Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend Review {12/18}


I teleworked on Friday, as I had been instructed to do and it was fabulous.  I went to the doctor after my daily meeting.  She told me that there wasn't anything she could do to help me and that I should just keep fighting it as best I could and if it lasted longer than a week to fill the prescription she wrote me.  I took a bath in the middle of the day to see if the steam would help me feel better.  And I also made sure to take a nap in the afternoon so I could function for whatever shenanigans came up in the evening and it was good that I did.

Our first stop was Teh German's work holiday gathering at Vincent Chicco's downtown and honestly.. I wasn't super impressed with the food.  The atmosphere was great though and we got to hang out with people I hadn't seen in a while.  I spent most of the time ensuring that no one touched me to they couldn't get my germs.  It was funny and sad at the same time.  PS.  NEVER listen to a dude when he says that a company event is NOT dress up.  I was wearing jeans and a sweater and was extremely under dressed and mostly mortified.  Of course, Teh German dgaf.  Ugh.  Boys.

After Teh German's work gathering had ended, we headed to Company's holiday gathering since they were still partying.  I was about half a flask of Sailor Jerry into the night, so I wasn't feeling as bad as I could have been.  The party dwindled down soon after we arrived, which happened to be right in time for me to win a Starbucks gift card and have some cake.  I was trucking along nicely and agreed to go to the "after party" at Red's Ice House with a few coworkers.

We ended up getting home around 0130.


Saturday morning came with a roughness.  I had finished off my entire flask of Sailor Jerry, plus 2 vodka drinks the night before, plus my Dayquil regimen.. I was hunnnnnggg ooovvveeerrr.  Nonetheless, I got up around 1115 to get ready for the Wreaths Across America event I had signed up to do.  I made a poor life choice to stop by McDonald's on the way and the drive thru took forever.  The drive thru wait made me late and then Waze put me in the middle of the sketchy hood and there was no cemetery that I could find.  I looked up the address on the website and Waze had misled me.  ugh.  It would have taken me another 20 minutes to get to the correct location, so I just gave up the fight.  I was disappointed, but I would have arrived 45 minutes after the start and that just seems like bad taste.

Instead, I headed downtown to exchange the sweatshirt I had won at the Yelp event for a size that would actually fit me.  After getting myself downtown and finding a parking garage, I dealt with holiday shoppers on King Street, finally arriving at my destination.  At which point, I learned that they didn't have normal people sizes and my trip had been in vein.  Ugh.  I called Teh German on my walk back to Yurtle to whine. 

Since I was out, I continued being productive.  I headed towards Kohl's to return something and made a pit stop at Total Wine on the way.  Total Wine was busier than I'd ever experienced.  There were zero parking spots in the lot and people were parking in the fire lane.  I did not park legally, but whatevs.  Those huge ass handicap zones only serve to piss me off at all the wasted parking opportunities.  My trip to Kohl's was short and sweet.  After, I headed to Sam's to pick up coffee.  I had found a local brand that I wanted Teh German to try.

When I got home, Teh German had been productive.  He had put together a new media shelf and hung the wall file in the downstairs bathroom for books.  He helped me rearrange the loft and then I arranged the DVDs on the new shelf.

We'd like a square table for the corner, but otherwise, we agreed that this set up wasn't so bad.

We had a holiday gathering at Teh PT House in the evening, so I laid down and napped before the fun started so I could be moderately human.  I woke up to Teh German standing over me and screamed like he was about to stab me, which didn't help my already sore throat.  He had been there to wake me up so we could get ready and he felt pretty bad for scaring me.  After we were clean and dressed, we headed over to Teh PT House for fun.  We had dinner and played Cards Against Humanity.  Teh German and a few others skipped out on CAH to go outside and have smoke time.  I was struggling, so I gave up on CAH and went and laid down on the couch.

The jello shot Christmas tree was felled.

CAH Seflie

Andddd I was done.  Max came to snuggle with me.  /swoon

At some point, Teh Dental Hygienist covered me with a blanket and soon after, Teh German roused me to take me home.  At some point he came home and drunkenly turned ON the lights trying to turn them off.  He didn't die that night, but it was a close call.


Sunday morning I woke up to handle the dogs (against my will) and stayed up.  I had some tea since my throat was killing me and finally finished The Handmaid's Tale.  I made arrangements for brunch at Iron Dog Diner with homies.  It came out that Teh German had danced his way home from Teh PT House, which I was sad to have missed.  I had known Teh German was super drunk when he came home from the way he was shuffling around and that whole lights thing and his twitching in his sleep and the way his limbs did some magical Stretch Armstrong thing when he was sleeping (his arms were extra floppy in my space), but the dancing was a different level.  I was definitely surprised he was functioning as well as he was after hearing all he had to drink.

Lunch was delicious, despite the wait.  After brunch, we headed home and I piddled around the house aimlessly.  I wrapped Christmas presents, finally.. and by wrapped, I mean, I bagged that shit up and called it a day.  Wrapping paper is too much effort this year.  I did box up items to be mailed, but that was it.  Teh Dad called and sufficiently pissed me off by ensuring me that he KNEW my husband was taking care of me since I was sick.  Apparently, he meant the Husband that was laying on the couch watching snowboarding YouTube videos who couldn't pick up the bag of trash that I had thrown down the stairs when he had been downstairs a few minutes prior to me going down the stairs with my hands full of boxes.  Or Husband who had let me vacuum up a spilled tin of cookies on Thursday night when I was at my death-ly-ist, instead of stopping me and taking over the chore himself.

I'm just going to take a moment to rant:  It infuriates me that men "need" to be babied when they are sick, but since I'm a woman, I'm expected to function as normal.  It also infuriates me that my dad seems to think that Teh German walks on water and does no wrong, but it's on ME when I'm in a bad mood because I'm sick or any other reason, not because he seems to forget that I do A LOT, if not more than Teh German in our house.  I purposely try not to keep score for this reason, but when someone acts like Teh German does MORE than me for any reason (but especially because he's "The Man of the House"), I get stabby.  I may have said to Teh Dad, "Why don't you just call Teh German and talk to him if you want to kiss his ass?  Because I don't need you to call me to kiss Teh German's ass."

Let's just say, it wasn't our longest conversation.
After getting off the phone, I headed over to Teh PT House to drop off some items and pick up items we had left the night before.  I socialized for a little bit, then headed home to puzzle and audiobook.

Sky, mountains, one tree, and the castle are mostly complete.
Next comes the hellacious part of the trees.

After doggy dinner time, Teh German finally left his couch perch and came downstairs.  I hadn't bothered to feed the beasts, so Teh German took care of that.  I had been trying to talk to him and he'd walked away and couldn't hear me and after repeating myself multiple times, I was pissed.  Teh German then pointed out that maybe I was hangry, but I also pointed out that it was disrespectful to walk away while someone is talking to you, knowing you can't hear them, then act like it's MY fault that YOU can't hear me... so maybe it was both, but fuck if I'm going to take the blame for that because hanger when you're acting like a fucking douche.  Nope.

We did agree on a dinner plan and Teh German cooked up sausage to go on salads.  Seriously.  Minimal effort is my Christmas theme this year.  #notsorry.

After dinner, we cleaned up, I finished the last of the castle pieces, and we watched an episode of Mad Men.  Betty just found Don's box of secrets... and it was too late to start another episode.  I was tempted to tell Teh German to play another, but he opted to turn it off and that was that.  Except then we spent another 15 minutes on our phones and then went upstairs to get ready and when Teh German got in bed he "had" to check his phone again... /rolleyes.  I think we need a social media cut off time.  Seriously.


And then the weekend was over.  This week is eerie.  Know what is scary?  Nothing on the schedule.  Usually when the schedule is empty, our life runs off the rails.  I'd call this a Christmas miracle, but I'm too scared.

One week till Christmas!  I am hoping for a surprise for me under the tree.. but we'll see.  I do know 3 of the gifts Teh German got me because I told him what to get me.  A surprise would be super sweet though.  A girl can dream.

Things I'd like to accomplish this week:
-Select wedding photos for printing.
-Schedule a massage
-Not be sick anymore.
-Maybe start the name change process?  Social security office and a new passport photo?  We'll see.
-Mail off Christmas packages.
-Return another item to Kohl's (ugh).


  1. Dude my dad also thinks Hubs walks on water! He's always like "Take care of her." MFer, I was an Army wife. HE ABANDONED ME FOR MONTHS AT A TIME AND I SURVIVED JUST FINE, THANK YOU.

    (okay so not technically, abandoned, but yeah kinda)

  2. Hey girl,
    I hope you’re feeling better by now.
    I hear you in men being babies when they’re ill. It’s like the world stops rotating on its axis when a man gets sick but us ladies, forget it. No sympathy whatsoever, it’s so annoying.

    Merry Christmas homie! ;)


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