Monday, September 9, 2019

Weekend Review {09/09}


Friday, everything was back to normal.  Teh German went to work (praise Allah, because I was ready to kill him and his bad attitude) but I still stayed home and teleworked/did school things since the office wasn't officially reopened until Monday.

I had intentions to go to the gym, I even got up and got dressed for a workout, but the gym didn't open until 10 and that was too many hours into my day for it to happen.  Additionally, the pressure shift meant that I was dealing with a headache and I didn't want to make the headache worse by torturing myself with 30-45 minutes on the elliptical.  This is why I pay $60 a year for a gym membership, so I don't have to feel this guilt.

I accomplished all my work things and a portion of my homework things.  I chatted with Teh Running Bestie as she was driving home and puzzled, which meant that the gym definitely did not happen, despite me telling myself that I'd go later in the afternoon when my headache eased off a bit.  Talking to Teh Running Bestie > working out.  #YOLO

When Teh German came home, I was showered and ready for activities.  I hadn't left the house since Wednesday and it was decided we'd go out to dinner.  We ended up at Commonhouse with Teh PT Husband+Wife until the no see 'ums were unbearable and we headed home.  We made a dessert stop at Dairy Queen, because I can't NOT have dessert (#FattyMcGee over here).  I am happy to report that the pumpkin pie blizzard is delicious.  Tastes like Thanksgiving and joy.

When we got home, we did pre-bedtime chores and then it was bedtime.


Saturday, I got up at 0600 because I'm old AF and don't sleep anymore.  I figured since I couldn't get back to sleep I'd get up and be productive.  I fed the beasts and started on homework things.

Teh German finally got up and I took a break from homework things.  I ate breakfast and finished my puzzle while listening to a new audiobook, which I'm loving.

After I finished my puzzle, I headed outside to assist Teh German with things.  He wanted to mow the grass and pressure wash the patio slab and the patio furniture.  So I managed the washing of the furniture and rug and then I (finally) weeded the flower bed.  Teh German mowed and pressure washed the slab after I was done with the furniture. 

We had agreed to go with Teh PT Husband+Wife to Pawleys Island Brewery for some beer releases, so we were ready to go by 1:30.  Honestly, it was waaayyy too hot for me to enjoy being outside.  The actual temp was 94°F and I didn't bother to look at the "feels like" temp, but I had continuous sweat rolling down my back and I was generally unpleasant about it, despite my attempts to be ok with everything.

After a few beers at Pawleys, we agreed that it was too fucking hot and a decision was made to go to Snafu because "they have air conditioning".  Turns out, they do not, in fact, have air conditioning, but it was cooler at Snafu and I made due.  The ladies played What Do You Meme, which was rather hilarious, while the guys watched college football.

At 6, I offered to Uber home since the beasts needed to be fed.  We finally ended up leaving around 6:40.  Teh German was schlammered well before the time that we got home and I managed to talk him into taking a shower and going to bed.  Since I was completely sober, as I don't drink beer, I headed over to Teh PT House for more socializing.  Around 9:30 I headed home and, thankfully, found a sleeping Teh German in our bed.


Sunday I was able to sleep in some, yay.  I woke up around 8:30ish and snuggled with Meri.  I woke up Teh German since we had a skype date planned with Papa G.  We got up and had a breakfast snack and coffee and chatted with Papa G and Stepmom B.  After, we agreed on a plan: Mex 1 for brunch, Sam's for things, then home.

Gratuitous cute dog photos:

Of course, Willow is still doing this shit.. ugh.

Mex 1 was closed because they didn't have power (per the sign), so we ended up at Ms Rose's Diner instead, which was delicious, even if we were freezing inside.  Sitting outside was not an option since it was already too fucking hot to be outside at 1030.

After brunch we headed to Sam's and then I tried to get my car washed but the line was spilling into the street from the entrance area and I wasn't waiting for that shit, so we went home.  #YOLO

On the way home, I told Teh German that it was too hot to do the pergola set up stuff, but I would be willing to do it later in the afternoon after it maybe cooled down some or the yard was shady.  He agreed.  When we got home, I picked back up on homework things and Teh German did tank things.

Around 6 we made dinner.  After dinner we put all the patio furniture back together (I washed all the cushion covers so they had to be restuffed) and in place and replaced the screens.  The dogs were being oooobbbbnoxioussssss, so I broke vet's orders and took them on a short loop.  I figure that Pax being on a leash, under my control, is better than him chasing Meri intermittently throughout the day... sooo that's what we did.  Of course, the times that I'm trying to keep them calm is when a flock of ducks appears when we're within sight of home.  Uggghh.  Meri was screaming to be released to chase the ducks, and I'm certain that if anyone looked out their window they would have expected to see me beating her within an inch of her life.  No, I was turned in the opposite direction, trying to gently pull my 2 fowl-crazed beasts towards our house.  Siiiiiiiigh.

When we got home, super sweaty, of course, since it was 85°F at 7:30pm after sunset, Pax laid down and didn't get back up until it was time bedtime business.  I consider this a success.  I might just have to walk them again.

I finally headed upstairs around 9, showered, and read for a little bit until Teh German came to bed.. and then the weekend was over.  :(


Last week was so weird since it was Hurrication.  It's going to be nice to get into a routine this week, finally, but at the same time, I'm going to miss intermittent during the day dog snuggles and not having to deal with traffic and not having to deal with people...  Ya know, things.

The weekend was productive and we did some socializing, so I consider it a good weekend.

This week includes:
-HVAC cleaning on Tuesday.  I considered having Teh German come home and deal with it since I gave up HVAC things in 2018 when it was all too much, but I'm a nice person.. and I'll just come home and deal with it.
-Pax's check up/dog nails on Wednesday.  I'm confident that Pax has ripped most of his stitches and since it's not bleeding, I'm not overly concerned.  Whatever.
-We have a wedding to attend this weekend.  I have to figure out what I'm wearing.  #MeganProblems
-Homework, for forever.  Siiiigh.

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  1. Every time I see your puzzles I want to do a puzzle. But then I start a puzzle & then I just get stressed & angry lol


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