Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a nice "boring" weekend.

Teh Bear had to work overnight Friday and Saturday night, so it was fend for myself nights.

Friday night I enjoyed a How I Met Your Mother marathon.  After several hours of episodes and not moving from the couch except to let the dogs out, I called it quits and had the magical inspiration needed to complete my research proposal.

Thank you Ruthie for this pile...

This cuteness is what bribed her new forever family to pick her.

I noticed that my window had warning labels and I hated humanity for a little bit.

Saturday morning, I got up and took the dogs on a 2 mile run, knowing that it would help calm Ruthie down and then Phil wouldn't have to go on a walk later.

Obviously, my methods worked.

After the adoptathon, I headed home (all alone) to eat dinner and wait for time to pass until it was time to leave for the Monster Glow Dash 5k.  That time included watching HIMYM in particular, the episode titled, The Final Page (part 2), which made me have some tears leak from my eyes... a lot of them and I felt like things were finally starting to come full circle... FINALLY.

After a nap, it was time to start the process of being Glow ready.  I met the Glow Big or Glow Home team at Summerseat Farm and it was time to get our 5k on.

Glow accessories

Big budget signs.

Oh yeah.

The crowd starting to gather.

We were accidentally, on purpose, in the first wave (of runners).

We stood in the rain waiting for the run to start, and since it was DARK there were no photos after the run actually started.

Race assessment:
I think I'm done with "dark runs" especially if the trail is not paved.
It was DARK, like it was supposed to be.  But since the trail was a large field we just wound around.

Since we were running in a large field, in the dark, the threat of rolled ankles was EXTREMELY high, which was scary for us.  Also, the course wasn't quite 3.1 miles, which seems to be the case with most 5k's that I do.  We were approached by a lady who seemed to be on the planning committee and we strongly encouraged that if this became an annual run, that they definitely needed WAY more ground lighting.  While its cool to run in glow sticks in the middle of nowhere, the fear of hurting myself was extremely stressful and that kind of overrode the fun.

After the run, 2 of the 4 Glow Big or Glow Home team members had to go home, so our team coordinator just agreed that she was going to go home as well, which for me meant no one to go out and celebrate running an ENTIRE 5k in the DARK.  Boo.

My alternative to going home and hanging out by myself was to attend a halloween party hosted by a coworker, which easily won out.  I was already "in costume" as an athlete, complete with sweat and a bad hair do.  Completely authentic!

Mr. Kilt was showing off his sexy-walrus-face.

There was also UK based karaoke, which includes ZERO Journey songs.

By 2230, I was exhausted and I had eaten too many cupcakes and brownies and it was my bedtime.  I got home to a lonely Phil, gave him enough pettins for 2 dogs (since I'm not used to having only one dog again), and promptly passed out in bed.

Sunday morning, Teh Bear woke me up when he arrived home at way-too-early-am.  I tossed and turned until it was time to get up and start the day.  Church was first up, then I came back home and had lunch and waited on Teh Bear to get up.  I actually ended up waking him up and asking him if he was joining me for dog day at the Tiki Bar.  He was hesitant at first, but I didn't pressure him and he came through and ended up joining me.  After we were halfway there I realized that I had left my camera at home (same for the glow run), Megan fail.

First stop was the Pets on Wheels booth for a little under an hour (since we were kinda late so Teh Bear could shower).  Teh Bear and Phil stood guard while I handed out sticky-pads to passersby and another Greyhound lady talked to people walking by.

After we were relieved, we headed over to the Greyt Expectations tent to hang out.  After Phil marked all the possible things to mark in the xpen, I was exhausted and it was time to go.

Janey felt that Phil was a great headrest, Phil wasn't of the same mindset.

We were beside the "wildlife" critters guy.  As the day got warmer, the snakes, like this boa, got pretty active.
Maybe we should ask to borrow this guy to get rid of the mice at VX-1?

Philbo taking a snooze with a bit of sand on his nose.  /swoon.

I'd call this Phil's version of pole dancing.
Philbo begging for food.  It's kinda his thing now.

After arriving home, we rested for a little bit before deciding to go back out and get our Shop Kick kicks since Best Buy was 100 points.  After some scanning drama, we headed home and watched TV.  It was a good afternoon to wrap up a busy weekend.  I even finished the laundry this weekend!  It's crazy what havin solo time helps me get accomplished!

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