Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday #8


RAIN!  SO MUCH GLORIOUS RAIN!  Many people have been complaining about the rain (since its been raining for most of the week), but it is delightful.  I've been sleepin' like a pro.  Its been so long since we've had such a good rain.  Ok, or maybe I lived for 2 years without a significant amount of rain and now any time precipiation comes from the sky I do happy dances...  whatever.

Speaking of rain, last night at midnight:05 I woke up to the sound of a dog peeing in my floor, which is definitely cause to turn the light on immediately (which never happens).  I sat up and there were no guilty critters, although Ruthie was standing there looking guilty (which may have been because she might have been drinking out of the toilet) but there were definitely a small puddle on the floor... which was coming from the ceiling.  Good game, Rain, good game.  I grabbed the bathroom trashcan and put it under the drip, which I thought would solve the problem.  1- the noise.. ugh.  I fixed that with a washcloth, 2- my ceiling is slanted, so the water started to go the direction of gravity, down... which meant that the trashcan was no longer catching the water.  SIIIIIIGGHHH.  After laying down a towel, I got back in bed and questioned my predicimate.  I texted my landlord so that way he knew ASAP.  By this point the water had started dripping onto the fan (which I had turned off in case this did start to happen), and eventually dripping through the fan.  Since the water had finally found a place to stop, I moved the trashcan and went back to bed after a few more text messages to Teh Bear.

Hopefully, my landlord gets in contact with the roof guy.  Since I've never had to deal with a leaky roof, when I realized what the problem was last night, my first thought was, "Well, they always put down pots/pans in the movies to collect the water.  I don't want to go downstairs, what can I use that is upstairs?  Trashcan!  Score!" 


LONG WEEKEND (which I forgot about until someone reminded me this morning)!  Teh Bear and I are both off, and the government is still shut down, so I have no idea what we are going to do.  I'm sure we'll manage.


Weekend activities include a meet and greet (which could be a bit damp, but fun) and church on Sunday and laundry and cleaning and homework and probably some Breaking Bad, The Office, and whatever else Teh Bear makes me watch turns on. 


Tonight I'm meeting Teh Advising Sister in Waldorf for dinner!  It's been about a year since I've seen her (she let me crash on her couch when I flew from Raleigh to Denver last Nov and she let Yurtle stay for the week we were on vacation), so we're due for a meeting!  Not the rain, the trucker's 495 blockade, the government shut down, or anything else will stop us from having a grand time!


We might not be real life FB friends, but that's ok, I'll share this with you anyway because its awesome.  Don't even deny it.

We found eyebrows and mustaches in the halloween party favors at Target.  WIN!

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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