Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #16

tM: Why are there [shoe] inserts on my side of the island?
Teh German offers some explanation about new work boots and being too big and trying his new boots with his old inserts.
tM:  Just wondering why they are on my eating spot, where I sometimes drop food and then eat it off of the counter.
Teh German goes to move them.
tM: It's too late now.  Just maybe some awareness for next time.
tG: It's so you can have some extra cheese.

While sitting in traffic downtown.
Teh PT Husband: If only we had a giant flipper.
Teh German: I have two.
Teh German then proceeds to wave his hands around while flipping everyone off.

Discussing the HVAC fuse blowing while installing the smart thermostats.
tG: I don't like when you do everything right and things don't work.
tM: I don't like it when Husband refuses to cheer up despite all my efforts.
tG: I just wanted to be pissed off.
tM: I didn't like it.
tG: My fuse blew too.

tG: Have a good drive.  Text me when you get there.
tM: Oh, I thought you were going to say to text when people do stupid shit.
tG: Then you'd be texting me the whole time.

Over Thanksgiving dinner:
Mom-E: Africa has lions.
tG: That's awesome.  Just bring a spray bottle.  Psch psch psch (the sound of a spray bottle being sprayed).  That will keep them away.
tG: The problem is, they don't have enough water.
E: So then, are they going to die of thirst or die from lions?
tG: That's the tragedy they are facing.
Teh Running Bestie: He's been on a roll all night!
tG: Saved the Blog in one night!
(I had mentioned that I was running low on quotes for these posts)

On Nov 28.
tM: I don't know where to put our new calendar!
tG: You have a month to figure it out...

Teh German had just started using audio commands for Siri...
tG: Siri, read messages from [Teh Running Bestie].
Siri: Ok... (Siri starts talking in gibberish).
Turns out, Siri was reading messages from someone else that wasn't Teh Running Bestie and they were in German, which I realized before Teh German did because Siri's German accent is so bad!
tG: Siri, stop.  Siri, stop!  SIRI, STOP!

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  1. Hahaha. The fuse & the spray bottle are my favorites.

  2. Sometimes you fuses blow. I often sing "I Just Wanna Be Mad For a While" (90s-ish country song)


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