Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Weekend Review {12/02}


Friday was tattoo day.  I switched up the concept a little and I'm not disappointed.  Originally, I had said no color.. and I made myself a liar.  Oh well.

It was a long day.  I made it home by 11 (yes, pm), and it was put my shit down and bedtime.


Saturday was productive day.  We had a slow start.  Once I finally got up, I had breakfast and placed the grocery orders and started on homework... and by that I mean, I managed to probably screw up some stuff for our group project that I don't know how to undo.  Oops.  I finally quit while I was ahead.  I finished up my final paper for another class.  When Teh German came in from mowing the yard, I finally gave up on trying to be school productive.

Teh German and I agreed to go to Sesame for dinner and then go pick up the grocery orders.  Our server at Sesame was an absolute nightmare, which makes me sad because this seems to be the trend of late.  We managed to pick up our groceries at both Sam's and Walmart and then headed home.

When we got home, it was dog snuggle and Modern Family time and eventually, bedtime.


Sunday morning was another slow start.  Since I knew that trying to do homework would only result in 1- my frustration, 2- me fucking more shit up, I opted to stay away from the computer for the day.  Instead, we had a disagreement about paint and then we ended up still going to Lowe's to get paint samples.  We also bought a fake tree, which I thought would never happen since Teh German has always been #TeamRealTree.  What this really means is that one day he'll relent and let me put my childhood ornaments on the downstairs tree.  This was not that day.

The other thing we purchased at Lowe's was an appointment for someone to come put in a backsplash in the kitchen.  I'm not sure what home improvement bug crawled up my ass and died to motivate me in all these ways, but fucking FINALLY.

When we got home from Lowe's, we unloaded Baloo and Teh German moved Suzi out of the way so I could unearth the Christmas totes from the storage closet.  Teh German set up his new fake tree and I did the other house decorations.

My absolute favorite part of pulling out the Christmas decorations is these dog antlers that I purchased for Phil a millionty years ago.  Meri absolutely hates these things and I expected the same reaction from Pax.  Nope, he was cool as a cucumber.  Meri was as awkward as always.

When you corner your husband and hold the fake mistletoe over your head for forced kisses.

Final results of our efforts:

Teh German was done with his decorating way before I was.  He enjoyed a cigar outside with Teh PT Husband while I enjoyed a Trap Christmas* Spotify playlist and continuing my decorating ministrations.

Despite having such a busy day, when we finally went to bed, I couldn't get to sleep and once I did, my sleeps were shitty.  #HateHateHate

*I like Christmas music, but I hate hearing what sounds like the same versions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.. so the trap versions are a great alternative for me when I'm not in the mood for classic Christmas.. and I get to shake my booty to Christmas music... #WinWin


A very unintentional productive weekend.  I am excited to start putting paint swipes on the walls, but due to decorating, it didn't happen.  I could have done some swipes then decorated while the brushes dried, but it was just too much effort and I wanted to focus on ONE thing (a rare occurrence for me), so that's what I did. 

I'm pumped the Christmas decorations are up because once the semester ends, I'm not going to want to do anything, which is usually why Christmas decorations have been minimal in years past.  Also, I need to do it when I'm feeling in the spirit, which was Sunday.  So it's d.u.n. 

The backsplash purchase was a splurge.  Teh German has been talking about doing it himself for a while... but honestly, it seemed like a real frustrating project to me and when I saw that you can pay Lowe's to contract someone to do it for you for only $300, I was sold.  This means #1: no frustrated German noises that put me in crisis/disaster recovery mode.. but also: no frustrated measuring, no multiple trips to buy more of an item, having someone else get all the necessary items and then.. THEY DO IT FOR US.  Like, #MINDBLOWN.  We have a house account for things exactly like this AND this was a planned home improvement that we just hadn't made happen yet.  Soooo, trigger pulled.

Paint swatches probably won't happen until next week or later, depending on how school productive I can be this week.  We'll see.  I want to put random paint swatches on the walls though, so the motivation is there, but I'm lacking in time because the end of the semester is barreling through my life like the Amtrak train.  Truthfully, it's not that I've got that much going on, but I have 2 big projects that aren't complete.  Both are partner/group projects, one just needs to be done and we're working on it (now), but had some HUGE technical set backs when my partner's power supply in his desktop blew AND he, inconveniently, left his laptop charger in GA over Thanksgiving.  The other project is a disaster.  I have no idea what I'm actually doing because test-driven/behavior-driven development is theoretically cool, but my worst nightmare in Ruby on Rails.. and if none of that made any sense to you, it's fine... same.

The best news from this hell semester is that I only have 2 final exams, since the rest of my classes had final projects.  I'm hoping that one of them will be online since our scheduled exam time is on a Sunday at 1pm.. WTTFF?? Thanks, Obama Hurrication.

And finally... there's a horrible combination of no-fucks-to-give + senioritis that I'm enduring right now.. and the struggle is rreeeeaaaallllllllllllllll. 

This week includes:
-Computer Science major test
-Friday test
-project screenshots (for the project we have had all semester, but started Monday, it's college, mkay?)

Next week is the final week of class.  #JesusTaketheWheel.

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  1. -Yay new tattoos!
    -BOO bad servers. There are a few places we avoid because of terrible service, even though it has wonderful food, which is a real bummer.
    -You're almost at the end of the semester! YAY!


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