Friday, September 20, 2019

Five on Friday #212

EINS - Random Shit

After last week being the week that would never end, this week kinda flew by and I'm not sad.  I'm ready for September to be over already.  For no real reason other than, that's a month through school and I'm ready for consistent cool weather.


Things I did this week:
-Went to my first VA appointment.
-Cancelled my ENT appointment.
-Rescheduled the exterminator visit so someone can be home since I want them to do the inside of the house and I want them to do a better job in general (i.e., remove the spider webs like they are supposed to).
-Scheduled a laser hair removal appointment.  My BJB is back and I have the sads.
-Applied for graduation 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
-Had an ice cream date with Teh PT Wife at Sweet Frog because No Weigh Wednesday is a priority.
-Worked out consistently.
-Enjoyed outside.


In a freak incident, my steering wheel ate my brand new lint ball on Thursday and it was kinda par for the course of the day.  I'm still not even sure how it happened, but it did and I was super upset about it.  Granted, I ended up finding TWO lint balls later when I was doing laundry, but it doesn't replace a brand new lint ball that I just started.

I know, I know, #MeganProblems.

Also, I have had discussions with others that maybe my lint ball rolling feeds into a sensory issue/disorder.  IDK.  I'm sure if I look it up on WebMD, I'll die in 3-6 months because I've been rolling lint balls since birth.


I lost my shit on the cadets this morning.  It was accidentally on purpose..
What had happened was....

I've been fielding a LOT of (imo) stupid questions this week (although one professor says, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people." ...and he might be on to something there), and by Thursday afternoon, it warranted a FB status update with sections of all caps.  By Friday morning... I lost it.

See, I have an issue with people who don't pay attention.  If the instructor said something in class like, "We have a quiz on this material during our next class meeting," or "Here is the code for this entire homework section."  THAT is information that everyone in the class should know.  Yes, I can understand asking another student for information if you were taking notes and missed something, but if you were sleeping and you missed the announcement or you chose not to copy down what was on the board because you had to leave?  GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE.

No less than 3 students came in my first class on Friday and asked if we had a quiz (we did) that morning.  We always have a quiz, almost in classes taught by that professor.  Then, those same "I can't pay attention in class" morons would follow that up with, "Oh and do we have make up class on Saturday?"  Not only did I lose my shit, but I also wrote it on the board because I was tired of answering the same shit that the instructor had answered multiple times earlier in the week.

Honestly, I think my professor wasn't sad at my outburst about their lack of attention to detail/unpreparedness.  I'm sure he probably feels that way each semester.  As a solution, I wrote that there was no class on Saturday and that there was a quiz that day and what it was on.  I did this for the 2 subsequent classes as well.  Anal professor thanked me for my note during our 2nd class together.  At least I know someone appreciated my efforts.

This was actually the 2nd time I lost my shit at school this week.  The first time was on an individual cadet who never pays attention to anything except his laptop during class and then insists on asking questions after class that were answered during class and obviously that pisses me off.  Anyways, I have a very anal professor for 3 of my 5 classes and he doesn't like/allow when students leave in the middle of his lectures.  Truthfully, it distracts him and he doesn't handle that well.  Then, the rest of us get distracted when professor starts lecturing us about how disrespectful it is to get up and walk out of class while there is a lecture going on and how distracting it is for students because everyone watches that person walk out and THAT FUCKING PERSON never has to hear any of that since they are out of the classroom.

So in a later class, when that SAME FUCKING CADET got up to leave the anal professor's class in the middle of the lecture, AGAIN... I didn't say anything at first because I thought the professor would just continue on... THEN, the professor paused and before he could get any words out, I said loud enough for everyone and the professor (who is hard of hearing) to clearly hear, "If YOU get me lectured AGAIN about leaving during the middle of class, I'll make sure you get the same lecture after class."

Cadet looked at me like, oh shit, then looked at the professor and said, "It's an emergency," and the professor just nodded at him.  Thankfully, there was no repeat "disrespectful/disruptive" side-lecture, but if there had been, I was going to tear that kid up after class.

I'm over these fucktards not being prepared for class and not having a writing utensil or knowing when shit is due.  If I can manage my real life and college at the same time, they can manage college.  It's not that hard if you put in a minimal amount of effort.


I really liked the VA doc that I saw.  I explained that an expensive, useless ENT visit was what prompted me to finally come to the VA for treatment options since my issues are covered by the VA anyways, so why not take advantage of the resource?

Doc gave me scripts for my GERD, several, in fact, so we can test out what works/doesn't and go from there.  A refill for my anxiety medication, and I'm also supposed to have labs done for general health purposes.

In fact, I went to the clinic during Thursday morning walk-in hours and they were closed.  I was really fucking annoyed and it shadowed the rest of my day.


Professor creates new Slack channel for Citadel Women in Computer Science.
The/my first post:


Sometimes, I accidentally stalk my husband.  #SorryNotSorry

Thurs morning, I accidentally took the "go to school" route instead of the "to go work" route and I passed Teh German, even though I left more than 5 minutes after he did.  See also: Why I do not stay in the right most lane on 26...

I had to go to Walmart to pick up a forgotten dinner item and saw Teh German's truck at the gym on my way home.


2 weeks ago, we went to Merrell so I could try out a pair of rainbow shoes I'd seen online and they didn't have them in store and they were sold out online... Ugh.  So I added myself to the "notify me when these come back in stock" email list and I bought the shoes within 10 minutes of receiving the email.  I wasn't preparing to like them, but I really do.  Thus ends the school shoe shopping saga.

The Brooks with the 90s tongue will be returned to Dick's this weekend.


The high in Charleston has been less than 85°F for the end of the week.  I know that is still hot for most everyone else, but here in the South, in September, we call this Fake Fall, but it gives us hope for when fall does eventually come in late October.

That said, I couldn't NOT take advantage of this GLORIOUS temps.

The Runkeeper selfie doesn't show the temperature, but it was 60°F during my run!!!!  CRAZY LOW.  I'm actually wearing a long sleeve shirt because I knew I'd get chilly and I wasn't wrong.  Also, DAT PACE!!!  All that elliptical time is paying off!  It's been a LONG time since I've ran a sub-10 minute pace.

I'll attribute some of that to the coolness, but not all of it.  The first mile was actually 9:38, but I also didn't walk at all, so that helped keep it down.

That said, I'm trying to debate if I'm going to the gym after I leave work.  #DecisionsAreHard


I talked Teh German into doing a Pack Up and Go trip for our anniversary.  Friends told us about this after their awesome experience.  When I first brought it up to Teh German as an idea, we looked up some reviews and he said he wasn't sure because he read some stuff that said you spend a portion of the budget on paying the company to plan your trip, when you could just plan it yourself and save that money.

And, Gentle Readers, I didn't even laugh in his face when he said, "We could just save that money and we could plan the trip ourselves."  Because any WE involved in trip planning ALWAYS means flipping that W upside down and it becoming a ME planning said trip.

There are multiple reasons for this, one of the biggest factors being my control freakness and Teh German's ostrich tendencies.  I did, kindly, say, "We both know that 'WE' would not be planning whatever trip we take, it would be ME, and I have enough going on.  Also, that's part of the appeal, the surprise about where they send you."

I did look at the direct flight options from Charleston and the cities I would be interested are: Boston, Nashville, Philly.  Nashville is the only place that neither of us have been.  I made sure to put that we LOVE the cold to the comments sections, so hopefully they won't send us to Florida or something.  I did forget to mention that we'd already been to Atlanta, so hopefully they don't send us there or if they do, they come up with interesting things.

Our anniversary (11/1) is actually on a Friday this year, so the first day of our trip will be our actual anniversary, so that is exciting.  I will not be going to class.  /shrug.


Updated list of languages I'm dealing with:
-Ruby (on Rails)

When I told this to the nerds at work, even they were like, fuck that sucks.  YES, THANK YOU.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Popcorn for cub scouts sale.
-Bread for Teh PT Kid's band sale.
-Thanksgiving 5k.
-Chickfila for lunch.
-New yard shoes that look like crocks with claws.  I'm actually super excited about these, but in a low-key way, because how uncool am I?  They were only $13 for 2 pairs and now I can get rid of my sun-warped Crocs that I've been using.
-New Merrell shoes, that I will be keeping.
-Pack Up and Go trip.
-Audible x2, which I think is because I switched to an every other month credit plan.  I have 6 credits to use currently and I have no idea what to use them on.  I have more than 3 audiobooks on deck to listen to, but a library hold came in, so now my deck is on pause.  #FirstWorldProblems
-Bojangles for breakfast x2.  Splurge morning and then the morning that I didn't get labs done.  Ugh.
-New coffee pods and creamer to try.
-Sweet Frog date
-New belt for Teh German, since he insists that his work belt is "fine" even though the leather is splitting and the belt looks ghetto AF.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Meri and her head pillow.
This is some Olive teachin' in action.

Windows down, sunroof open, jamz loud.
Happy Fake Fall!

It's preseason, but ya'll been talkin about football for the entire fucking year, so please expect me to interject something about hockey anytime sports is the topic of conversation.

What do sea monsters eat?
Fish and ships.

Are you even coding if you don't have a millionty tabs open?
The answer is no.

I admitted to Teh German that I stopped worrying about my quizzes for my anal professor's classes.
This choice has eliminated A LOT of stress in my life...
And this note from my professor gave me the LOLZ.

Sitting outside at work is mandatory when it's only 80°F outside.
Less mandatory: the fucking mosquito bites on my tattoos... Grr.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

You are going to be ok.
Not perfect, but ok.
For even in uncertainty, you can take this day by day.

Do your best while also remember your worth is not attached to what you accomplish. - MHN

You are not who you used to be,
and that is a beautiful thing.

You do not have to bear the burden of everything today.
You are allowed to slow down and take time to sort things out.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. "COLD"
  2. Completing homework assignments the day they are assigned.
  3. Lists of tasks.
  4. Prescriptions being mailed to me so I don't have to worry about going to the pharmacy.
  5. A Boberry biscuit for Friday lunch dessert, after I didn't eat it on Thursday.
  6. Walks with the beasts.
  7. Short trains... I mean if I'm going to get caught by them incessantly, I can at least be grateful when they are short.
  8. Anniversary plans.
  9. RUNNING.  I can tell you the number of times I've run since the Bridge Run and it's not an impressive number (today, Hot Pursuit 5k in June, Duisburg City Race in May).  But it was just too hot and it wasn't worth it.  
  10. Almost being finished with the Marvel movies.  Next up is The Ranch, Big Mouth, more Americans, and Vikings whenever that comes back.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. People not paying attention is the largest reason I hate my job. I hate repeating myself & I hate stupid questions. It is at the point that even though I teach 14-15 year olds, I have stopped explaining things to certain classes because all the do is jack around & not pay attention. Just today instead of going over the vocab they were going to need, or even really the directions for their assignment, I went off on them & told them best of luck.

  2. ...laser hair removal....tell me more. does it hurt? how many treatments does it take and does the hair never come back?

  3. -Whoo to applying for grad!
    -I mean, probably for the lint thing. I have some sensory stuff for sure, lots of people do...we (as in, society) just didn't call it that until recently *shrug*
    -Fake Fall = better than summer
    -Hmmmm Pack & Go?


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