Thursday, December 29, 2011

decorating is difficult!

Soooo.....  Christmas is over.  I asked for dining room stools for my table (what with the not having any place to sit at my table, standing room only folks!), but didn't receive them.  Which means it is time for me to take this matter into my own hands (literally once whatever I order arrives).

I'm soooo tired of having to make decisions when it comes to decorating/furnishing my abode.  I know that this is the stuff I'm going to be looking at for years to come, so these are some pretty hefty decisions for me to make.

Currently the debate is about stools for the dining room table.  When I bought the table, I didn't buy stools because all the ones at the furniture place were $100+ and that wasn't something I was too interested in paying for a SINGLE stool.  I figured I could get something cheaper not at a furniture store.  My budget was a wishful under $75.  I found some 30" stools for $75 for a set of 2, but not only were they too tall, there were also in brown.  I was pretty disappointed.  Why can't I find an awesome deal like that on exactly what I'm looking for?

But I have found 2 solid contenders.  Check them out:

Top = Carey
Bottom = Jordan

If I purchased the Carey, I'd save $20 when I purchase 4, since they are $5 cheaper.  In the end though, I'd prefer to like my chairs for a really long time than save $20, so the price difference between these two doesn't really make or break the decision for me.

My opinions:
Jordan - the look is sleek and modern, which I'm prone to chose.  These would be easy to keep clean since there are no tricky designs to have to dust off.  I considered a fabric bottom for the chairs, but then reconsidered.  If I decide I want to have seat cushions, they sell those separately, so I'm at no loss and no fabric = cheaper.
Carey - there is something about the X-back that I like.  It doesn't feel as sleek and modern as the Jordan, but I still like it in a way I can't really explain (maybe its the pricetag?).

Jordan - people said this chair was semi-difficult to put together, but very sturdy after constructed.
Carey - there were only 2 reviews on it, but they were both favorable.

So, I need your opinions, Gentle Readers.  Which stool do YOU like more?

PS.  I promise to catch you up on the 2 weeks I was MIA for your opinions!!! :)


  1. The X back one looks more comfortable for leaning back on but that is b/c the plain back looks like it stops too low on the back.

  2. Definitely went with the X-back! Thanks!


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