Monday, December 30, 2019

Weekend Review {12/30}


My Friday post went up late, so no pics to share since I already shared them.  I didn't have much in the way of work tasking, having completed it all earlier in the week, so I spent most of Friday monitoring chat and email and planning run things and going through my bibs and trying to come up with clever things to put on a new medal rack.

Teh German and I stayed home and had leftover for dinner and spent the evening watching hockey, which gave me a genius idea.


Saturday was tattoo day.  I was out of the house by 0900 with a millionty ounces of beverage.

L to R: water, sweet tea, coffee

I got a nice reminder soon after getting on 26 that it was the weekend after Christmas and I needed to slow my roll.  And by that I mean, I saw 2 people pulled over within a mile of each other, soooo yeah I slowed down.

I grabbed lunch and then headed to see Noel.

We did a LOT of work on Saturday and the sleeve is FINISHED!!! WOOT!  Thanks to medication I was able to make it through almost 6 hours of stabbing.  Unfortunately, I did almost pass out when it was all over.  I thought it was the medication kicking in and I was getting light headed and my hearing was very tunnel-y, so I sat down.  Then Noel realized I was very ghostly and without color and kinda green looking.  I was immediately given a chocolate bar to eat and wet paper towels for my forehead and neck. 

I didn't realize I had come so close to passing out until Rob, one of the tattoo artists, said, "Didn't you wonder why your hearing was all funky?"  I said, "I thought it was just my tinnitus acting out again."  So yeah, all those people that make fun of getting that 10% disability from the VA for tinnitus, that's how bad my tinnitus is.. I thought that it was tinnitus and didn't realize I was about to pass out.  Kthx.

Everyone was skeptical about me hitting the road and driving all the way back to Charleston, but even if I had driven to Home, Home to stay at Dad's, it still would have been at least an hour of driving and if I could drive an hour, I could drive the 3.5 to get home... so that's what I did.  I did stop at Wendy's and grab a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger for dinner and dealt with the general tiredness and boring drive with audiobook for a while then I switched to car karaoke until I made it home. 

Teh German had waited up on me, partially because he was watching a movie and partially because he had been worried about the situation before I left the shop.  As soon as I set my shit down and got everything unpacked, it was bedtime.


I slept like complete shit because of the roller coaster the day before, the full effect of the meds made me restless, and my arm was, understandably, sore/sensitive.  We had made plans to go to Holy City to check out the new location with the Neighbors.

We were all super impressed at the new location, but because they changed from bar only service to sit down/table service, they were struggling a bit, andddd they didn't have the brunch menu... annndddd after we ordered the server came back to tell me they didn't have what I ordered.  Sooooo, I was disappointed.  Also, I felt like everyone we were with was pissed at me for my irritation, which I couldn't comprehend since we'd waited over an hour for people to arrive (Teh German did order an appetizer while we waited, which was for the best), the item I wanted wasn't offered (because no brunch), nor was my 2nd choice, then we waited a long time for food (which was expected). 

Also, I'm not sure why people have found it acceptable recently to be outright rude to me to my face, but Jesus-fuck, I wish it would stop.  From being told, over and over and over, how weird I was and how the person saying it decided I wasn't so bad after they got to know me at Teh German's Company Holiday Party to Teh PT Husband straight up telling me I was annoying him, even though I hadn't done anything to him.  I later realized that he was hangry since he does a fasting thing and he hadn't eaten..

But back to my point, why should I be the one to have to change MY behavior based on your problems with me?  I like me.  I don't like it when people are rude to me because they have a problem with something about me.  Not like something I said or did to them, but a problem WITH me.  Is this that whole 2019 thing?  I considered that maybe I was just taking things personally, but with a second occurrence so soon after the first one, maybe it's a thing now?  I'm not saying people shouldn't talk straight with me, but I also think some self-reflection before words come out of your mouth should be a thing.  You might think you're being funny calling someone annoying, but are you?  Who laughed?  Because as the person you were saying that about, I sure as fuck didn't fucking laugh.

I tried to be normal through the rest of the time we were there, but I was annoyed at myself being annoyed with all the uncontrollable things (menu, waiting, other people's rudeness) and I was only there for brunch, not day drinking.  Teh German would hang out all day with the gang at a brewery, but there's a lot less in it for me, as I don't drink beer.  Also, it was raining and the bay doors were open and I was freezing because it was hot when we left and I'd opted to wear short sleeves and I had regrets when it started raining and the wind was blustering through the brewery.

By the time we left, we'd been there for almost 3 hours, which probably explained why I was so ready to leave.  When we got home, I did the laundry and had Teh German take photos of my arm, and then he went over to help Teh PT Husband smoke fish for dinner after they got home and I play Emoji Blitz and napped and woke up and read.

Dinner was smoked fish and salad.  We finished out the night with Modern Family and then it was bedtime chores and sleepy time. 

Because I napped, I wasn't really tired, so I finished my book and then it was sleepy time.


So remember that one time when I said I had a genius idea?  Well, I figured out Teh German's (early) birthday present: Hockey tickets.. and not just bleh hockey ticket.. No no, we're going to see the Capitals vs Hurricanes in Raleigh on the 3rd.  ANNNNDDD the birthday part of these tickets is that we are sitting RIGHT.BESIDE the Caps penalty box.  We're predicting a pretty aggressive game since the Caps lost to the Hurricanes last Friday night, so hopefully Teh German will get to take some selfies with his faves.

Teh Advising Sister said we could stay with her, which is fabulous.  Now I just have to arrange for a dog sitter and we'll be golden.

This week is a semi-normal work week.  Monday and Tuesday are wear your jammies into work day, which is right up my DNGAF about my appearance alley.  Also, since it's fucking summer outside, I am able to wear short sleeves, which is convenient for my all day lotion-ing purposes.  Really though, our AC kicked on last night it because it was 75°F in our house.  HATE.

Even the dogs seem to be disgruntled about it.  I heard Meri get up in the middle of the night and rearrange her bed and when that didn't work, she jumped on the chair and tried to nest in it.  She eventually settled, but she's been pretty restless the warmer it's gotten.  All this to say, the entire family does better when the temps are under 70°F.

I have to take care of some errands this week, mostly returns, blech.  We're attending a neighborhood NYE party Tuesday night, we'll see what my toleration allows for.  I'm off on Wednesday (Teh German is on vacation all this week).  We'll head to Raleigh on Thursday afternoon.  The game is Friday night.  We'll head back to Charleston on Saturday.  This way Teh German will have his full recovery day at home prior to having to go back to work on the 6th.

Activities start picking up after this week.  We'll have visitors in town for the Charleston Marathon weekend, which I'm running the half.  Then after that, school starts again, which I am NOT looking forward to. 

This might be the last 2019 post, so in that vein, Happy 2020, Gentle Readers.  Thanks for riding the 2019 roller coaster with me.  Fingers crossed for a smoother 2020.


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  2. -That experience sounds awful. And sorry people are being turds.
    -Yay tattoo!!!
    -This weather is crazy. Like...I don't need snow. But I like seasons. Not constant summer.


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