Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Weekend Review {12/16}


I stayed home Friday morning and used the allotted time for a final to complete an online test that had been posted for a week, but I just hadn't had the time to accomplish.  It was fabulous to not have to get up and drive to somewhere and deal with all the CHS traffic.  After my test was finished, I messaged my PM and asked if it was necessary for me to come into the office because it was raining and I hadn't had to go to school for my exam since it was online, so could I just stay home, plskthx?

After getting a yes, I prepped lunch with a side of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and peppermint schnapps.

I managed to get so much accomplished around the house: making up the guest room for Matilda, laundry, swapping the chairs in the guest rooms.. etc.  It was fabulous.

Matilda arrived before we had to leave for my Company holiday party so we chatted as much as possible since it had been a year since we'd seen each other in person.  Teh German and I headed out to downtown for the holiday party, which was a bust, IMO.  It was supposed to be a murder mystery show, but our table couldn't hear to keep up with what was happening + an open bar = we were fucked.

We passed on the post-party-party and headed home since I had a race the next morning and Teh German isn't really partaking right now.

When we got home, Matilda was already in the bed, I laid out my race outfit and then it was bedtime for us too.


Saturday morning the alarm went off at 0430.  It wasn't my favorite thing.  We were out the door by 0500 and headed to Kiawah.  We had our packets picked up and were settled in the common room by 0645.  Since the race didn't start until 0800, we chatted and while Matilda did her thing, I rested my eyes.  Then it was time for the race to start!

I stuck with Matilda at her pace and we ended up doing intervals of run/walks, which was fine.  We finished at 3:12:16.  I stayed with Matilda since she peer pressured me into the race and because she came all the way to Charleston to hang out with me and a good time wasn't more important than hanging out.

That said, for the Charleston Half, I'm running on my own because I want to see what my time is. Fingers crossed for under 2:30!

While Matilda took care of some post race business, I stretched and sent selfies to Teh Bestie and Husband.

I HAD to take a photo with Santa when we passed him because I had garnered so much attention during the race for being dressed as an elf.

After getting back to the car, we headed to Vicious Biscuit to meet Teh German for brunch.  By the time we made it home it was after 2:30.  After showers it was almost 4pm and that was too late for a post race nap.  Ironic, since I fell asleep on the couch at 7.  Oops.  This did not stop me from going to sleep at 11.


Originally, we had planned to go to brunch on Sunday, but I couldn't decide on a place and I really wanted a potato skillet and we had all the ingredients, so Teh German and I agreed to make breakfast instead.  No photos because I was too excited, but trust me, fried potatoes + crumbled sausage + over medium eggs (+ cilantro for me) was DELICIOUS.. and I didn't have to pay restaurant prices or settle on substitutions.  #WIN

I had gotten up with the dogs and started studying for my Sunday final and took a break to make breakfast.  After breakfast, Matilda headed out and I headed back to the office to continue making my cheat sheet for my exam.

The final exam was at 1pm and it took a little over an hour.  After the exam, I headed to Walmart to pick up a few items (brownies, ice cream, a congrats card, and a gift cert).  Of course, despite my patience, it was not enough when I had to stand in line at customer service for almost 20 minutes for the gift cert.  Then when I got home the dogs acted like they had never seen me and my patience was too low for that.  TLDR, I had a mood swing probably because PMS is real.

I had my final final (ha) on Monday morning, so I tried to study for that and was mostly unsuccessful.  Eventually, Teh German and I made dinner (me: red cabbage, Teh German: schnitzel), ate, and then I whipped up some brownies and headed to the office to study while they baked. 

It wasn't until after the brownies were finished that I finally started seriously studying.  I put in the most effort I could for the burned out state I have reached in regards to 2019/school.  It was full on "come what may" when I went to bed.


First thing Monday was my exam and here's my post-final final selfie for your enjoyment.

DUN with this classroom and this shit.

In a fantastic turn of events, the Chiro's office called me as I walked to my car after my final.  She was reminding me of my appointment (which we had a mix up about last time) and notified me that the 1000 appointment cancelled and asked if I wanted that appointment. YAS, YAS I DO.  So I ended up getting a massage for over 2 hours (since I really needed it and because I paid for it).  #NOTSORRY

-This week is a regular work week! 
-We will be having dinner with School Spouse and his fiance on Tuesday evening to deliver their baby/graduation/wedding/all things gift.
-Teh German's company holiday party is Friday.
-Teh PT Wife and I will be doing the Cocoa Cup 5k on Saturday morning.

I plan on getting a puzzle out soon and finishing up Dark Age this week, fingers crossed.  I'm at 44/50 books for the year and I might just press through some Audible short stories to meet my goal on principle and to also clear out my library of unfinished titles.

Over the break I plan on doing some running (when it's not hot AF (see: over 70°F)) and being lazy AF.  We'll be home this Christmas, which is exciting.  As a Merry Christmas to us, our new backsplash is being installed on the 23/24th.  Work will be having PJ days over the next 2 weeks (thank you, Self, for spearheading that morale boosting event).  I'm ready to relax some and not have to feel like I need to manage all the things at all the times.  My brain is already sighing.

Happy Holiday Season, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Your elf running costume is too cute!
    -Yay, final final and dun for 2019!
    -How nice to be staying home for Christmas! Merry Happy Everything!


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