Thursday, April 28, 2011

math is tricky...

I'm a huge fan of words and English and writing and all things not scientific, except for grammar, which is a special scientific process that some (including myself) will never master.  That said, I do like to consider myself a fairly intelligent individual and I hold myself accountable for being capable of solving simple algebra problems with no letters in them.

Which leads me to.....

I can solve this problem 2 ways.  And each way gives me different answers.

Order of Operations states that I do the () first. 


orrrrrr is it:


This problem is dumb.  And causing me strife.  And further proving my stance on the fact that math is dumb.  My opinion is that 1 is the answer, probably because I like to work backwards. 

Anyone who was in my Calculus class in high school might remember that I struggled for the entire year doing derivatives.  Then, towards the end of the year, we started doing anti-derivitaves and it was easy-peasy for only me and the math geniuses.  It was strange being good at math, especially when most people couldn't figure out wtf was going on.  Working backwards is my thing.  Even when the math teacher tried to explain that anti-derivatives were derivatives backwards, I still couldn't do fowards as well as backwards.  Its the plight of my life, and probably why I struggle writing introductions to formal papers so badly.

I feel like I should get this, but instead I keep thinking, anyone want some Pi?  heeh (image via

I'd rather be wrong than be right the wrong way... Or so I keep telling people so I can maintain my 1 answer.

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