Friday, September 6, 2019

Five on Friday #210

EINS - Random Shit

Pax's foot.

I had it wrapped in a sock with some vet wrap to hold up the sock and when I checked the foot on Tuesday I noticed it was SUPPPPPPER swollen.  I wasn't sure if the wrap was too tight or it was just general swelling, but I took off the sock and we've been monitoring Pax closely to make sure he doesn't lick it since it's uncovered.

Thankfully, some of the swelling dissipated after I removed the wrap.. mostly in that his entire leg swelled instead of just his foot, butttt I guess that's better than just the foot?  IDK.  I'm not a medical expert people. 

He's been leaving it alone and his Trazadone is really keeping him calm.  He's only chased Meri 2/3 times in the week since he's been hurt, which is less than half of the amount of times he usually chases Meri in a day... so I'm considering this a win.

One more week of LLD (light/limited duty) for Pax and then his activity restriction will be lifted.


Sooo we got a hurricane... and a hurrication.  YAY!  I asked for it, so it would be hypocritical to not be excited/grateful for the thing I asked for.  Thankfully, we sustained no damage and we never lost power.  YAY for not losing power, boo for not being able to test the generator.

This fucking garbage again.
Thanks Subaru.
I complain only because when you clear the notification it comes back a few minutes later and repeat.

Hurricane prep.
We put all the screens and cushions in the back of Teh German's truck since they were dirty and then we stacked the outside furniture and Teh German strapped it all together.  Teh German also strapped down the pergola since it's not attached to anything.

Yeah, I felt that with my head.

Hurrication was spent working and doing school work that was assigned.  I mean.. I might have also taken a nap on Thursday after finishing up all the documentation stuff for work that I had.  #NotSorry

Nap fort, to block out the light (from the tank and outside).


Teh PT Husband introduced us to Big Mouth on Netflix and llllaawwwddd, I find the Hormone Monsters fucking hilarious.  It's literally like they are in my head sometimes saying the things that I think.  It's super crude, so don't have children around when you watch it.


Meri's week:

I had the crate set up for Pax, who hated being in the crate...
But Meri kept going and laying inside of it, making it difficult for me to take the crate down.
I did ultimately take it down and put it back in the storage closet when we were hurricane prepping.

Be still my heart.
I love when she full-on lays on me.


I got a massage on Wednesday at a new place and she massaged my arm pits and I was like, this is weird.. this is good?  oucccchhhhh....

Fun fact, I do not like my side boob being handled.  I was sore to the touch for 2 days afterward.  I also had sore hips and IT bands from her digging around up in there... and I'm all about massage for functionality, but this was a little intense.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-BBQ lunch
-Eraseable pens, yes more.. these are clickers so I don't have to worry about losing lids.
-Vet wrap
-Face wash clothes
-Face wash electric massager
-Tip for Wednesday's massage.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Teh German made cheese filled schnitzel.
I wanted to hump his leg it was so good.

I made bison burgers in the air fryer.
There were no regrets.

A few of the sea children: The sand sifter (on the bottom left with the yellow nose), Fat Stripe, and the anemone.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

When it was hard to find joy in the everyday,
she carried on with courage, anyway,
taking deep, careful breaths,
she carried on another step,
and in time,
she looked back with joy for how far she had come.

You will still reach where you were meant to be even if the journey looks different from what you were expecting. MHN

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Hurrication.
  2. No traffic.
  3. Snuggles with the beasts whenever I wanted.
  4. Pax not ripping out his stitches or generally hurting himself.
  5. Not losing power/internet.  The well-being of this household relies on technology.
  6. Remembering that I backed up one of my laptops up on an SD card and realizing that's where all my honeymoon photos (+other photos) were and that they were not, in fact, lost to the technological void of nothingness.
  7. Sorting through photos on my external hard drive and organizing them how they should be.  Organizing makes my brain happy.
  8. Teleworking.  No traffic, sleeping in, snuggles with the beasts throughout the day.  I'm spoiled after this week and next week is going to be rooooouuuggghhhhhh.
  9. Turning off Roomy when he would start his cycle during the day.  That thing is SOOO loud.
  10. Starting a puzzle and finishing 2 books this week (audio and ebook).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. -Random, but where did you get your pergola? I am considering something similar for us...
    -I also kind of enjoyed the hurrication (which, btw, another friend LOVED and going to start using so thank you). Just got lots done and also took some much needed rest time.
    -I leave food at restaurants ALL THE TIME. Bless my husband for grabbing it for me.

  2. I wish I was currently getting a hurrication… Instead I'm sitting here super bitter at work because it is pouring, there is flooding in nearby neighborhoods, & so many school districts around us are closed & yet here we are... I'm protesting by giving my kids a silent work day so I don't have to do shit.


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