Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday #1

So I was waiting on Finish the Sentence... but that didn't look like it was going down this week (utterly disappointing).. but I found another Friday linkup which I've seen enough people do to finally just tag along.  It's what I do now.

So 5 on Friday.. we're gonna talk about 5 things.  I think I can do that.

This week has been a roller coaster.  Truly.  I've been out of my gourd busy.  When I get home, I feed Phil and leave again to go to vacation bible school.  On Wednesday, Teh Monopoly and I and drove to Norfolk (4 hours) for a 2 hour meeting, then drove back to S.MD (4 more hours PLUS bridge/tunnel traffic.  /wrist).  We did also manage to squeeze in some peeps time.  We had lunch with some of her people and Miss Reflective and her mom joined us at Cookout for an evening milkshake date.  As much as I seem to be complaining about this.  I'm not.  I actually love being busy, it keeps me sane.  Driving 8 hours in one day, not so much when I have to be at work at 8 the next morning...  but whatevs.  Organizing a detailed schedule floats my boat.

Teh Sister arrived yesterday evening.  I'm not sure how long she is staying this time, but I'm excited to she's here!  Adventures are already in the plans.  Final River Series Concert of the summer is tonight, tomorrow is a meet and greet (yay puppies!), and we're also considering doing the harbor cruise that I purchased back in March for Teh Bear and I to go see the cherry blossoms that were like, "I'm coming!  Nevermind.  I'm coming!  Nevermind."  It's a LivingSocial deal that expires in August, so yeah.. I should get on that.  Really though, Teh Bear and I just need to get better about actually going to DC instead of just talking about it.

After last week when it was a mabillion degrees outside with 99.9% humidity, this week's threatening rain clouds and breeze and slightly cooler temps at 99.9% humidity have been very much appreciated.  I've actually felt guilty about not running Thursday morning and this morning because the temps have been so cool (driving 8 hours in one day really wiped me out ya'll).  It almost felt like fall was coming Thursday morning.  A girl can dream.

I've opened Blogger so many times this week to write posts and nothing comes out.  It's incredibly frustrating for me.  It's also quite amusing to me that I can often schedule posts (ya know, so I don't actually forget to post them after they've been written) a week or so in advance (except for the Wednesday post which I could probably make last a year or so) and then I'll finally run out of posts and have a quiet week or so and then I get right back in the swing of things.  I think part of it is a lack of words, but not for lack of things to talk about, but an inability to put so many thoughts into words that aren't hateful (it's been that kind of week) and are logical.  This too shall pass.

You know someone is calling you with important news if you just got off Skype with them and they call you before you can even get halfway back to work.  That happened on Thursday.  I'm not allowed to go public with it (YET), but it's absolutely killing me to not be able to tell the world.  KILLING ME.

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