Friday, December 20, 2019

Five on Friday #219

EINS - Random Shit

I am no more in my element than when a FB friend asks for Charleston restaurant suggestions for their anniversary trip.  HOLD MY BEER, I'm comin' in hot.  For real, I probably wrote a full page of suggestions.  They're prob only gonna be here for 2 days, but CHS is for eating and eating is my jam.


I went ahead and made a 2 hour massage appointment the Monday after the Charleston Half.  #NotSorry #BePrepared


After being asked to do a simple task that could be the job of myself or the person already in contact with a new employee, I came up with this manifesto...

My philosophy on task management:
-Keep a task to the minimum number of resources as possible. A person doing a task shouldn't have to contact 5 different people for 5 different issues if the person doing the tasking KNOWS all the answers.
-Inconvenience as few people as possible when accomplishing YOUR tasking. They will only slow down your ability to achieve your goal because they are doing their own thing and you are probably not their priority.
-Redundancy should be avoided at all costs.
-Don't task out something trivial when you can handle it, especially if you are already working on the project and it's within your scope, ESPECIALLY if the solution is something along the lines of "Let me Google that for you."


You remember that one time that I bitched and moaned incessantly about taking 5 computer science classes at once and it being the most difficult semester of college ever?

You remember that one time when I was stuck in the SAME classroom (with no windows) for ALL of my classes?

Maybe you might remember when I couldn't do fun activities because of school things. Or you might remember when I said, fuck this shit, I give up, and then you watched me give it one more push even though I said I wouldn't (and you probably laughed, but you were kind enough to keep that to yourself, TYVM).

Or maybe you might remember when I said, I'm not going to stress myself out over getting As because Bs, Cs, and Ds also get degrees.. and then you watched me stress myself out over not getting all As on every.single.assignment (and you wanted to laugh about this to yourself, but you were starting to worry about my mental health).

You might remember when I was weary and questioned my life choices about selecting a computer science degree program and how I wasn't enough and how I used food to reward/motivate myself.

It's been a hell of a ride, but it all paid off in the end.
Dean's List AND Gold Star status (all As) for the most difficult semester of both my college careers. Probably my biggest college achievement, second to graduating (past and future tense).

But here's the OTHER thing.
All As raised my GPA to 3.611.  Remember that one time when I was like, "I really want to graduate with honors because I'm a fucking psycho who hates herself!"?  Yeah well, that's a reality now unless I majorly mess things up in the Spring, which I doubt because I'm only taking 12 credit hours (so 4 classes) and one of those classes is German.  Even if I got A/Bs, I'd still have a 3.5 at graduation which still qualifies as "with honors".  I really wanted a 3.75, but it's literally impossible to have that GPA and still graduate May 2020, so I gave up that dream.


This week has been a fucking roller coaster.
A millionty work tasks.
A LOT of personal life upheaval (hopefully more info on that situation once it's settled next week).

It's almost been like 2019 has self-actualized and realized what a suck it was and now it's making up for all that suck in a single week.  And I'm not sad about the good things happening, but it's made for an extremely long week and I'm duuunnnn.


I finally cancelled my car wash membership.  This really doesn't matter to anyone, but I'm doing a good job this year at shedding things that don't make me happy and the car wash was steadily declining in goodness to the point that I was like this is not worth what I'm paying, fuck this.. and I finally cancelled. 

If I learned anything in 2019, it has been to let go of shit that doesn't bring me joy.  I never even watched an episode of Marie Kondo.


When restaurants reuse their leftover tea the next morning (lookin' at you Bojangles) and it's soured from being out all fucking day the day prior, I want to set shit on fire.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-2020 Kiawah Half registration since it was only $43 vs what it would be if we decided to do it later.
-Cargo pants.  I've always loved them, don't judge me.
-Beer for the gang.
-Park Pizza for lunch when my leftovers were unappealing.
-dog food
-bully sticks
-Termite treatment
-Special shampoo/conditioner

DREI - From My Phone Shit

What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?


You might have been a Mac user when this is what your desktop looks like with all the windows.

When you send your Bestie crotch shots to make sure you don't have a camel toe in the new britches.

Sister selfies when she says you should do something yourself.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Soooo.. look...
Since I'm not in school, I haven't been toting my personal laptop around and I've been using my work laptop at work.. andddd the photos for this section are on my personal laptop which is at home and I could find more photos, or I could just type this to you to explain the situation.
Sorry, come back next week for more joy.
I'll be teleworking all of next week, so I'll be on my personal laptop and will have access to all the good and wonderful things.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. NO MORE SCHOOL IN 2019!
  2. Straight motherfuckin' A's.
  3. Teh German's dedication.
  4. Snuggles with Monkey Doodle.
  5. Hoodies
  6. The almost end of 2019.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Like your manifesto. Figuring stuff like that out is kind of tough in an office.
    Yay for the great grades on the semester! Although, survival would also have been fine.
    OMG yes to the Bojangles tea! It's so obvious, and always feels like a risk in the mornings. Will it be amazing or awful? Who knows?!


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