Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's real.

I filled out some forms (applications).
I paid some money ($50, which was a waste).
I posted a blog.
I messaged a former NCSU advisor on Facebook.
I decided that schools with redundant names were unacceptable (lookin' at you, University of Maryland University College).
I filled out a Veteran Affairs (VA) form online.
I spoke with someone from the Navy College Office (NCO) about Tuition Assistance (TA).
I emailed a lady at the NCO about TA.
I went to see the lady at the NCO about TA.
I called a VA rep.
I scheduled a meeting with a VA rep.
I looked at the available classes for the August session.
I went to to compare the 2 instructors (one was good, one was very, very bad).
I had a panic attack because the bad teacher was teaching the class I needed.
I reconsidered redundant name school.
I sent an email to my AMU admissions advisor.
I filled out more forms.
I almost paid more money (but I needed more information before I could).
I received an email from an AMU admissions rep who said that the class with the good professor filled the same requirement as the class with the bad teacher.
I gave a large sigh of relief.
I waited over an hour and a half past my appointment time to meet with the VA rep.
I felt confident I'd be properly initiated into the VA process.
I made the VA rep do his paperwork twice.
I got what I wanted from the VA office (to not waste my GI Bill).
I got an email which notified me my command approved my TA application.
I paid NC State $12.25 (not $10) to electronically send my BA transcripts to AMU to prove I have my Bachelor's.
I sent an email to AMU to prove I was in the military (since apparently applying for TA doesn't provide sufficient proof).
I went to my AMU site and clicked on almost all the links on my home page (which I learned very little by doing).
I signed up for the class with the good teacher.
I paid the remaining dollas that TA wouldn't cover.
I (annoyingly) wished it was August already so I could just start my class already.

So officially...  I'm a master's student.
Woah, ya'll, woah.
That's a HUGE deal.
I'm not gonna lie, I like telling people... but I like it better when other's share the good news for me... it feels like their bragging on me.  :)

The final (eventual) diagnosis is:
Master's Degree in Intelligence Management...

I got this.

It won't let me enter the classroom since it's not even available yet.  BOO!

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  1. I'm so happy for you! Also mega jealous, but we'll just ignore that one :) Congrats & good luck!


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