Friday, December 27, 2019

Five on Friday #220

EINS - Random Shit

Have you ever insisted on powering through learning how to do something to make a tedious task more simple and then realized that it was a complete waste of time?  Well, if you haven't, let me just tell you that it's annoying and uncool.

That said, I know a way to separate a CSV list into rows in Excel... because these are skills people need in real life.


When your twat-waffle dog helps herself to the recently (less than 12 hours prior to events occurring) delivered (from Germany) marzipan and it ends up being unfortunate but also kinda funny because you watched her on the cameras as she circled the island to best plot her attack....  Then used her long ass selfie-stick legs to pull the basket to her, so she could pluck out the heaviest item in the container and take it back to her bed for her enjoyment.. and HER enjoyment only since her brother was muzzled and couldn't even partake a little.

I administered peroxide to make her puke, which she didn't, which is why she's shut outside and normally, she'd be totally ok with being outside, but she knew she'd fucked up this time so she wanted to come back in and woo me with her cuteness.


Dear Goodreads,
Thanks for being encouraging, but it's probably not gonna happen.  Apparently, I only read books that are a millionty pages long because I'm an overachieving asshole.


Probably the most from the heart Christmas gift I've given in a while.  For Teh PT Kid, who is an addict of my mac and cheese:

I gave him 5 coupons and explained that holidays were a free pass.


I signed up (for free) to do the Ragnar 31 Day Challenge.  I didn't buy the shirt, but I really wanted to, so look at that will-power, kthxbye.  I saw people posting selfies with their shirt on and a 31 day challenge medal, soooo that was honestly the biggest encouragement.

I'm hoping that it will help me get back into the swing of running on the regular instead of sporadically.  In turn, running regularly will help me stop hurting as much and hopefully get me that sub 2:30 half marathon time.  There was one point in my life that I wanted to do a sub 2:00 half marathon, but I think with the hip and toe issues, those days have passed and I've had to set up achievable goals as to not keep myself frustrated.

Hopefully this challenge will get me into the gym on days that I don't feel like running or at least walking the dogs, because getting off your ass is the goal, not necessarily a workout commitment.

See also: setting realistic goals is my jam.


As a Christmas gifts to the dogs, I purchased an advent calendar with Meri's favorite sized toys.  It was only 12 days, but that was fine.  We celebrated every other day since I would give out 2 toys (one for Meri, one for Pax) at a time.  So, with 12 new "mice" (what we call all of Meri's stuffies), I finally did a mini-cleaning spree on Christmas and picked up all the toys from the living room floor.  See also: I really hate clutter.

While in the middle of that, I decided to take a peek under the couches to see if there were toys under them.  THERE WERE.  SO MANY TOYS.  OMG.  I 100% did NOT need to buy the advent calendar because all of Meri's toys were under the couches.  I couldn't figure out where all her toys had disappeared to, but now I know! Siiiigh.


You may remember that I mentioned that I bought Husband a backsplash for Christmas.  I was not kidding.  They came on Monday to install it and it's fabulous.  I have zero regrets.

It was 2 dudes, which made me happy since that meant they were definitely able to finish it in one day instead of having to come back on Tuesday.  I even got a concert from one of the guys who turned on music on his phone and was singing along to it.  Despite laying out butcher paper on the counters and floors, there was still grit everywhere after they left, so I had to do a mini clean on Monday and then again on Christmas day (when I actually vacuumed the kitchen and the dryer vent/laundry room).

In not-surprising-news, Teh German is already looking at a way to put under the cabinet lights in.  He's actually been talking about this for a very long time, but we've never done it because we already have Hue lights on the tops of the cabinets and it wasn't that important.

Fun fact: Teh German is obsessed with lighting everything up.  From motion-sensor lights in the pantry to lights under the cabinets to the lights that will go up after the dining room crown molding is installed.  ALL THE LIGHTS!  That should be his motto.


Teh German and I don't agree on everything, but when it comes to house stuff, we can agree on stuff quickly.  Like, I'm still shocked/impressed at how quick we agree on stuff when it comes to the house.  From our first decisions at the Design Center to picking out the tile for the backsplash.  #BestTeam4Ever

As for paint colors, Teh German hasn't really given me his opinion still, but I think he just trusts that I'm not going to do something to completely fuck everything up at this point.  He also knows that I've gotten the opinions of several individuals who we trust regarding decorating things, so that helps.


After posting on FB about Meri eating my marzipan, our German friends offered to send more AND they are including a case of Kinder Hippos for Teh PT Wife.  In exchange, we're sending Apple Jacks.  #WinWinSituation

I also learned that we have a LOT of contacts that go through Germany and are willing to pick stuff up for us and bring it back for us.


I'm a full-on Heathen these days, but we went to Teh PT Fam's church on Christmas Eve since they were doing a skit and Teh PT Kid was playing his viola.  That was cool and all, but during the service, a video was played of Mary and Joseph trekkin' to Bethlehem.  GENTLE READERS, Mary and Joseph... THEY WERE PLAYED BY BROWN ACTORS!!!  My mind was happily blown.


We tried out a new restaurant called Jackrabbit Filly last night and OMG sooo derichious.

Fish (tuna) Tartare

Garlicy Greens (back left) and something something Spätzle (front)

Salt and pepper octopus and pickles.

I was also over eager and forgot to photograph the dumplings.


Also, a lady beside us kept mispronouncing spätzle and it took everything in me not to correct her because she said it wrong no less than 3 times within 3 minutes and OMFG.   I guess I should be more understanding because it's not an American word, but she was butchering it.  I can't even reproduce what she was saying because it was like there were static in my brain when she'd say it after the first 3 times, in an attempt to block it out. 


The 2020 Race calendar looks like this, so far... oops.

Charleston Marathon (half) - Jan 11
? Dafuskie Island Half- Jan 18
Save the Light, Inc. (half) - Feb 1
? Hilton Head Half Marathon - Feb 8
Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k & 5k (15k) - Feb 22
Myrtle Beach Marathon (5k - for the Bless Your Heart medal) - Mar 7
? RunSkidaway (half) - Mar 21
? Beaufort Twilight Run (challenge) - Mar 21
* Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon (half) - Mar 28
? Publix Savannah Women's half Marathon & 5k (half) - Apr 4
Hot Pursuit 5K - June 13
?* Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon (challenge) - Sept 19
? Ragnar Relay (Sunset - DC) - ~Sept 20
?* Rock And Roll Marathon Savannah Georgia (challenge) - Nov 7?
? Bohicket Half Marathon & 5K - Nov 14
Kiawah Island Marathon (half) - Dec 12

? = not signed up, but considering
* = if I sign up for one, I'll sign up for all 3 for the challenge medals/discount.


2021 Race calendar includes:
-King Crab Challenge + the BFD Challenge, which I would have completed in 2019, butttt Germany.  #SacrificesWereMade


That leads me to another running thing..
Teh German is going to make me a new medal rack, since my current rack is overflowing and most of the hooks (which have been doubled since the original purchase) have double medals on them.  It's really cluttered, mmmkay. 

The most difficult part about this?  Coming up with what I want to print on the board.
Current options:

  • Miles of Memories
  • I can go the distance.
  • #MegOnTheRun
  • Will run for participation medals
  • She believed she could so she did.
  • Sacrifices were made.
  • It was a good idea at the time.


In the spirit of running, I decided to organize my race bib and find a way to display them.

Fun things I realized:

-I've been running since 2012.   It started out with The Color Run and I was completely satisfied with participating in 5ks.  I was a solid run/walker with ZERO shame.

-My first half marathon was 13 September 2014.  GENTLE READERS, I've been running half marathons for FIVE years.

-I will still never run a distance longer than 13.1 miles (on purpose).  Most people start to up their challenges/distances after a few years.  My challenge isn't so much the distance, but my body allowing me to do the things I do.  I have back issues and hip problems and there are days that are a constant ache and I don't talk about it because it doesn't hurt that bad.

-I have embraced participation awards.  I know as adults so many of us are like, "Getting participation medals leads to people expecting something for minimal effort."  I'm just gonna let you know that doing a half marathon is far from my minimal effort.  Shit, even doing a 5k is NOT minimal effort.  Bring on the participation medals.


I don't have a problem.. YOU have a problem...
I can stop anytime I want.

During the recent sales, I bought a whole bunch of Wallflower refills from Bath and Body Works.  They are currently doing their semi-annual sale AND I needed to replace all the smellers, so I laid my collection out to select the best smells for this time of year.  Annnnddd I also decided that I do NOT need to buy any Wallflowers during the current sale.  /shrug

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Post-race brunch
-New running shoes
-New walking shoes
-Women in Cybersecurity registration fee
-Insurance (which gave me a heart attack because my CC bill was so high and I had forgotten I had payed this bill)
-Lids for the Holy City Brewery silicone cups
-Myrtle Beach 5k registration so I can get the 2020 Bless Your Heart medal
-KFC for lazy dinner
-Car taxes
-Water bill
-Save the Light half marathon
-Dairy Queen
-Woot shirt
-Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale things (oops)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I have zero regrets about buying her the chair bed.  I love that she stays with me in the office now.

This weirdo stole my spot, so I decided to snuggle him and then he put his frito feet in my face.
This is true love people.

Meri's favorite part about this week?
The backdoor being open the majority of the day for her to come/go as she pleases.

Paximoose decided to get up on the couch with me, BY CHOICE, no bribery was given, and I had to have photographic evidence since this never happens.  Even Husband was like, DAFUQ?

Probably the best Trump anything I've ever seen.

When you wear your Grinch leggings on Christmas with your Clawz shoes.
100% #NotSorry

I can never find the stupid hole for my charging cable and there is a vent near the hole, so I am always missing the hole (that's what he said) so I finally gave in and put a small piece of my fantastic rainbow tape to mark it.  I have zero regrets.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This is a proven fact.

And even here in the in-betweens I will sow seeds of kindness, joy, and love.
I will water the plants right in front of me.
I will that be ENOUGH.

Her mountains did not break her,
Instead, they only shaped her,
and gave her an all-new hope to see:
She is stronger than she ever thought she'd be.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

You do not have to bear the burden of everything today.
You are allowed to slow down and take time to sort things out.

Do your best while ALSO KNOWING your worth is not tied to WHAT YOU accomplish.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Christmas with family and friends.
  2. Quiet Christmas week.  Teh German has been off since Weds and I've teleworked all week.
  3. New backsplash.  It gives the kitchen some personality.
  4. Deciding on swatch colors for painting, I think.
  5. "Messages for web".  This is essential the browser version of my text messages so I can respond to them on my laptop instead of responding on my phone.  It's fabulous.
  6. 5 mile run this week.  Trying to get back on the horse.  
  7. Friends who are willing to send things from Germany.
  8. Sleeping in.
  9. Actualizing my running accomplishments.
  10. PJs all day.

Happy (last) Friday (of 2019), Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Yes Megan, I have.
    -Oh, Meri!
    -Your books have been so crazy long this year, I've noticed via SUYB.
    -Kind of jealous of your lighting situation. Babycakes is apparently going to be vampire like regarding like, much like her father. I swear, they practically hiss at me if I turn a nearby light on while they are watching TV. Also they both have amazing eye sight so...screw them.
    -TBH, I don't get German language or food. And my husband loves I would totally have been the person next to you, and that's part of the reason I never want to go, bahahaha.
    -LOOK AT ALL THOSE THINGS YOU DID! That's awesome, and um...sometimes participation IS FUCKING IT. I tend to do free/baby races so I have like one medal, but looking forward to what you do with your bibs because I need inspiration.
    -OMG marking your hole is brilliant and I'm doing it. Basically right now.
    -WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON POP-UP ADS IN 2020?!?! I will never subscribe to ANYTHING via a dumb ass pop-up. It is NOT 2002 okay? Get over it.


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