Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring freakin fever...

Its about cleaning and weddings and babies and flowers blooming and pollen (bleh) and life returning in general.

Its delightful, till all you have left is cleaning after your maids and allergies.  

Lets be real for a second, I'm definitely NOT having any babies any time soon.  So that also gets tossed out quickly.  And since I'm in the desert, flowers here aren't like in America (there's flowers here?).  And I'm not at that wedding point yet..  

So I'm fighting it, kinda.  

Let me tell you a story from when I was in college.

Girls that live together are silly.  Especially when they have boyfriends and dreams and empty ring fingers.  So, one day, a couple of my suitemates and I decided to buy wedding porn a wedding magazine.  This was the mother of all wedding magazines (that were available at the NCSU bookstore).  It had to be at least 1.5 inches of page after page of wedding related items.  We giggled our way through the line, someone scraped up the money to purchase it (I know it wasn't me, cause I didn't have 2 dimes to rub together) and we sprinted calmly walked back to our suite.  We went through it, oooh-ing and aahhh-ing at the beautiful dresses and tuxes and flowers and exotic destinations.  Who knew that weddings were about center pieces and napkins and favors?  We folded the corners of the pages of dresses we liked, each taking our own turn with the wedding bible (I have no idea which magazine it was).  After about a week, the magazine had been thoroughly flipped through.  But, the semester was a'tickin so it was tossed to the side and eventually tossed into the garbage (by me, which is what would happen when people left shit in our room).  

That was my initiation into the wedding world.  About a year later, my ex-fiance' proposed.  Meaning, I could stop sideways glancing at the wedding porn and finally allow myself, without feeling guilty, to let these magazines "guide" me on my path to getting married.  Short story, he said I was too excited about it after a month in.  So I put all my wedding porn (which had started to amass) on the top shelf on his side of the closet (so HE had to see it) and said let me know when its okay to be excited again.  Even shorter story, and luckily for all parties involved, he never said to be excited and then we broke up.  WHEW, dodged that bullet (and that ain't sarcasm font).

But, yet again, spring has rolled around and I have wedding fever.  My facebook feed is filled with people getting married and havin' babies..  oh and finishing school, at least I have a check in that box.  

For the time being, I have started looking at wedding porn again, because its a guilty pleasure that I allow myself, even knowing marriage is in the future, at some point, one day, eventually.  

I like to oogle over the pretty dresses and make nasty faces at the dresses that are ugly that some women pick out because they are blind pay way too much for.  I like knowing that I will not have a wedding that is over $30k, much less $15k.  If I am going to pay for a ONE DAY celebration, I better not have also been able to afford several decent cars for the same amount.  I like knowing WAY ahead of time that I want my wedding to be about my marriage not "my day".  It makes picking out napkins much less intimidating.. :)

Stop feeding it!!!

PS. Are we FB friends? Like can I decide another day on FB and we can be! 

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