Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday #7


Teh Bear finally started his real work schedule today!  This is good and bad, but this means he has more potential of actually getting to do his job.


97.1% for my final grade in my very first graduate course.  Granted, it was online, which seems to make things infinitely easier for me and my instructor seemed to be more of the use-praise-not-criticism type, but whatevs.  It's an A.  Actually, that's the highest final score I've ever made since high school.  Maybe in all my education, but certainly since I started "secondary education".

Let's just say that Teh Bear went out last night for dinner to "celebrate" rather than "Well, I didn't really want leftovers and I didn't want to cook."


Tomorrow we're going back to the MD Renn Faire with Teh Singing Family.  I'm pretty hyped.  Teh Singing Cat Lady actually has shows that she wants to see, which makes me excited because I really want to see some good shows... and get a soup bowl.. but that’s neither here nor there.  Teh Philbo and Teh Roofadoofs are going to go hang out with Teh Greyhound Neighbors for the day (mostly so I don't feel an exuberant amount of guilt for arriving home more than an hour after their dinner time).

QUATRO (btw I realized I misspelled this until the last Friday post I did, when I corrected it.  I'd rather be wrong than right.  Judge me, its fine.)

Sometimes, a little manual labor soothes the soul.  I spent over an hour this morning cleaning the stairwell outside our office.  It was DISGUSTING.  I was even swept the dust off the walls (what I could reach with the broom), wiped off the handrails with the (at the time) clean mop, mopped the soda/coffee stains off the walls from ancient spills, mopped the kick marks off the bottoms of the walls and doors, and then did the necessary sweeping/mopping.  Not only did I break a sweat, my hair even got curly despite being pulled back.  Afterwards, I came in and changed all the shred bags and left the vacuuming for someone else to do, feeling like I'd definitely contributed my fair share for the day.

Having done all that, I feel... satisfied?  Yes, there are more things to do, but I did the manual labor (which I might even have a blister to prove), so I definitely contributed.  I also did these things unasked, which sometimes makes all the difference, in my opinion.  Putting forth that initiative to do something makes people appreciate it that much more.  Too bad I know there will be another spill stain all the way down the stairs within the next 2 weeks.


My Strategic Intelligence (woot first real intel class!) and Human Resources Management (woot first 600 level course!) courses start on the 7th.  I'm anxious/excited.  I didn't really accomplish much "pre-reading" of my materials like I said I was going to, but I did at least bring the books to work so I could try and accomplish some reading in my free time.  Both books were at least opened and the introductions were read, so I consider that counting for something more than if I had left the books at home on the table all week long.  I considered telling myself I could read something this weekend, but since Teh Bear will be off, that is a laughable statement.


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