Monday, October 7, 2013

First Weekend of October!


Friday was Teh Bear's first day working 12 hours at the new job, which meant that he got home later than he "normally" did in his training status.  I took the opportunity to lounge on the couch, guilt myself about not taking the dogs on a run/walk, and watched a 1.5 episodes of HIMYM on Netflix since they just added season 8, woot!  After Teh Bear got home, we threw together dinner and watched Breaking Bad.  I really hate when Teh Bear is right about things.  Watching Netflix streaming through the TV is painful compared to streaming through the PlayStation.  Which really means I should learn how to operate the PS3 so I don't have to use TV for Netflix.  Le sighh.


Saturday we went to the MD Renn Faire with Teh Singing Family.  Despite the headaches that 3 of the 4 of us had, we carried on for as long as we could.  We caught Cu Dubh (Coo-Doo) and BarleyJuice, both of which were really good acts.  If it wouldn't have been so hot and the majority hadn't had headaches, we might have stayed longer, but we gave up around 4.  Teh Singing Family introduced us to ShopKick, an app where you scan stuff and after you get enough points you can get free stuff, like gift certificates to places like restaurants and Target, etc.  Teh Bear had some technical difficulties, but we fixed it later.  We found a ball chair thingy that Teh Singing Cat Lady purchased for her ball at work that she sits on.  It was only $40 which was 1/2 off the original price.  After we laid hands on it, there were 2 other ladies that came around the corner who had heard us talking about it, and they were going to purchase it if we didn't.  

Cu Dubh

Belly Dancer with Cu Dubh

We didn't get this photo our first time.
I was had sads.


Dancin' on the "bar"

Just a dude walking a tight rope.

This guy was on our way out the gate.

After completing our scanning goals in Target and checking out, we headed to Chili's for dinner.  Apparently, Chili's can NOT serve ribs.  Apparently, the smoker was broken, so the boys were disappointed that their menu choice wasn't available.  There were several tables around us that hadn't been cleared off, which was also odd.  After dinner, we headed back to S.MD to be reunited with all the fur babies.  Teh Bear turned on Nightmare Before Christmas, which I mostly ignored since I was really too tired to focus on anything other than how tired I was.  Going to bed was a huge relief.


Sunday morning, we woke up with intentions to go to church, but after realizing that I wasn't needed in the sound booth (while Phil simultaneously acquired an almost full loaf of bread for himself), we instead went to the GEGR fun run at Greyhound Central.  It was a bit warm, but the dogs were so tired for the rest of the day!  After coming home from GHC, we ate lunch, then Teh Bear and I headed back out to town to run our errands and get more ShopKick scans.  Teh Bear got all the scans he missed on Saturday, so it worked out nicely.  We went to Walmart to pick up our grocery items since the Commissary is still closed (but I read it is set to open back up on Tuesday).  

Doggies in the water!

Rufadoofs was over near the tree.

Tired puppy!

Peeing and pooping on all the bushes is exhausting for Philbo BaggyPants

This girl looks sooo content!

They were holding paws!  /swoon

The Nussberger Furbabies, including Wookie, who I told you about meeting the first time I went to scope out Greyhounds in Jan 2012!

My phone had been giving me issues the entire time we were trying to do ShopKick scans, so Teh Bear suggested going to the Verizon store where the rep was unable to help me in anyway other than telling me having my data set to "Global" instead of "LTE/CDMA" wasn't the correct setting, which is ironic since another tech had told me to set it to Global to get better coverage.  Whatevs.  I left pissed off, which is my common mental state towards Verizon since getting back to the US and getting a smartphone.  

Teh Bear talked me into calling customer service and explaining that the in store tech wasn't able to help me, but he said I'm the worst customer because I didn't demand a new phone at that point.  He's right, I'm the worst customer.  I was trying to maintain a good attitude so I didn't flip out on the phone tech like I semi-did on the store rep.  I was fine in the store until the guy insinuated that my problem wasn't consistent, at which point I corrected him, with a preface, "I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but if this has been going on for months, I'd say the problem is consistent."  The phone rep directed me to get a new SIM card, so another trip to Verizon is in store and I can't even wait.... ugh.

For the rest of Sunday evening, Teh Bear and I watched football recaps/games and watched the final episode of Sherlock on Netflix and accomplished the laundry.

Why does it have to be Monday already??

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  1. Oh my gosh - the dogs holding paws is SO cute! Sounds like a busy weekend!

    Thanks for linking up with Kimberlee and me for MMG :)

  2. I'm glad Drew was able to work out the kinks in Shopkick on his phone. I'm sorry that your phone is still giving you such trouble and that Verizon is being dumb. =(

    I don't even remember Sunday. Oh wait... we had a semi-big fight and then went to Solomon's and got ice cream once we talked things out. And Shelley took a shower with me. lol That was fun...

    And my Monday was such a Monday. Luckily it got better in the evening.

  3. Yay HIMYM!! I finished that new season in like 2-3 days...spoiler- at the last possible moment of the last episode...WE FINALLY SEE THE MOTHER!


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