Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lazy or Clever?

(pic from http://www.picshag.com/feeding-the-baby.html)
Now what I'm more curious about is HOW the baby is not falling out of the jacket..  Is it in some type of holder?  Is the baby being smushed against her belly and held tight against the jacket?  And how is this okay?

Now..  I don't have kids.  I'm on the 10 Year Plan, the one that started when I turned 18, but kept refreshing till I turned 20, and then the years started tickin down.  I didn't want kids for 10 years.  I still don't want kids for that 10 years.  Its a good deal for all.

Nursing in public is one of those risky deals.  One which I am vehemently against.  I'm told its because I don't have kids.  Well, duh, I don't have kids, and my uterus and brain thank me every day.  My uterus for leaving it vacant, and my brain for sticking with the plan..  And, when I think about it, taking my baby to the bathroom to nurse it is kinda gross, but thats what they have pumps/etc for.  Fill those bottles, and pulling THAT out (without suffocating your child with your grotesque largeness) won't affect anyone, or bring scornful looks upon a blossoming mother.  Hell, people will probably volunteer to feed your kid for you, granted your kid is cute.

Of course, what do I know.... I don't have kids.  /roll eyes.

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