Saturday, December 10, 2011

So much new!

I know I did that super cruel thing where I was like, OHHH YAY NEW FURNITURE!! on FB and then didn't even post a picture... WTF Teh Megan, WTF?!?!

Well, I did actually take photos, it was just with my point and shoot and I didn't have the time to upload them and post a blog.  So I am doing it now.  Teh Dad was especially disappointed with my lack of photos, which he made sure to tell me first thing when we started talking.  :)

Without further ado!

What I started with:
Minus the box and suitcases, but add a router/modem cord mess at the middle suitcase, a classy wooden TV tray on the left middle wall, a $20 round chair from Wal-Mart and a TV tray beside the chair where the box is, and a very classy microwave box as a foot rest.  It really did look like a homeless person had moved into an empty apartment.  Sadly, I didn't get photos of this.

To this:

I wasn't really a fan of the beige.  But, this couch was so comfortable.  Teh Bear and I both liked this one the most, so I settled on the color.  I didn't realize it was going to come with pillows.  Not sure how long those ugly suckers will be around.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug.  Colors/theme for the living/dining room: beige/brown/light blue/light green/particular types of trees.

New table.  It's got a butterfly leaf so it can be expanded.  It's counter height, and I wasn't paying $100 per stool at the furniture place, so no stools yet...  I'm holding out to see if anyone actually paid attention to my Christmas wish list..  Don't mind the mess, moving in, in progress..  Really should hang that painting.  

The rug in the daylight from the couch.  I did purchase a bookcase at Target which is currently being used to flatten the ends of the rug.  Construction and placement soon enough.  Please also note the plant in the window.  I'm on a mission to keep things alive.  I also want to find some hanging plant baskets to put outside on the deck.  Donations welcome.

My super classy plastic/felt tablecloth that I had to go on a mission to find because Target only carries them in the summer.  Also, you have christmas ornament decorations (to be done, in the bag) and wall hangings (almost finished).  Also from the couch cause I'm lazy.
So there you have it, Gentle Readers.  I'm expecting the bedroom set to trickle in from January to February.  I don't recall which pieces come when.  For now I need to start stalking Craig's List for some end tables/shelving.  I don't feel like I have "homes" for my things yet.  Again, donations are always welcome.

The bathroom set hasn't been completely set up yet (due to some (most awesomest) missing parts that very recently arrived and my own laziness of not having done laundry all week), but when that happens, there will also be photos of Ze Monstars Set!!!  :)

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