Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinner date

The best invitations are ones where the dogs get to join us!  Teh Coast Guardian and Teh Humanitarian invited us over for dinner a few weeks ago (and I failed at sharing the photos because.. life).

They keep a basket of toys for their canine visitors, and Roofadoofs was quick to find the rawhide bone that was in the basket.

Ruthie getting the rawhide nice and gooey.

Phil was more interested in helping in the kitchen to potentially acquire tasty niblets of dinner.
Teh Coast Guardian is one of Phil's biggest suckers.

After he wasn't getting anything, he decided that he needed a turn with the rawhide... and by turn he meant he just wanted to keep it away from Ruthie.

Dinner wasn't the biggest winner, but the company was totally worth it!

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