Friday, December 22, 2017

Five on Friday #133

EINS - Random things

-I've gained 5-7 lbs since the wedding.  The only thing I've really changed is that I started drinking coffee every day and that includes a metric ton of peppermint mocha creamer.  I have a feeling the coffee is going to have to go.  The only reason I actually drink coffee is for the creamer.  So ya know.. I did this to myself.

-Sickness is horrible.  Lingering sickness is the worst.  Coughing and/or sneezing so hard you pee a little is the absolute worst.

-Returning items to the store brings me great joy because money saved.  That said, maybe I should just stop buying things and then I could save myself a trip?

-When Husband takes the last of the Dayquil and you discover it, rather than him telling you, it's good that he's already Husband....

-Our wedding photos bring me joy.  Deciding which ones to print for our "shrine" does not bring me joy.  Paying someone $10 to design a photobook brings me joy.  No code for free pages does not bring me joy.  #ItsAllAboutBalance

-I've dedicated some time to planning the honeymoon.  I prioritized and I'm thinking we'll be spending a weekish in Cairns for diving and a weekish in Sydney for touring and potentially hanging out with Erin and taking a few days to see Uluru (maybe).  Uluru is least important to me, but I'm going to talk to Timo about it and see how important it is to him before I slash it from the itinerary since it requires a flight and it's a red rock, which is cool, but not SO cool that I need to pay a lot of extra money when I could be spending that time diving with the fishies or in Sydney doing thangs.

-Saw this quote on Facebook that said, "If you can't say it without cuss words..." with a picture of a child going "shhhhh".. and all I could think was, "Megan, DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT, even if your first thought was, 'I CAN say it without cuss words, I just choose not to.  It's a damn shame, I know, bless my heart.'"

-I spent most of the day yesterday trying to untangle Australia deets.  Seriously yall.. pulling the trigger is the most difficult thing ever.  I'm paranoid that if I make ONE reservation that nothing else will line up and everything will be fucked up and UALFKJELJGBOISDJVOIermgailejmrgoiajdv;oiajdc WHAT DO I DO THEN!?!?!  When, in reality, I realize that is completely ridiculous and I should just bite the bullet and plan activities in order of most important to least and shit will shake out.  I know it will, but faaacckkk if my control-freak brain could just be distracted by those potential science classes next semester instead of worrying about this for a little while so I can actually make shit happen, that'd be grrrrrreeeaaatt...

-Scheduling a #TreatYoSelf spa day.  It includes a hour and a half massage plus a 30 minute head massage.  #IMSOEXCITED #TAKEMYMONEY

ZWEI - Money spent

-Billz billz billz... from all those credit card expenses last month.  It should balance out after all my returns go through.
-i5K, a local run I've been wanting to do for years but never knew the date for.  This year I was stalkin' like a boss.
-bull dicks (some people call these bully sticks, but lets just call a spade a spade) for the dogs.  If we ever run out, the dogs will probably eat all our shoes.
-shipping for Cmas packages to Teh Sister, Teh Dad, and Teh Mom.  Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
-McDonald's to remedy a hangover  #adulting
-all the motherfucking cough syrup/cold medicine.... x2. 
-Sam's for brussel sprouts and steaks.  If the butcher wasn't closed on Monday's this wouldn't have to be a thing.
-breakfast croissant from the deli down the street, I've been wanting to try for a while. 
-Termite treatment for House
-Yurtle's taxes
-Yurtle's insurance, which I'm 85% sure I just paid.  Ugh.
-Wedding photo prints.
-Photo books of wedding photos... ouch.
-Chiro (it's been rough around here)

DREI - Things from my phone

It's like me and Teh German!

What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?
a Holly Davidson

What do you call an elf who wins the lottery?

Homemade pizza x2 by Teh German on Monday night.
We're still working on a crispy crust, but this was progress.
Some asshole once told me, "You always have room for improvement."  (that asshole was Teh German) so I like to use that line on him as often as possible.  #TakesOneToKnowOne

Nurse Meri and Nurse Pax were on duty when I went home early from work with sickness.

Teh German made skrimpies and grits all by himself on Tuesday night after my dngafs were wayyy to high to make life choices.  Even about food.  It didn't help that the sickness was at it's peak and I was fighting the start of a pressure headache.

Meri is a dick.
Teh Stepmom sent a present for me and a present for the dogs.
I put the dog's present in their cabinet, knowing they would open it when I wasn't supervising.
Apparently, this gift had mingled too long with their gift because Teh German came home to find this opened.
So much for a Christmas surprise... dickdog.

VIER - Things from the Internet

THIS THIS THISSSSSSSSS. Liz James gives the perfect analogy for why women may not speak up.

Audiobooks really cut into my music listening time, but I'm not a little bit sorry.  But when I saw Brianne post her Spotify stats, I knew I wanted to, too.

PS this is 17 days.
It doesn't count time that Teh German played Spotify at home...

Want to share my music journey?  Hit play.  You're welcome.

 As compared to my audiobook time?

I have 2 Audible accounts (it's complicated, don't judge me), so that equals a total of:
1 month, 3 days, 15 hours, and 44 minutes.
Which means that I've listened to more audiobook than music in the last year.*
*Unless this is counting like total for forever.. then they need to have a total year option/Audible is stupid.

I could share all my Australia research sites, but I know you're not overly interested in that.  As (another) Christmas present to myself, I am sticking my head in the sand until 2018 because the world is horrible and our government is garbage and my heart hurts.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Bumping up my hair appointment (top two rows of not crazy colors) to today!  
  2. SPA DAY TOMORROW!  It's going to be glorious.  #TreatYoSelf
  3. Teh German telling me he trusts me instead of wanting to review my selections for the photobook/printed photos.
  4. Roux's Humom walking her dogs frequently during the day and bringing our delivered packages inside for us so they don't burgled.
  5. FINALLY not feeling like death.
  6. Wearing my new shirts to work.
  7. Mad Men marathons with Teh German. 
  8. Teh German picking up cooking skillz.
  9. Return of cool temps.  70°+ on Christmas is the ultimate disappointment.
  10. Wrapping Christmas presents so I don't have to worry about it no mo!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I'm jealous of your spa day! I want a massage.

    I need to go back to black coffee, or at least not using a shit ton of creamer.


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