Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So much new 2!

And for the bathroom we have:

Cutest toothbrush holder.. EVARRRRRR.  No jk.  I love how he's just smilin.  I told Teh Bear he wasn't a scary monster because his teeth are so white from being brushed.  

Clean on one side, dirty on the other.. LOVE IT!

The shower curtain is a great reminder to do the things I already do, of course.  You also have the 2nd towel option.

The blurriness is what it looks like when you walk in first thing in the morning before your eyes work properly..  not due to crappy/lazy camera skills.

And finally, the trashcan..  This shower rug doesn't really match (although it did match the snowflake curtain before).  It's the softest rug EVAR and I refuse to take it out of the bathroom.  I make sure that it also sits in front of the toilets so I can rub my toesies on it when I am taking care of business (no you didn't need to know that, but you're welcome anyways).

Because Kohl's website was difficult for me for every purchase that I made from Thanksgiving to December 4th, I had to call and place the order over the phone.  When the lady I was talking to added the bathroom set she said, "Your kids are going to love this."  I said, "I don't have kids, but I do definitely love this.  It's for me."  She laughed.  Yeah, lady.  Adults can have fun bathroom sets too!

I figured this was a good balance for me since I'm trying to make the rest of the apartment "adult."

No matter what, every time I see the toothbrush holder, I smile because it makes me happy.

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