Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is why people work from home...

Pearls Before Swine

My bed in Bahrain isn't the most comfortable bed ever.  But since I didn't pay for it, who's to complain?  But, that being said, I once slept in "The Cloud".  That was the name I gave the bed.

It was a king size temper-pedic mattress, which was obtained via the trading of a spare tire (who am I to judge when people are idiots and I benefit?).  Then, add to it, the 1000 thread count sheets.  THEN.. the microfiber comforter (which I may or may not have later singed a wee bit in the dryer, crunchy parts be damned that thing was still delightful)...  Some days it was very hard to motivate myself to go to class.

Fast forward to now.  Putting on a uniform to go into work every day is annoying.  It requires getting to work earlier than early (since we can't be in uniform off base, and we must be "early" to work), and all the extra effort of redressing yourself to work.  Being in uniform doesn't really do much for me other than make me uncomfortable.  Maybe it helps some people get in that "frame of mind" to work..  not so much for me.  The quality of my work doesn't change depending on what I'm wearing, odd.  Sometimes it still baffles me how I actually chose this on my own free will, but I did.

I don't have 1000 thread count sheets here in Bahrain, buttttt.. I do have B.o.B.

B.o.B. was named after B.O.B. from Monsters vs. Aliens.  Cause they are about the same color.  Actually, this was the night that B.o.B. acquired its name.  It was movie night in my room, and Teh Bear and the Ginger came over to watch Monsters vs. Aliens (we tried watching it with the dinky 3D glasses, but it was a fail).  Since I kept my tin shed at subzero temps, Teh Bear was a little chilly and stole the blanket, kind of actually looking like B.o.B from the movie, but instead we called him Bob the Blob since B.O.B. at least had an eye.

Where did I acquire B.o.B.?  He came from Target, that miraculous, ever so delightful place.  I worked there for a while when I was in college, and sometimes they would have amazing end caps of clearance items.  Usually nothing that was on clearance was anything I actually needed, buttttttt... everyone can use an extra blankie...  Right?  Right.  You can't beat a SUPER soft blanket for only $3.99.

So now, I have B.o.B. and if I could go to work wrapped in B.o.B. every day, I'd probably strongly consider it.  Until I looked at the temps outside which are getting into the 90s more recently.  Although, I wonder if I could make this work for Ramadan?

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