Monday, July 29, 2013

Sister, Sister.

VBS art.
Last Thursday, Teh Sister arrived for another visit.  I always enjoy having visitors, so I was glad when she arrived...  Even though within minutes of her arrival I almost had a mental break down because I had lost my cell phone.  Lost to the point of, going back to church that night to look in the grass (where I was during VBS) to see if it was there and trying to get in the church while Teh Sister called it, hoping to hear it.  Nothing.  Defeated, we came back home and I called Verizon to ask for suggestions.  I wanted to see if anyone would return the phone, so I didn't want to suspend the account until late Friday.  I also complained about how shitty my phone is in general and they foreshadowed a complete factory reset in it's future (if it could be found).  Since it was late, Teh Sister and I decided to call it a night and we headed upstairs to bed.
Teh Sister goes in the guest room and says, "I have something for you."  Which usually means she has clothes or other general presents she wants to give me.  When I turned around, she was handing me my phone!  She had found it laying in the guest room on the bed side table.  Exactly where I laid it down when I came home and was prepping the guest room for visitors.  Teh Megan fail.

Due to sequester's lack of people on base, Friday's at VX-1 are now "training days" and what used to commonly be a "short day" (yay!) is now a work-all-day-day (boo!).  This meant being at work for later than I (used to) schedule for, which made less time between evening events.  I had planned on going to VBS for a little bit before the River Series Concert, but I turned out to be the designated taxi, which meant that getting to VBS late would have meant there was no one at the concert to get good seats for the group.  Even if I had went to VBS, picking everyone up would have meant that I would have had to leave pretty much right after I got there, so I just didn't even bother going to VBS.  I was a little disappointed in myself, especially after not being able to go on Wednesday due to a meeting in Norfolk.

Dear Sun, please go down faster.
The dude with the white hair and red shirt in the front left, we'll talk about him.

We always sit in the serious listening section.

Sweet dreams, Sun.

Despite a headache and some wicked PMS rage (no one was exempt), we all made it to the concert.  Teh FL Greyhound Husband and Mr. Kilt joined us as well.  Spaghetti was served thanks to Teh FL Greyhound Wife.  While we were waiting on the concert to start, I was chatting with a couple sitting near us.  The man had turned 18 crossing the Suez Canal in 1942.  He was a coach for something at a college in Maryland.  He was even telling me that when NC State first joined the ACC for basketball they were the shiznit (not his exact words).  He talked about a Coach Yow who had left University of MD in lots of debt and came to NC State to coach, at which point I got confused because apparently there were 2.  He didn't mean the women's basketball coach who died of breast cancer, but he knew who that was too.  I wanted him to tell me stories from 1942.  It was humbling to even be chatting with someone like him period.  Someone that you know served and is still kicking to tell about it.  I need more cognizant old people in my life.

Jazz night with singer Sara Gray

I was extremely disappointed that my ice cream cone pooped on me.
I had eaten spaghetti with no mess, but an ice cream cone defeated me.

The concert was Jazz night and it was awesome, despite the headache that didn't go away with any of the medications.  Those trumpet solos made me want some earplugs, but I've always felt that way.  Also, it was almost chilly at the concert, it was heaven!  Since last week we endured the 95°+ sitting in the direct sun for almost an hour, this week's 80's were just flabbergasting.  Seriously, everyone kept making comments about how great it felt.  It was a great end to the series for this summer.  I'm definitely looking forward to next summer!

After the concert, Teh Sister and I headed home, while everyone else went their separate ways.  It didn't take long for bedtime to arrive.

Saturday morning, Phil decided we needed to be up around 0630.  He's a jerk.  He was whining relentlessly, so I finally just sucked it up and got up.  I let him out for business and fed him.  I had decided to head back up to bed when I looked out the patio door and saw the hummingbirds at the feeder, which was empty.  I decided to fill it for them.  As soon as it was filled, they came right back and I decided it to ignore the urge to go back to bed and set up my camera and tripod to take photos instead.  Best idea I've had in a while.  Expect a hummingbirds photo post in the near future.

Teh Sister got up and made pancakes for breakfast so we could enjoy our homemade NY maple syrup we acquired while we were in NY last month.  I finally went back to bed for a nap.  I woke back up at 11 when Teh Bear messaged me.  I chatted with Teh Bear until it was time to go to the meet and greet with the pups.

I picked up Olive and Miley from Teh Greyhound Neighbors and with Teh Sister and 3 greyhounds in the back of Yurtle (max capacity), we headed to Leonardtown to hang out with other greyhounds for a few hours.  We had the most greyhounds I'd ever seen at a meet and greet!  It was awesome!!  Teh Sister and I had lunch from McKay's, a grocery store next to the pet shop.  I'd never been in it before, but their deli had a salad bar, soup bar, and hot items as well.  I was impressed.  I also had my first Dr. Brown's soda (black cherry), which was delicious.  Teh FL Greyhound-ers were amazed I'd never had it before, then we figured out, "It's because you're not Jewish," which we all got a laugh about.

Olive, Miley, and Phil

Miss Megan, where we going?  Cans you goes faster?

Olive, Miley, and Phil when I stopped to get gas.

After returning Miley and Olive home, we came home for some relaxin' time.  Teh Sister kept saying she was bored and she finally decided she wanted to go to Kohl's to return her shoes.  I talked her into waiting until after Phil's dinner time, then I'd go with her.  We stopped by Kohl's where she got a $200 comforter for less than $78 (since she purchased other stuff too) and I acquired some sunglasses photos (of course), then went to base to go to the commissary for limes for beverages (which was closed), and finally stopped by RedBox to rent a movie.  We went to Food Lion since the commissary is closed more than it is open (which is almost true now, due to sequester and it's normal early closing times).  We came home and made pizza for dinner and watched This is 40, which was an awesome movie, imo.

Sunday morning, Teh Sister and I went to church and returned home to finalize some details before heading up to DC.  I still had a LivingSocial deal for the cherry blossom harbor cruise that Teh Bear and I never went on, which was valid until Aug. 2nd, so we decided to finally cash that in.  We also planned to get lunch while we were in Georgetown, so I looked for any other Groupon/LivingSocial deals in the Georgetown area.  I found one for a place called Tackle Box, a seafood place.  We made it to DC and stopped for lunch after finding parking.

The Tackle Box was pretty good, definitely worth what we spent.  After lunch, we walked to the harbor to look for the ticket stand.  Not able to find one, we decided to just try getting on a boat, which worked.  The tour was about 45 minutes, which was perfect.  It was about 85°F outside, which for a July day isn't bad.  Being on the water meant there was a breeze, which made it almost perfect.  I failed at bringing a real camera, so all I was able to get was crappy cell phone pics.  Boo.  There were lots, so I'm saving those for another post.

We had considered going to Georgetown Cupcakes, but since you have to make orders 24 hours in advance or wait in line for "a long time", I opted for Serendipity 3 instead.. WOOT!  I had Serendipity 3 when I went to NYC with Mr. Voices and Mrs. Boomkin back in 2009 before I left for the Navy.  I had a migraine and I couldn't even finish my frozen hot chocolate.  I had all the sads.  We walked to Serendipity 3 from the harbor and there was no wait and even empty tables!  The customer service was good, our server was friendly and quick.  Our order took longer than I really thought it should have, as we only ordered 2 desserts.  The frozen hot chocolate with peanut butter was DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEElightful.  Teh Sister's Forbidden Broadway Sundae wasn't as good as she was anticipating.  She wasn't a big fan of my dessert since she's not a huge peanut butter fan... which is pretty much a prerequisite to live with me.  Phil totally gets it.

Frozen hot chocolate with PB was definitely what the doctor ordered.

Serendipity 3 dessert/beverage menu.

A really big clock.

Desserts.  NOMNOMNOM.

Serendipity 3


After dessert, we finally headed back to S.MD since it was going to be right at Phil's dinner time when we arrived back home.  After feeding the dogs, we sat down to watch Lincoln which I enjoyed very much.  I enjoyed seeing the different perspective than you get in history class, seeing a bit of personality to the person who changed history.  Watching it also made me want to finish reading the Harry Potter series so I can move on to the Jeff Shaara books I started as a suggestion from a FB friend who was reading the Civil War based series around the date the Gettysburg Address was given.  I'm starting from the beginning during the Revolutionary War and will work my way forward in history.  I feel like, given the length of the books, this is a reading project that could definitely take me a few years.  I always find historically based books highly interesting, especially if they are based on the notes and diaries of the historical figures they are based on.

Yay sister time!

still being [molly]

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