Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free time.. what?

It is strange to me how easily humans fall into habits.  Seriously.  It is only strange to be because I'm now trying to fall OUT of a habit.  Which seems like it would just be easy, except.. it is the creation of a whole new mindset, which is the strange part to me.

What am I talking about?

Not being in Bahrain.
Not being on a watchfloor job where everyone is running around with their hair on fire and their problem is the most important problem.
Not working 12 hour days.
Not feeling like I need to go to bed within an hour and a half of getting home.

The things that I bitched and complained about the most while I was in Bahrain, I can't seem to shake.

If only I had known.
When I get to work at 0730 and leave work at 1630, I get home and my brain is like, ok, now what?  In Bahrain it was:
1-  Have I had dinner?  No?  Eat while Skype-ing with Teh Bear till he goes to work/it is bedtime.  Yes?  Skype with Teh Bear till he goes to work/it is bedtime.
2-  Do I have something that needs to be done but will take longer than 1.5 hours and/or can it wait till a day off?  Yes?  Do it on a day off.  No?  Do it on a day off.
3-  Do I have something that I have to get done in America?  No?  Skype with Teh Bear till he goes to work/it is bedtime.  Yes?  Skype with Teh Bear till he goes to work/it is bedtime while taking care of business in America.

Now, I can get off work, come home and I can do a load of laundry, I have time to make dinner, then not immediately go to bed (which has also been part of the eating healthier kick).  It's just a very strange adjustment for me, even a month after leaving Bahrain.  Still, I've not fully wrapped my mind around the fact that this is it, and it is ok.

Life is so good I still think to myself, I am really so grateful because this was not my life for the past year.  And I don't even bother to think, this made the last year worth it.  Because, well, life in Bahrain without your peeps.. by the time my 3 years in MD are up, maybe then will I think that Bahrain was worth it.

Now if I could just train myself that laundry doesn't have to wait till a day off.  :)

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