Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Weekend Review {09/16}


School and work on Friday.  I was doing some computer troubleshooting before I left work and ended up leaving almost an hour later than I had intended.  Ugh.  Because of that, I only did a short session at the gym and headed home. 

My new Brooks arrived anddddd they will be going back.  Yes, they are comfortable, but the tongues on these shoes look like some 1990s kicks and I just cannot with that.  I mean.. WHHYYYY??  I do love those laces though, butttt they would never be effective running shoes laces.  I had planned on using these as walking shoes, but I don't love them, so they are going back.  #NotSorry

I gave Teh German the option of staying home or going out for dinner and we ended up staying home and having frozen pizza for dinner.  I was disappointed at first, because I had kinda planned on us going out (as that's usually what we do), buttt it ended up being fine that we stayed home.  We watched Thor: Ragnarok and were lazy.

After the movie, it was bedtime.


We didn't have plans Saturday until the evening, but we still got up by 0730 because Meri is an asshole.  Teh PT Wife invited us over for 2nd breakfast since Teh NY Chef needed guinea pigs for a breakfast casserole she had made.  BRT.

After socializing for a little bit, we headed back home, made ourselves publicly presentable, and took care of the grocery shopping at Lidl.  I picked up our one of two Halloween/fall decoration pieces: a pumpkin.  I'm interested to see how long this one lasts, because Roux's Humom loves when I put out pumpkins on the front porch for months and months at a time.  HAH!

I wanted a white one, but I didn't want to dig for it..
Sooo, we came home with green.

After we got home from Lidl, it was time to start getting ready for the wedding we were to attend.  I tried to be fancy-casual, like I do.  It was an outside wedding and I knew that my hair would just be big if it left it down, so I googled "easy updos" for some ideas.  When I saw the bun, I knew I was in business, as I kept my hair donut from my Navy days. 

You see, some people roll up a sock, but socks get SUPER heavy when they get wet (from wet hair) and after hanging from your head for many hours..  so I actually purchased a sock donut which kinda looks like a plastic kitchen/dishes scrubber.  Anyways, it's light and doesn't retain water, so it's kinda perfect and I'm well trained in the sock bun life, so this was the easiest "fancy" hair style I could possibly do.

If you're not taking back-of-the-head selfies to ensure full donut coverage, are you even bunning?

We made it a few minutes later than we wanted to arrive, but still early, so it was fine.  Teh German and I both were running behind by a few minutes, so it wasn't really anyone's fault.  When we sat down for the ceremony, we watched the rain clouds (which we had driven through) roll in and when it started to rain and the ceremony hadn't started yet, the guests headed back to the house for cover.  When the rain stopped, we all headed back to our seats and the wedding started.. and so did the rain, again.  This time everyone just sat through the rain.

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception area and tried to stay dry.  Since the wedding was for a coworker of Teh German, about half of the guests were German, which meant that I got to practice my German!  YAY!  That language course and stress wasn't for naught!  Many people (who were strangers) were able to understand me, even though my broken German isn't what it was in May/June.

Teh German only sees his wet pants.
I only see how adorable we are.

Being silly.

The couple used the same wedding planner we did and I thought it was a little bit awkward, but she didn't seem to remember blowing me off after our wedding or the outstanding bill I never paid, so whatever.  We did get a photo of us, the wedding couple, and Teh SC Teacher/Teh SC German with the wedding planner, per her request, since we all used her services.

After dinner there was cake and dancing and someone gifted the couple a Boot that was filled no less than 6 times from the chug-a-lug wagon (pictured above) before we left around 9:30. 



When we got home, we took care of the beasts, took care of pre-bedtime chores, then it was bedtime.


Sunday funday.. ish.  Since we had taken care of the adulting on Saturday, we decided to ride the bike downtown for brunch on Sunday.  We agreed on Millers All Day since I wanted livermush (hush with your judgement).  Teh German actually went down in a freak accident when we were looking for parking, but he is ok and Suzi is ok, so everything is fine.  But I had a fucking heart attack when I checked my mirrors and he wasn't behind me after I had turned and I switched my headset over to talk to him and he said he was down.  I asked if he was ok and he said no.   At which point, I did a u-turn in the middle of the street, in front of a cop, because HE SAID HE WASN'T OK.. and then I saw him riding towards me and I was VERY confused.

Turns out, the headset was breaking up because of the distance between us and he hadn't heard me (or, more likely, was, understandably, distracted).  He was fine.  When I saw him pass me, I pulled off and told him to turn around and meet me.  I could tell he was shaken up but I needed to make sure he was ok for my own sanity.  When he caught up to me, I asked if he wanted to check the bike then or when we parked and he said we could park.  We circled the block and found parking in front of the restaurant and checked the bike over.  Other than a scuff or two, everything and everyone was fine.  Whew.

We managed to find a seat at the bar, despite a party of 4 coming in and also sitting at the bar before we did.  The man and I had a disagreement over 2 seats (they had 3 seats initially and needed a 4th) and 2 opened up and I went to them and the man was like, maybe you could ask those people to move down 1 seat...  The couple that was sitting there HAD FOOD and I told the man, I would NOT be asking that couple to move WHILE THEY WERE EATING.  WTF?  I let the man take the seat and waited on something else to open.  This guy and his family looked like Charleston money or rich vacationers, so it didn't overly surprise me that he said I should ask the couple to move, but WHAT THE FUCK?  Really?  Also, the seat at the other end of their party was occupied by someone who was finishing their food, so rather than wait for that seat to open, he took the empty seat so Teh German and I had to keep waiting.. and I get that they were there first, but I hate rude ass, inconsiderate people.

Anyways, we finally got seated and had breakfast and Teh German was less shaken up after he was fed.  I was disappointed that Millers no longer serves livermush, which is annoying since that's really the only reason we went there.  I guess that solves the issue of going downtown for brunch in the future... Oh well.


After brunch, we headed to the bikes to go home and there was a boy and his grandfather (I assume) who crossed the street with us.  The man said that they boy had been admiring our bikes while they had been waiting for their table, but the boy said he liked my bike better because it was black.  Feeling generous, I asked the boy if he wanted to sit on the bike and he said yes.  Then I asked him if he wanted to hear the engine and he said yes.  I had some technical difficulties getting it into neutral to get it started since I wasn't sitting on the bike and I'd left it in 1st gear when I'd got off since I was more worried about checking on Teh German.  Teh German put Bagheera into neutral and the grandfather sat the boy on her again and I started it up and revved the engine for him.  He was super adorable and shy but still excited.  The grandfather thanked us for taking the time to show off the bikes and told us to be safe and we headed out.

Teh German agreed to take the long way home, so we drove up HWY 61 under the oak trees, by Magnolia Gardens.  I love riding under the trees since it's shady and cool.  Yes, it's a straight road, like all the roads in Charleston, but it's cool and trees.  So trade off.

When we got into Summerville, the fucking lovebugs were HORRIBLE.  I ended up with one on my forehead and then when I got home, I noticed this almost disaster:

Do you see how close to my mouth that dead lovebug is?

When we got home, Teh German did garage things and I showered and started on homework things.

These are my piles.
I do not love piles, but these are mine.

Around 4, we headed over to Teh NY Chef's house for Sunday dinner.  Everything was delicious, as always, and we socialized until my Mom Guilt kicked in and we left around 6:30 to go home and feed the beasts.  After that was taken care of, I walked the dogs, and then we watched Black Panther before bed.  Then the weekend was over.


This post is late because Monday was a Monday and I had shit to do.  I have shit to do today too, but here we are.

A good weekend full of socializing and activities.  I did accomplish some school things, but mostly I stayed away from my computer, which never makes me sad. 

This week/weekend includes:
-2 different medical appointments
-The exterminator is coming, but I need to reschedule for a time when someone can be there, because they fucking suck and never do a good job (leaving spider webs on things) and I want them to do the inside this time.
-Concerts: Starset on Saturday and maybe Lee Brice on Sunday, if I get that ticket situation figured out.  The tickets were free, but the way you signed up was weird, so I'm not sure what is happening.

My weather app shows a high of 83-80°F Thurs-Sat and I might just wear a long sleeve shirt on principle.  That's like record lows for not-post-hurricane-in-September times.  I.cannot.wait for it to be "cold".  Seriously.  I'm obnoxious about it too.  #NotSorry


  1. -People make fun of my doughnut bun! I don't know why it's creepier than a friggin' SOCK in your HAIR! But, alas, your hair looked great. And I love the picture of the bride with the boot :-p
    -Glad Teh German is okay! Must have been so upsetting.

  2. Oh hi... so I'm back to start commenting on a month & a half worth of blog posts...

    That wedding looks like a blast! I like the green pumpkin. I was just looking at pumpkins at the store yesterday & even though we're currently in pouring rain because of Imelda, & it's 80s/90s, I think I need to start faking like it's fall by decorating.


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