Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seasons.. make me sad.

Twin Poplars, Caldwell County, NC - Susan Pritchard's photo

Sometimes you're in the middle of having a normal day and in the normal day ways, doin yer thing..  Then you stumble across something that makes your normal day back into yesterday, and everyone get mixed up.  The photo of the Twin Poplars did that to me today.  It reminded me just how much I miss green in my life.  It was really like a sucker punch to the gut.
Lets review what my life has consisted of for the past year and a half.

What it looks like at Guantanamo Bay... year round. - my photo

What it looks like in GTMO.. ALL YEAR LONG.  Notice the lack of trees?  Yeah, thats no jk.  There are some palm type trees, but nothing about a palm tree is like the leavy green goodness in the above photo.  And you're like, but I see grass!  No, you see brush.  See that dingy green/brown color?  All.  Year.  Long.  It doesn't rain too much in GTMO, so everything hangs in a delicate balance of almost dead vs drowning (when it does rain) a few weeks out of the year.

Bahrain, World Trade Center and Traffic - my photo

Moving on, this is Bahrain.  A country that creates new islands to build on, also no jk.  Its full of half built high rises and traffic and concrete..  Until you leave the city..  Then.....

Teh Sister at the Tree of Life in Bahrain - my photo

It looks like this.  WTF is that desert?  Why, yes, yes it is.  You notice that Teh Sister is standing under a tree?  Well, its The Tree of Life and they say its pretty much dead too, not really sure how its still standing dead.  Notice that nothingness... yeah, the only way to compare it to the leafy green goodness is in the fact that the sand practically takes over the photo like the leaves did in the tree photo..  Not cool.

Fall is fallen.  - my photo
Reasons that I miss seasons:

Fall.  SOOOO many colors.  Piles of leaves, trees changing colors (which is awesome if you're not driving behind someone from Florida watching the leaves change colors), the smell of fall is of cool, crispness.  The shock when you touch your car door handle, being able to see your breath when the evenings get cool, halloween, warm clothes, snuggling, the Renn Faire, hot chocolate...  Fall is most definitely my favorite season.. God, I MISS FALL!

Snow on the backporch!  - Susan Pritchard's photo
Winter.  SNOW.  I LOVE SNOW.  Let me repeat.  I.  Love.  SNOW.  As in, I wanted snow watch in bootcamp.....  Oh you read that right, WANTED (as in had a desire for) snow watch, which was getting up in the middle of the night to shovel snow that had accumulated more than 2" or so.  Did I ever get snow watch?  Hell no.  But I did bust my ass a few good times trying to march on the ice.  Susan posted this pic when NC got so much snow and it was also a sucker punch..  I've not been home for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Cmas, and New Years) in 3 years now.  In the Navy that's not really a super long time, because some people just don't go home for holidays..  Buttttt, for this girl, its a really long time, because I always used to be home for the holidays.  GTMO was the first year I was overseas for the holidays, and it wasn't too bad, but it started the process of missing home.  This year killed me.  I just wanted to be home cause there were receiving crazy amounts of snow (which is a new thing since I left NC) and I really missed my people.  Next year isn't looking so good either since I'll be back in the states, trying to acrue leave again..

Flowers at NCSU, spring 06.  - my photo

Spring.  I'm not a super huge fan of spring.  Rah, life to things, and summer coming.  Rah..  Meh.  For me it means allergies and benedryl naps.  The only positive about spring for me: FLOWERS.  I <3 taking pics of flowers.  So much so, I bought a specific lens to take macro shots of flowers.  Amazing.  I miss flowers.  There wasn't really many different types in GTMO and definitely a minimal selection in Bahrain...  Apparently its hard to grow things in sand?  Huh.

Teh ZepZep waiting to go to Price's Park.  - my photo

Summer..  Its hot, not really a huge fan of summer.  Having experienced 2 summers in the desert now, I'm actually excited to come back to a place where summers aren't completely unbearable.  Also I wanted to take this moment to shamelessly plug the most wonderful, awesome asshole dog.. Teh ZepZep.  And this pic was taken in late August, so it was still summer, so it kinda applied to this post, thats what counts.  :)

Hell its my blog, I do what I wawnt.  And that is bitch about missing GREEN in my life.

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