Friday, December 1, 2017

Five on Friday #131

EINS - Catching up

Yeah, I fell off the earth for a while.  I'd apologize, but #notsorry.  I doubt I'll be getting back into my "normal" routine in the near future.  Let's blame the holidays, shall we?  It's definitely not my laziness.

Here's a few things you missed out on:
-I went to MD for the week of Thanksgiving to boss Teh Running Bestie around while she recovered from surgery.  We did a lot of driving and visiting and puzzle.  I did some yelling at Teh MD-Teenage Roomie over FaceTime.  Oh yeah, and we ate a lot.  #notsorry

Teh Running Bestie and I usually split our meals if we can't decide on a single entree.
It's the best.thing.everrrr.
Here we had crab mac and cheese and the chicken and waffle sammich with delicious fries.

Miracle Whip makes me think of summers in NY with my Gram and Gramps.



There is never enough cilantro.

This puzzle is super hard.
Thanks for that, Teh WJL.

-Teh German flew up to MD for Thanksgiving and I surprised him with tickets to see the Capitals play the night before Thanksgiving and it was awesome.  I said it was his Christmas gift.  I've since bought him several "Christmas" gifts.  I'm the worst.  After the game, we walked around the National Mall to see the monuments.

I'm not really a Caps fan, but I was happy to hear a few people say, "Go Canes!" when I passed by.
PS.  The Stingrays feed to the Hershey Bears which feed to the Caps, thus it was applicable.

One of the period breaks featured children dressed as turkeys being chased by the Caps mascot dressed as a pilgrim, chasing the kids with a fork and spoon.  I ALMOST PEED MYSELF LAUGHING.

This crazy drone had Teh German and I super fascinated.

I'm just a bill... On Capital Hill..

WW2 Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial with the Reflective Pool you can't really see.

WW2 Memorial selfie

Washington Monument
aka, the "toothpick" if you're a member of my family.

Herro Mr. Lincoln.
Teh German was super impressed at how large he was and inspected him front and back.

Google Map's welcome to MD is a blue crab
I appreciated this a lot.

-We went Black Friday Shopping.  I'm never out to get any super crazy deals, but I like to peruse and see if there are any deals on items that I'm looking for.  As expected, I found a few things to spend money on. 

We're so seeexayyy

Part of me wanted to buy these just to see people's reactions, but I restrained myself.

-We went to Red Robin for dinner (where Teh Running Bestie and I split the Red Robin Royale and they put a full egg on EACH HALF FOR US!!!) and then to Flat Iron Farms and then we headed home to play some Cards Against Humanity with some newbs who had never played before.  I did my part for humanity and they have been full inducted into the Cards Against Humanity cult.  #notsorry

Dem's some big ass horns.

mini pig wearing a sweater.
You're welcome.

I definitely got a LOL from this old book at the Farm that says:
"The Germans are the most sensible people in the world....."

Lifetime presents: Chopping off a bit of the penis the story of The Blood of Christ.

-We arrived back in Charleston on Saturday and the reunion with the pups was super sweet and holy moly I missed my beasts.

-This week, we've gotten back on schedule and it's been a blessing in disguise.  I need my schedule to thrive.

ZWEI - Brain dump

-I really need to make a gifts list.

-I really want to finish the Schloss Neuschwanstein puzzle that Teh Running Bestie and I started.

-It annoys me that course surveys are due before classes end.

-It also annoys me that our wedding planner never got back with me.  You better believe I haven't forgotten.

-After our cleaning lady canceled on us on the 27th, I rescheduled her to come on the 6th so that way the house is clean before the neighborhood holiday gathering at our house.  If she doesn't do a good job this time, she won't be coming back.  Also, we've noticed that she may have the sickest children in the Lowcountry... or they just happen to always be sick on days that she's supposed to come to our house.  Convenient.

-Classes through Wednesday, then exams.  FUCKKK YAAASSS.  When a few of the cadets in my math class said they'd miss me next semester, it made me happy.

-Teh German gave me a gift certificate to Dick's for our anniversary for new running shoes and now that I'm back on the running train, I knew better than to start running again in shoes that I'd broken in with a bad gait.  So I'm starting over with new shoes.  I know that I need to get rid of the 5 pairs of shoes that I wore when I was having my hip issues, but I have the hardest time getting rid of that many pairs of shoes.  2 of the pairs are still relatively new since I mostly stopped running after the Disneyland runs.

^^Problem solved.  I'll be donating them to My Sister's House.  This may also be where I start making all my other donations as well.  I've struggled with giving to Goodwill for a while now, but their convenience can't be beat and that's a priority for me.

-Did you know there's never a good time to purchase long sleeve shirts that aren't hoodies or button downs or polo shirts for men?  That's what I've learned in the last week.  Especially if you are mostly interested in long sleeve shirts with popular logos on them, which happens to be Teh German's preference.

Unfortunately, Teh German won't wear "funny" shirts.

-Low side ponytails are where it's at.  It's the perfect location not to rub on your neck, to get all your hair up, and NOT to press against the headrest.  You'll see me sporting a LOT of side ponytails in the near future.  #notsorry

-Our first holiday party is today and I'm super pumped because this is a crazy group of people who always have such a fun time.  Also, the most ridiculous white elephant gifts will be present and I'm super pumped that our gifts are pretty much boxes of shit from around the house that I needed to get rid of.  In fact, I may have been hoarding stuff all year just for this.

DREI - Money spent

We probably just shouldn't talk about this since I did some Black Friday Shopping.  But I have an unnecessary rule that anything bought after Thanksgiving gets wrapped and goes under the tree.  I making exceptions for things purchased with a gift certificate received prior to Thanksgiving (specifically my purchases at Dick's Sporting Goods).

  • New shoes.  Specifically new running shoes, but 1 pair will become my walk around shoes.  
  • lunch on Monday since we went out to dinner on Sunday night at Rutledge Cab Company 
  • oil change while I was in MD.  
  • Lots of gas.
  • Hockey tickets
  • sweet teas from the chickfila on campus.. #nowillpower
  • an ethernet cable for Teh German to connect the Roku to his "man cave" tv.  (Yes, it has spiraled out of control.  No, I will probably never see him again.)

VIER - Things from my phone

ALL THE PICTURES of precious Olive-Walive.

This picture makes me laugh and you'll need to make it full size to be able to read the captions.

I painted Secret's toe nails while her Dad was outside working with potential adopters.  #notsorry

We think he might have been a tour guide, but he was still dressed up in a top hat and a coat with tails.  Picture needed.
PS.  I put the caution flags on Teh Running Bestie's crutches and it was awesome to see everyone's reactions to it.

It doesn't matter how tight the fit, all the bitches shall be on the couch.
I made Teh Running Bestie ride in the Mart Cart at Walmart.  It was worth it, even if I got my toe ran over.

We took a field trip to DC to have Teh Running Bestie's soft cast removed.
The more important thing in this picture is all that cotton wrapping....
IT MAKES THE BEST LINT BALLS (you know who you are).

Kissing goldfishies!
Yurtle hadn't felt fall like this since..... she used to park under this tree.
Apparently, The Citadel is anti-leaf.
Every week they blow and rake up all the leaves on campus.
It's the worst.

I worked at a grocery store in high school and we were required to put at least 7 cans in a bag.
Teh German didn't know about this rule, but I had to share this with Teh BFF because I knew she'd appreciate it the most.

If you haven't tried the Eckrich sausages, do it.
I love it way more than all the other sausages that I've bought.

After the new tires are put on and the wheels are powder coated, Bob the Bobber will be pretty much done...
I think.. I only listen with half an ear when Teh German talks about Bob.

Why don't keyboards sleep?
Because they have 2 shifts.

Nevertheless, she persisted.
Worn the day after the Pocahontas comments.

We decorated at work for the holidays.
Dis mah widdle penguin friend.

Teh Running Bestie traded us her old TV (my old TV, lol) and Teh German put it in the garage and
I'm pretty sure he's a cigar away from a complete man cave.
And yes, that is a disassembled motorcycle in our garage. 
Teh German is getting the wheels powder coated... or whatever that means...

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. This semester finally coming to a close and getting through these final tests is bringing me joy.
  2. Doing work at work.
  3. Decorating at work.
  4. Teh German helping me study for my final oral exam in German.
  5. Doing small tasks around the house that needed to be completed (putting spare rolls of TP in the other bathrooms, wrapping white elephant gifts).
  6. Side ponytails.
  7. Using coupons to buy things.
  8. Teh German's joy at having a remote on his phone to control the Roku which he is using to play music on the TV in the garage.
  9. My computer science professor walking us through 75% of our final assignment.
  10. Cards Against Humanity's 1st holiday package arriving....  WOOOOOOT.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I almost emailed you asking where in the world you had been but then I was like "wait, maybe she said already & I'm just forgetting..."

    Gaston's Gym seems like serious business... nothing funny about it. He should wear it ha.

  2. Can’t beleive your wedding planner has yet to send a simple reply back to you.

    That greyhounds anatomy picture is hilarious! Lol


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