Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#MegMo2017 - The Photos (1)

I'm just going to drop these here.
Because they are such large files (and there are so many), this will be a multi-post set.  #sorrynotsorry
In my defense, all the posts are scheduled, so don't be worried that I'll quit in the middle (like those Germany posts..)

Photo credit:
All of these photos were taken by Nicholas Gore and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.  I know he travels regularly and often can be found in New Zealand.

We'll go in order, mmmkay.
And we're gonna start with my fantastic bridal portraits.



    Also, I've been reading Pat Conroy & generally thinking of Charleston in general and my God, I want to be in that city again.

  2. Your photos are stunning!!!! I love all the different locations that you guys shot.

  3. Love these pics! The library ones + the ones in the market...amazing.

  4. You look stunning Megan! Love the pop of red with your heels, and your sash or whatever you call it (words are escaping me right now, sorry), I love the deep green. Beautiful. :)

  5. Hi, new reader here. Enjoying your blog!

  6. I love these so much! They are all great. My favorite is the one of you looking up from the book.


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