Monday, September 2, 2019

Weekend Review {09/02}


Since I posted late on Friday, you're caught up for the most part.  School, then home to supervise the Moose to make sure he wasn't being a dick and messing with his injury.  I caught this gem after dispensing bully sticks:

Friday evening, we went to the Crab Shack with the Neighbor Besties.  I had been in the mood for some crab legs and I ate waaayyy more than I should have, but I cracked those legs like a motherfuckin' professional.  After dinner, we headed home and I did some work and homework things while Teh German built the generator shed in the dining room (much to my annoyance). 

Then, we took care of bedtime chores and it was sleepy time since I had a long day on Saturday.


Teh German got up with the beasts on Saturday and I tried to sleep in, but was unsuccessful.  Oh well.  I did some scrolling then got up and got ready to head to Charlotte for my tattoo appointment.  Before I left, I helped Teh German move the shed outside and then got on the road.

I made it to the shop around 12:45, late, since I got tangled in traffic in Columbia.  Noel hadn't drawn up my tattoo yet, so while he did that, I went and grabbed lunch at a bbq place nearby.

I had ZERO ragrats.

When I got back, Noel was finishing up the drawing and we sized it and placed it and started on the way.

In the beginning.

In the end.

There was one point doing the shading at the end that I finally had to say uncle.  I'm actually confident I almost passed out, but Noel stopped in time... barely.  Before getting back on the road, I stopped at Cookout for a milkshake and hush puppies.  I stopped again in Rock Hill for gas and there was a Cookout next door, so I walked over and ordered a hot dog, cheese curds, and a soda and used the bathroom, then got back on the road.

At some unfortunate part of the drive, Teh German called me ranting about the fact that Pax has shit in his crate while he was out.  Apparently, it was pretty bad since it had splattered on the couch and the carpet/floor and all over the crate.  The call was full of German rage-grunting noises and silences after the initial raging... and drunkenness.  Eventually, he ended up hanging up.  A little while later, Teh German called me back asking how to start the washing machine to wash the poop comforter. 

By the time I made it home at 11, everything was cleaned up and everyone was asleep.  #ThankGod


Sunday morning, I got up with the dogs so I could go ahead and get a start on my homework/work things.  Teh German didn't come downstairs until almost 12.  I finished up my homework before 2 and we proceeded to watch Marvel movies through the afternoon.

I finally made pumpkin alfredo with chicken for dinner.  It was pretty good.

After dinner, we watched another movie and then an episode of The Americans.  I went upstairs to get ready for bed and received an email from school that classes were cancelled until further notice.  Ugh.  After reading for a while, it was finally sleepy time.


I spent most of Monday hiding ads on Facebook.  I shouldn't be surprised that they'd refresh the ad algorithm on a holiday when people are more likely to be on their phones.  Siiiiigh.. I fucking hate ads.

But we also got up around 7:45, thanks Meri, and handled the dogs.  I scooped poop since Teh German had made it pretty clear he wasn't going to do it the night prior.  When I came back in, I had breakfast and we got ready.  We agreed on a game plan to run errands.  This were idealistic goals, but so much good intentions.

The first stop was by the office so I could pick up my work laptop, then a stop by FedEx to discover they were closed and I couldn't drop off the box.  Then to Sam's to wait in line and get gas.  While we were waiting at Sam's, I called Merrill to see if the store was open; when there was no answer, I assumed no. 

We headed back towards home, stopping by the car wash to get all the bug guts off my windshield, made a stop by the liquor store for Tito's (since I was out), and then went by Lidl for groceries.  I was surprised when an employee explained that the they had been instructed to clear the refrigerated shelves and also slightly annoyed because it meant that we had to go to another store.  Uuuughhh. 

After Lidl, we headed to Walmart, which was actually less painful than Lidl.  We picked up the last of the items we needed and then made a stop by a pet store to check for boots for Pax.  They didn't have them and I ended up making the decision to just forgo the boots to go back home.  I was hot and sweaty (because I wore pants since we were going to Lidl which is always approximately 12°) and I think I also have some PMS going on and Teh German suggested that maybe I was hungry, so going home was an optimal solution to the failure of the day.

When we got home, we heated up leftovers for lunch, I did some computer things, discovered that all the photos that I took on our honeymoon were missing from my external hard drive, and then we resumed our Marvel adventure.


This week is the hurrication I've come to expect once a year around this time.  I am slightly annoyed that school was cancelled since I was looking forward to getting into the routine.  I've already received a few emails about class stuff that needs to get completed for when we return, so that's fun. 

We haven't actually started hurrication partying, but I'm sure it's inevitable.  I'll be spending this week supervising Pax, sleeping in, teleworking, doing school things, reformatting my laptop, doing puzzles, partying with the neighbors, and hoping that everything is good through this hurricane.

If you or yours are in the path, stay safe.

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