doesn't replace a brand new lint ball that I just started.

I know, I know, #MeganProblems.

Also, I have had discussions with others that maybe my lint ball rolling feeds into a sensory issue/disorder.  IDK.  I'm sure if I look it up on WebMD, I'll die in 3-6 months because I've been rolling lint balls since birth.


I lost my shit on the cadets this morning.  It was accidentally on purpose..
What had happened was....

I've been fielding a LOT of (imo) stupid questions this week (although one professor says, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people." ...and he might be on to something there), and by Thursday afternoon, it warranted a FB status update with sections of all caps.  By Friday morning... I lost it.

See, I have an issue with people who don't pay attention.  If the instructor said something in class like, "We have a quiz on this material during our next class meeting," or "Here is the code for this entire homework section."  THAT is information that everyone in the class should know.  Yes, I can understand asking another student for information if you were taking notes and missed something, but if you were sleeping and you missed the announcement or you chose not to copy down what was on the board because you had to leave?  GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE.

No less than 3 students came in my first class on Friday and asked if we had a quiz (we did) that morning.  We always have a quiz, almost in classes taught by that professor.  Then, those same "I can't pay attention in class" morons would follow that up with, "Oh and do we have make up class on Saturday?"  Not only did I lose my shit, but I also wrote it on the board because I was tired of answering the same shit that the instructor had answered multiple times earlier in the week.

Honestly, I think my professor wasn't sad at my outburst about their lack of attention to detail/unpreparedness.  I'm sure he probably feels that way each semester.  As a solution, I wrote that there was no class on Saturday and that there was a quiz that day and what it was on.  I did this for the 2 subsequent classes as well.  Anal professor thanked me for my note during our 2nd class together.  At least I know someone appreciated my efforts.

This was actually the 2nd time I lost my shit at school this week.  The first time was on an individual cadet who never pays attention to anything except his laptop during class and then insists on asking questions after class that were answered during class and obviously that pisses me off.  Anyways, I have a very anal professor for 3 of my 5 classes and he doesn't like/allow when students leave in the middle of his lectures.  Truthfully, it distracts him and he doesn't handle that well.  Then, the rest of us get distracted when professor starts lecturing us about how disrespectful it is to get up and walk out of class while there is a lecture going on and how distracting it is for students because everyone watches that person walk out and THAT FUCKING PERSON never has to hear any of that since they are out of the classroom.

So in a later class, when that SAME FUCKING CADET got up to leave the anal professor's class in the middle of the lecture, AGAIN... I didn't say anything at first because I thought the professor would just continue on... THEN, the professor paused and before he could get any words out, I said loud enough for everyone and the professor (who is hard of hearing) to clearly hear, "If YOU get me lectured AGAIN about leaving during the middle of class, I'll make sure you get the same lecture after class."

Cadet looked at me like, oh shit, then looked at the professor and said, "It's an emergency," and the professor just nodded at him.  Thankfully, there was no repeat "disrespectful/disruptive" side-lecture, but if there had been, I was going to tear that kid up after class.

I'm over these fucktards not being prepared for class and not having a writing utensil or knowing when shit is due.  If I can manage my real life and college at the same time, they can manage college.  It's not that hard if you put in a minimal amount of effort.


I really liked the VA doc that I saw.  I explained that an expensive, useless ENT visit was what prompted me to finally come to the VA for treatment options since my issues are covered by the VA anyways, so why not take advantage of the resource?

Doc gave me scripts for my GERD, several, in fact, so we can test out what works/doesn't and go from there.  A refill for my anxiety medication, and I'm also supposed to have labs done for general health purposes.

In fact, I went to the clinic during Thursday morning walk-in hours and they were closed.  I was really fucking annoyed and it shadowed the rest of my day.


Professor creates new Slack channel for Citadel Women in Computer Science.
The/my first post:


Sometimes, I accidentally stalk my husband.  #SorryNotSorry

Thurs morning, I accidentally took the "go to school" route instead of the "to go work" route and I passed Teh German, even though I left more than 5 minutes after he did.  See also: Why I do not stay in the right most lane on 26...

I had to go to Walmart to pick up a forgotten dinner item and saw Teh German's truck at the gym on my way home.


2 weeks ago, we went to Merrell so I could try out a pair of rainbow shoes I'd seen online and they didn't have them in store and they were sold out online... Ugh.  So I added myself to the "notify me when these come back in stock" email list and I bought the shoes within 10 minutes of receiving the email.  I wasn't preparing to like them, but I really do.  Thus ends the school shoe shopping saga.

The Brooks with the 90s tongue will be returned to Dick's this weekend.


The high in Charleston has been less than 85°F for the end of the week.  I know that is still hot for most everyone else, but here in the South, in September, we call this Fake Fall, but it gives us hope for when fall does eventually come in late October.

That said, I couldn't NOT take advantage of this GLORIOUS temps.

The Runkeeper selfie doesn't show the temperature, but it was 60°F during my run!!!!  CRAZY LOW.  I'm actually wearing a long sleeve shirt because I knew I'd get chilly and I wasn't wrong.  Also, DAT PACE!!!  All that elliptical time is paying off!  It's been a LONG time since I've ran a sub-10 minute pace.

I'll attribute some of that to the coolness, but not all of it.  The first mile was actually 9:38, but I also didn't walk at all, so that helped keep it down.

That said, I'm trying to debate if I'm going to the gym after I leave work.  #DecisionsAreHard


I talked Teh German into doing a Pack Up and Go trip for our anniversary.  Friends told us about this after their awesome experience.  When I first brought it up to Teh German as an idea, we looked up some reviews and he said he wasn't sure because he read some stuff that said you spend a portion of the budget on paying the company to plan your trip, when you could just plan it yourself and save that money.

And, Gentle Readers, I didn't even laugh in his face when he said, "We could just save that money and we could plan the trip ourselves."  Because any WE involved in trip planning ALWAYS means flipping that W upside down and it becoming a ME planning said trip.

There are multiple reasons for this, one of the biggest factors being my control freakness and Teh German's ostrich tendencies.  I did, kindly, say, "We both know that 'WE' would not be planning whatever trip we take, it would be ME, and I have enough going on.  Also, that's part of the appeal, the surprise about where they send you."

I did look at the direct flight options from Charleston and the cities I would be interested are: Boston, Nashville, Philly.  Nashville is the only place that neither of us have been.  I made sure to put that we LOVE the cold to the comments sections, so hopefully they won't send us to Florida or something.  I did forget to mention that we'd already been to Atlanta, so hopefully they don't send us there or if they do, they come up with interesting things.

Our anniversary (11/1) is actually on a Friday this year, so the first day of our trip will be our actual anniversary, so that is exciting.  I will not be going to class.  /shrug.


Updated list of languages I'm dealing with:
-Ruby (on Rails)

When I told this to the nerds at work, even they were like, fuck that sucks.  YES, THANK YOU.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Popcorn for cub scouts sale.
-Bread for Teh PT Kid's band sale.
-Thanksgiving 5k.
-Chickfila for lunch.
-New yard shoes that look like crocks with claws.  I'm actually super excited about these, but in a low-key way, because how uncool am I?  They were only $13 for 2 pairs and now I can get rid of my sun-warped Crocs that I've been using.
-New Merrell shoes, that I will be keeping.
-Pack Up and Go trip.
-Audible x2, which I think is because I switched to an every other month credit plan.  I have 6 credits to use currently and I have no idea what to use them on.  I have more than 3 audiobooks on deck to listen to, but a library hold came in, so now my deck is on pause.  #FirstWorldProblems
-Bojangles for breakfast x2.  Splurge morning and then the morning that I didn't get labs done.  Ugh.
-New coffee pods and creamer to try.
-Sweet Frog date
-New belt for Teh German, since he insists that his work belt is "fine" even though the leather is splitting and the belt looks ghetto AF.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Meri and her head pillow.
This is some Olive teachin' in action.

Windows down, sunroof open, jamz loud.
Happy Fake Fall!

It's preseason, but ya'll been talkin about football for the entire fucking year, so please expect me to interject something about hockey anytime sports is the topic of conversation.

What do sea monsters eat?
Fish and ships.

Are you even coding if you don't have a millionty tabs open?
The answer is no.

I admitted to Teh German that I stopped worrying about my quizzes for my anal professor's classes.
This choice has eliminated A LOT of stress in my life...
And this note from my professor gave me the LOLZ.

Sitting outside at work is mandatory when it's only 80°F outside.
Less mandatory: the fucking mosquito bites on my tattoos... Grr.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

You are going to be ok.
Not perfect, but ok.
For even in uncertainty, you can take this day by day.

Do your best while also remember your worth is not attached to what you accomplish. - MHN

You are not who you used to be,
and that is a beautiful thing.

You do not have to bear the burden of everything today.
You are allowed to slow down and take time to sort things out.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. "COLD"
  2. Completing homework assignments the day they are assigned.
  3. Lists of tasks.
  4. Prescriptions being mailed to me so I don't have to worry about going to the pharmacy.
  5. A Boberry biscuit for Friday lunch dessert, after I didn't eat it on Thursday.
  6. Walks with the beasts.
  7. Short trains... I mean if I'm going to get caught by them incessantly, I can at least be grateful when they are short.
  8. Anniversary plans.
  9. RUNNING.  I can tell you the number of times I've run since the Bridge Run and it's not an impressive number (today, Hot Pursuit 5k in June, Duisburg City Race in May).  But it was just too hot and it wasn't worth it.  
  10. Almost being finished with the Marvel movies.  Next up is The Ranch, Big Mouth, more Americans, and Vikings whenever that comes back.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Weekend Review {09/16}


School and work on Friday.  I was doing some computer troubleshooting before I left work and ended up leaving almost an hour later than I had intended.  Ugh.  Because of that, I only did a short session at the gym and headed home. 

My new Brooks arrived anddddd they will be going back.  Yes, they are comfortable, but the tongues on these shoes look like some 1990s kicks and I just cannot with that.  I mean.. WHHYYYY??  I do love those laces though, butttt they would never be effective running shoes laces.  I had planned on using these as walking shoes, but I don't love them, so they are going back.  #NotSorry

I gave Teh German the option of staying home or going out for dinner and we ended up staying home and having frozen pizza for dinner.  I was disappointed at first, because I had kinda planned on us going out (as that's usually what we do), buttt it ended up being fine that we stayed home.  We watched Thor: Ragnarok and were lazy.

After the movie, it was bedtime.


We didn't have plans Saturday until the evening, but we still got up by 0730 because Meri is an asshole.  Teh PT Wife invited us over for 2nd breakfast since Teh NY Chef needed guinea pigs for a breakfast casserole she had made.  BRT.

After socializing for a little bit, we headed back home, made ourselves publicly presentable, and took care of the grocery shopping at Lidl.  I picked up our one of two Halloween/fall decoration pieces: a pumpkin.  I'm interested to see how long this one lasts, because Roux's Humom loves when I put out pumpkins on the front porch for months and months at a time.  HAH!

I wanted a white one, but I didn't want to dig for it..
Sooo, we came home with green.

After we got home from Lidl, it was time to start getting ready for the wedding we were to attend.  I tried to be fancy-casual, like I do.  It was an outside wedding and I knew that my hair would just be big if it left it down, so I googled "easy updos" for some ideas.  When I saw the bun, I knew I was in business, as I kept my hair donut from my Navy days. 

You see, some people roll up a sock, but socks get SUPER heavy when they get wet (from wet hair) and after hanging from your head for many hours..  so I actually purchased a sock donut which kinda looks like a plastic kitchen/dishes scrubber.  Anyways, it's light and doesn't retain water, so it's kinda perfect and I'm well trained in the sock bun life, so this was the easiest "fancy" hair style I could possibly do.

If you're not taking back-of-the-head selfies to ensure full donut coverage, are you even bunning?

We made it a few minutes later than we wanted to arrive, but still early, so it was fine.  Teh German and I both were running behind by a few minutes, so it wasn't really anyone's fault.  When we sat down for the ceremony, we watched the rain clouds (which we had driven through) roll in and when it started to rain and the ceremony hadn't started yet, the guests headed back to the house for cover.  When the rain stopped, we all headed back to our seats and the wedding started.. and so did the rain, again.  This time everyone just sat through the rain.

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception area and tried to stay dry.  Since the wedding was for a coworker of Teh German, about half of the guests were German, which meant that I got to practice my German!  YAY!  That language course and stress wasn't for naught!  Many people (who were strangers) were able to understand me, even though my broken German isn't what it was in May/June.

Teh German only sees his wet pants.
I only see how adorable we are.

Being silly.

The couple used the same wedding planner we did and I thought it was a little bit awkward, but she didn't seem to remember blowing me off after our wedding or the outstanding bill I never paid, so whatever.  We did get a photo of us, the wedding couple, and Teh SC Teacher/Teh SC German with the wedding planner, per her request, since we all used her services.

After dinner there was cake and dancing and someone gifted the couple a Boot that was filled no less than 6 times from the chug-a-lug wagon (pictured above) before we left around 9:30. 



When we got home, we took care of the beasts, took care of pre-bedtime chores, then it was bedtime.


Sunday funday.. ish.  Since we had taken care of the adulting on Saturday, we decided to ride the bike downtown for brunch on Sunday.  We agreed on Millers All Day since I wanted livermush (hush with your judgement).  Teh German actually went down in a freak accident when we were looking for parking, but he is ok and Suzi is ok, so everything is fine.  But I had a fucking heart attack when I checked my mirrors and he wasn't behind me after I had turned and I switched my headset over to talk to him and he said he was down.  I asked if he was ok and he said no.   At which point, I did a u-turn in the middle of the street, in front of a cop, because HE SAID HE WASN'T OK.. and then I saw him riding towards me and I was VERY confused.

Turns out, the headset was breaking up because of the distance between us and he hadn't heard me (or, more likely, was, understandably, distracted).  He was fine.  When I saw him pass me, I pulled off and told him to turn around and meet me.  I could tell he was shaken up but I needed to make sure he was ok for my own sanity.  When he caught up to me, I asked if he wanted to check the bike then or when we parked and he said we could park.  We circled the block and found parking in front of the restaurant and checked the bike over.  Other than a scuff or two, everything and everyone was fine.  Whew.

We managed to find a seat at the bar, despite a party of 4 coming in and also sitting at the bar before we did.  The man and I had a disagreement over 2 seats (they had 3 seats initially and needed a 4th) and 2 opened up and I went to them and the man was like, maybe you could ask those people to move down 1 seat...  The couple that was sitting there HAD FOOD and I told the man, I would NOT be asking that couple to move WHILE THEY WERE EATING.  WTF?  I let the man take the seat and waited on something else to open.  This guy and his family looked like Charleston money or rich vacationers, so it didn't overly surprise me that he said I should ask the couple to move, but WHAT THE FUCK?  Really?  Also, the seat at the other end of their party was occupied by someone who was finishing their food, so rather than wait for that seat to open, he took the empty seat so Teh German and I had to keep waiting.. and I get that they were there first, but I hate rude ass, inconsiderate people.

Anyways, we finally got seated and had breakfast and Teh German was less shaken up after he was fed.  I was disappointed that Millers no longer serves livermush, which is annoying since that's really the only reason we went there.  I guess that solves the issue of going downtown for brunch in the future... Oh well.


After brunch, we headed to the bikes to go home and there was a boy and his grandfather (I assume) who crossed the street with us.  The man said that they boy had been admiring our bikes while they had been waiting for their table, but the boy said he liked my bike better because it was black.  Feeling generous, I asked the boy if he wanted to sit on the bike and he said yes.  Then I asked him if he wanted to hear the engine and he said yes.  I had some technical difficulties getting it into neutral to get it started since I wasn't sitting on the bike and I'd left it in 1st gear when I'd got off since I was more worried about checking on Teh German.  Teh German put Bagheera into neutral and the grandfather sat the boy on her again and I started it up and revved the engine for him.  He was super adorable and shy but still excited.  The grandfather thanked us for taking the time to show off the bikes and told us to be safe and we headed out.

Teh German agreed to take the long way home, so we drove up HWY 61 under the oak trees, by Magnolia Gardens.  I love riding under the trees since it's shady and cool.  Yes, it's a straight road, like all the roads in Charleston, but it's cool and trees.  So trade off.

When we got into Summerville, the fucking lovebugs were HORRIBLE.  I ended up with one on my forehead and then when I got home, I noticed this almost disaster:

Do you see how close to my mouth that dead lovebug is?

When we got home, Teh German did garage things and I showered and started on homework things.

These are my piles.
I do not love piles, but these are mine.

Around 4, we headed over to Teh NY Chef's house for Sunday dinner.  Everything was delicious, as always, and we socialized until my Mom Guilt kicked in and we left around 6:30 to go home and feed the beasts.  After that was taken care of, I walked the dogs, and then we watched Black Panther before bed.  Then the weekend was over.


This post is late because Monday was a Monday and I had shit to do.  I have shit to do today too, but here we are.

A good weekend full of socializing and activities.  I did accomplish some school things, but mostly I stayed away from my computer, which never makes me sad. 

This week/weekend includes:
-2 different medical appointments
-The exterminator is coming, but I need to reschedule for a time when someone can be there, because they fucking suck and never do a good job (leaving spider webs on things) and I want them to do the inside this time.
-Concerts: Starset on Saturday and maybe Lee Brice on Sunday, if I get that ticket situation figured out.  The tickets were free, but the way you signed up was weird, so I'm not sure what is happening.

My weather app shows a high of 83-80°F Thurs-Sat and I might just wear a long sleeve shirt on principle.  That's like record lows for not-post-hurricane-in-September times.  I.cannot.wait for it to be "cold".  Seriously.  I'm obnoxious about it too.  #NotSorry

Friday, September 13, 2019

Five on Friday #211

EINS - Random Shit

I can't post this on my neighborhood page without getting judged but I considered it...

It's about ducks. FUCKING DUCKS. AND fucking geese! How do I run off ducks and geese?

Truthfully, I don't overly mind the fowl in our neighborhood.. eeeeexxxxcceeeeppptttt thattttttt... when I walk the dogs, we ALWAYS, without fail, come across the flock of geese or ducks and Meri loses her shit and Pax is like, "WUTT, Meri is losing her shit? OH SHIT DUCKS. DINNERS, MAHM? TASTY DUCK TREATS FOR MERI AND I?! PLS, MAHM????" Our first walk since Pax's incident, Meri was SCREAMING like I was beating her within an inch of her life to get to the ducks. I was mortified, but I knew that when anyone looked out their window to see what the commotion was, they'd see me, facing the opposite direction of 2 fowl-crazed beasts, gently trying to tug them towards the direction of our house, AWAY from the fowl flock.

I AM that crazy lady who runs out the door yelling at the ducks when I seem them in my yard because I do NOT want their poop all over my yard/sidewalk/driveway. But how do I run them off from the house 4 doors down? I mean, besides the obvious: let my dogs chase them and they get a treat... Except, I can't do that since I can't run as fast as Meri on the hunt and I won't let them off leash since we don't live in a gated area.

PS.  There are no ducks or cats when you walk at 8:30 at night.. but there are still plenty of things for both of my dogs to be SUPER interested in that distract them and cause them to walk like drunkards..


My least favorite part about summer is the pressure changes that come with hot air and conflicting pressure systems.  I mean, other than the perpetual swamp ass/yeast factory situation and the being hot and sweaty when you open the door, maybe #BarometerHead is actually why I hate summer.  No one knows.


After much neglect, I finally updated my books post this week.  It will post in October since I do book posts quarterly.  I could probably do monthly posts again, but the quarterly level of effort really suits me right now.

For some of the books, I had to read the synopsis to even remember what the book was about.. so that tells you how my reading life has been going.  That said, I'm currently listening to A Woman Is No Man and reading The Ragged Edge of Night and I'm loving on both and cannot get enough, much to the detriment of my homework situation.  More on that in the next blurb....


It is absolutely no surprise to anyone reading this that I'm an overachiever.  I've talked a lot about my self-inflicted school stress and this semester (all 5 days that we've had class so far, thanks, Hurrication), I've been doing very good about not running myself into the ground.  And you're like, it's like 3 days into the semester, how could you possibly be running yourself into the ground already... AND THAT'S EXACTLY THE PROBLEM.  I could be, but I'm trying to check that this year.

In fact, PITA professor that I have for 3 classes gives a quiz every.class.  And this year, I've embraced a more "come what may" attitude about it.  In his former classes, the homework and the quizzes were the same, so to do the homework meant being prepared for the quizzes.  This semester that isn't true, so rather than stress myself out over trying to know absolutely everything and torturing myself with never being able to know everything, I study for a bit and then when I am no longer focused or get tired, I walk away, prepared or not.  Sometimes before class, I'll skim the notes and hope for the best, but... come what may.

I do not plan to fail any of my classes and while I would like to keep my Dean's List streak going, there's no way that C's could mean I don't graduate, sooooo C's get degrees, Gentle Readers.

Someone please remind me of this entire section in December when I'm having a mental breakdown about exams and final projects/papers.  Kthx.


I arrived to school around 0700 on Wednesday and proceeded to my dungeon.  Since some "can you complete this in the next 2 hours before our Sprint ends" tasking came in, I spent my lunch time in my dungeon... Then, my afternoon class.  All said, I was in that room for 6.5 hours.  I only left to pee and heat up my lunch.  Few things are more depressing than thinking of this.


I tried the Dropps laundry pods.  I always want to be more environmentally friendly and shit.. but I also always want my laundry to smell delightful.  The Dropps pods did not provide that smell I need for proper laundry motivation.  Seriously.  If my laundry doesn't smell good when I take it out of the dryer, it's less likely to get done and Lord knows I need all the motivation I can get to get the Laundry Fairy to come out of hiding.


As the only person who ensures that there are spare rolls of toilet paper in all the bathrooms (unless I specifically tell someone else (Teh German, duh) to take care of it, I feel validated to leave just a "is that going to be enough?" amount of paper on the roll for the next person (also, mostly likely Teh German), so they have to change it.  #NotSorry 🤷


I have been planning to make enchiladas for dinner for over a week.  It was on the menu.  I did not have any refried beans, so I made my own from canned black beans I keep on hand.  Then, when I went to assemble said enchiladas, I realized.. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANY TORTILLAS.

WHAT THE FUCK, MEGAN?  Is this how you adult, really?  No.
Thankfully, Teh PT Wife saved dinner and donated a pack of tortillas to our cause and we had enchiladas for dinner.  Whew.


Pax had his foot check up on Wednesday.  Since I was bringing one in already, I rescheduled their toes did appointment for the same day, which meant wrangling 2 dogs alone.  Always fucking chaos an adventure.

Pax's stitches were removed with only minor difficulty.  I was right, the stitches didn't really hold well and the wound was still pretty open, but it had completely scabbed over, so that's good.  The doc said if it doesn't close up, maybe more stitches, butttt this Mom says probably not.  We did get 2 more weeks of antibiotics since it's still open, which is fine.

Both dogs got their nails cut and I made an appointment for October, because I'm serious about getting these nails under control.

Both dogs HAD to be by me, and since that's where they were, that's where the techs decided to remove Pax's stitches.
Yes, please crowd me in this tiny corner.
That's my favorite thing.
Please note that Meri is hiding behind me.

Pax pitched a fit when he was muzzled and crated and gave himself a nose boo-boo.
The scab fell off yesterday and now he's got this sexy scar.
Silly goose moose.


We had an opportunity to go to Disney World before Thanksgiving with some friends, but after some consideration, we're not going.  I discussed this decision with Teh German this week and he understood.  We've not been to Disney together since he proposed and we'd both like to go, butttt I'd rather plan our own trip than be thrown into someone else's plans, especially if there isn't a stellar financial incentive (aka, cheaper) to go with friends.

Siiiiiigh.  Adulting is the worst.
This also means that I don't have to juggle a lack of PTO and trying to take time off/teleworking.  #SilverLinings


List of languages that I'm dealing with this month/at this time:
Kotlin (knowing of it, not writing it)
AsciiDocs (for work)
command line instructions
made up language for a class

List of languages I'll have to deal with before the end of the semester:
+ the ones listed above


One of my fave parts of this week: Me talking about how I wanted it to be cooler and Teh German posting Denver temps.  We might not always get along, but lawd he gets me when it comes to the cold.

Please also note that Teh German has Denver's weather saved as a favorite location in his weather app.  So if you think I'm serious about CO, Teh German is MORE serious.

PS.  Our Denver friend commented that it actually snowed in CO this week.  Another friend commented that maybe I should move out of the South and I explained to her that we're stuck here for at least another 238 days (see last section for what is in 238 days, if you don't already know).


Things that make me (ir)rationally angry:

-The fucktards at school who drive these big ass dually trucks (these people are probably actual military individuals who teach at/go to The Citadel) and park right behind the building taking up 1.5 parking spaces and then people who drive normal cars can't fit in the 3/4ths of a space they leave between each other.  #RAAAAGGEEEEE (I snapped about this one morning and one of the drivers saw me.  #NotSorry MFer.)

-When the sweet tea runs out.  This doesn't really make me angry so much as disappointed.  Unless, of course, I asked for light ice and they fill the cup with ice then I'm out of tea that much quicker.

-Convenience/etc fees when you buy something online.  Essentially a fee for more than the product that isn't tax because the website is providing a service.  Think Ticketmaster or online race signup fees.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-I invested in Company's investment program.  It's weird since we're an LLC, but whatever.  Does it get more adult than investing?  I think not.  Well.. maybe if you actually clean your toilets on a regular schedule yourself...
-Sam's club stock up.
-New shoes x2.  The Merrell lady still gave me the 50% off discount even though I only bought one pair since they were sold out of the shoes I came in looking for.  #SorryNotSorry.  And I also finally broke down and bought the Brooks I've been drooling over.  Not sure if I'm going to keep them or not, but we'll see.
-Power bill
-Bojangles 1 time ONLY.
-Cocoa Cup 5k
-Dog nails
-Dog bully sticks
-Dog toys (because I have no self-control, but I did use my remaining rewards dollas, so I only paid $4.)
-New earbuds after I lost mine on Monday, because that's how my life is now.
-New muzzle for asshole dog, I mean Pax, since he decided that he didn't want to be in his crate after his incident.
-Wendy's for lunch, after I forgot my lunch today, even though I realized I forgot to pack my lunch when I was putting my stuff in the car and then promptly forgot to pack it after I told myself to grab lunch.  FML.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I've been killing the "thrown together" dinners this month.

People in Dubai don't like the Flintstones, but people in Abu Dhabi do.

Translation faillllllllllll.
Please also note: only for white skin. LOOOL
Also, how can skin be ruddy and shiny?
So much fail.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This applies to anything that has a dark mode, but people leave it in the default light mode and I'm blinded by the light.

Your lowest moment will not hinder you from reaching the heights you have been called to.

You are about to enter depths you have never entered before,
and you might brave moments where you are not sure if you have the strength for this.
And I hope it is in those moments you are able to remember that even though this is different,
you have had to be strong before,
and those moments prepared your heart to carry on all the more.

Your successes do not define you...
And neither do your failures.

1. Be kind to yourself.
2. Take care of yourself.
3. Challenge yourself.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. A thawing of the frigid season that has been going on between Teh German and I.  I can't really explain it, but we've been more gentle with each other in the last few days, after several weeks of tension and bickering between us for no real discernible reason (with the exception of some occasional discernible reasons).
  2. School not being difficult yet.  AKA, I don't feel like I've been beaten into submission yet.  I'm sure it's imminent.
  3. A tropical storm in the Atlantic.  Look, Gentle Readers, I don't want storm damage to occur or for people to die.  I just want it to rain and be cooler outside.  I want less humidity and to not have to experience air that is so thick that you can almost part it with your hands or you need gills to breathe or your car windows fog up in the morning because your hair is wet and it's so hot outside (#FirstWorldProblems, I know).
  4. Graduation application submitted.  238 days, people.  That's 34 weeks.  That's 7.5 months.  That's less time than it takes to fully gestate a human baby.  If a woman can host a baby for 9 months, I can survive 7.5 more months of college and programming languages and Cadets and driving downtown and homework.  Maybe.
  5. Pax having his stitches removed.  His laceration has scabbed up but the stitches didn't really do much for him since the wound was so gnarly.  Thankfully, he's not bleeding all over the place, despite the scab being opened up when they removed the stitches.  I think he'll be fine.  I'm ready to get back to our normal operations (to include walkies, which are good for the beasts AND for me).
  6. A "normal" week for me.  Routine is so hard to get into when everything is always crazy.
  7. Good books.  It feels like it's been such a long time since I've been completely enraptured by a good book.
  8. Getting to spend some time with Teh NY Chef on her birthday.  
  9. An absolutely stellar chiro visit where I'm 95% certain I grew 2 inches.  Sooo good.
  10. New school shoes.  I know this seems silly, but we always got new school shoes to start the school year (and usually new school clothes).  Now, I buy clothes all the time, but I don't buy shoes all that often and I like having new school shoes for whatever reason.  I purchased Merrell shoes last weekend and my Brooks that I ordered online arrived today.  I can now purge the shoes I have, if necessary, or rotate through some running/workout shoes.  I'm undecided.  #FirstWorldProblems, I know.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Weekend Review {09/09}


Friday, everything was back to normal.  Teh German went to work (praise Allah, because I was ready to kill him and his bad attitude) but I still stayed home and teleworked/did school things since the office wasn't officially reopened until Monday.

I had intentions to go to the gym, I even got up and got dressed for a workout, but the gym didn't open until 10 and that was too many hours into my day for it to happen.  Additionally, the pressure shift meant that I was dealing with a headache and I didn't want to make the headache worse by torturing myself with 30-45 minutes on the elliptical.  This is why I pay $60 a year for a gym membership, so I don't have to feel this guilt.

I accomplished all my work things and a portion of my homework things.  I chatted with Teh Running Bestie as she was driving home and puzzled, which meant that the gym definitely did not happen, despite me telling myself that I'd go later in the afternoon when my headache eased off a bit.  Talking to Teh Running Bestie > working out.  #YOLO

When Teh German came home, I was showered and ready for activities.  I hadn't left the house since Wednesday and it was decided we'd go out to dinner.  We ended up at Commonhouse with Teh PT Husband+Wife until the no see 'ums were unbearable and we headed home.  We made a dessert stop at Dairy Queen, because I can't NOT have dessert (#FattyMcGee over here).  I am happy to report that the pumpkin pie blizzard is delicious.  Tastes like Thanksgiving and joy.

When we got home, we did pre-bedtime chores and then it was bedtime.


Saturday, I got up at 0600 because I'm old AF and don't sleep anymore.  I figured since I couldn't get back to sleep I'd get up and be productive.  I fed the beasts and started on homework things.

Teh German finally got up and I took a break from homework things.  I ate breakfast and finished my puzzle while listening to a new audiobook, which I'm loving.

After I finished my puzzle, I headed outside to assist Teh German with things.  He wanted to mow the grass and pressure wash the patio slab and the patio furniture.  So I managed the washing of the furniture and rug and then I (finally) weeded the flower bed.  Teh German mowed and pressure washed the slab after I was done with the furniture. 

We had agreed to go with Teh PT Husband+Wife to Pawleys Island Brewery for some beer releases, so we were ready to go by 1:30.  Honestly, it was waaayyy too hot for me to enjoy being outside.  The actual temp was 94°F and I didn't bother to look at the "feels like" temp, but I had continuous sweat rolling down my back and I was generally unpleasant about it, despite my attempts to be ok with everything.

After a few beers at Pawleys, we agreed that it was too fucking hot and a decision was made to go to Snafu because "they have air conditioning".  Turns out, they do not, in fact, have air conditioning, but it was cooler at Snafu and I made due.  The ladies played What Do You Meme, which was rather hilarious, while the guys watched college football.

At 6, I offered to Uber home since the beasts needed to be fed.  We finally ended up leaving around 6:40.  Teh German was schlammered well before the time that we got home and I managed to talk him into taking a shower and going to bed.  Since I was completely sober, as I don't drink beer, I headed over to Teh PT House for more socializing.  Around 9:30 I headed home and, thankfully, found a sleeping Teh German in our bed.


Sunday I was able to sleep in some, yay.  I woke up around 8:30ish and snuggled with Meri.  I woke up Teh German since we had a skype date planned with Papa G.  We got up and had a breakfast snack and coffee and chatted with Papa G and Stepmom B.  After, we agreed on a plan: Mex 1 for brunch, Sam's for things, then home.

Gratuitous cute dog photos:

Of course, Willow is still doing this shit.. ugh.

Mex 1 was closed because they didn't have power (per the sign), so we ended up at Ms Rose's Diner instead, which was delicious, even if we were freezing inside.  Sitting outside was not an option since it was already too fucking hot to be outside at 1030.

After brunch we headed to Sam's and then I tried to get my car washed but the line was spilling into the street from the entrance area and I wasn't waiting for that shit, so we went home.  #YOLO

On the way home, I told Teh German that it was too hot to do the pergola set up stuff, but I would be willing to do it later in the afternoon after it maybe cooled down some or the yard was shady.  He agreed.  When we got home, I picked back up on homework things and Teh German did tank things.

Around 6 we made dinner.  After dinner we put all the patio furniture back together (I washed all the cushion covers so they had to be restuffed) and in place and replaced the screens.  The dogs were being oooobbbbnoxioussssss, so I broke vet's orders and took them on a short loop.  I figure that Pax being on a leash, under my control, is better than him chasing Meri intermittently throughout the day... sooo that's what we did.  Of course, the times that I'm trying to keep them calm is when a flock of ducks appears when we're within sight of home.  Uggghh.  Meri was screaming to be released to chase the ducks, and I'm certain that if anyone looked out their window they would have expected to see me beating her within an inch of her life.  No, I was turned in the opposite direction, trying to gently pull my 2 fowl-crazed beasts towards our house.  Siiiiiiiigh.

When we got home, super sweaty, of course, since it was 85°F at 7:30pm after sunset, Pax laid down and didn't get back up until it was time bedtime business.  I consider this a success.  I might just have to walk them again.

I finally headed upstairs around 9, showered, and read for a little bit until Teh German came to bed.. and then the weekend was over.  :(


Last week was so weird since it was Hurrication.  It's going to be nice to get into a routine this week, finally, but at the same time, I'm going to miss intermittent during the day dog snuggles and not having to deal with traffic and not having to deal with people...  Ya know, things.

The weekend was productive and we did some socializing, so I consider it a good weekend.

This week includes:
-HVAC cleaning on Tuesday.  I considered having Teh German come home and deal with it since I gave up HVAC things in 2018 when it was all too much, but I'm a nice person.. and I'll just come home and deal with it.
-Pax's check up/dog nails on Wednesday.  I'm confident that Pax has ripped most of his stitches and since it's not bleeding, I'm not overly concerned.  Whatever.
-We have a wedding to attend this weekend.  I have to figure out what I'm wearing.  #MeganProblems
-Homework, for forever.  Siiiigh.