Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adventures w/ Teh Bear. Part 2.

So I feel like a bad vacationer.  Just in general really.  There is a significant lack of photo greatness going on.  I guess a large part playing into that is that Teh Bear and I have been doing not photography things.  Yet, for some reason, I still feel bad, not having brought my camera to what events we have been to.

We went to dinner at Al Abraaj, which is a eatery that provides Indian and local types of cuisine, and has the absolute BEST HUMMUS EVAR.  Teh Bear had his first sharwama (there's about 20 different spellings for this) which was ordered by Teh Lumberjack.  Shoulda Been a Cowgirl, Teh Mexican, Teh Lumberjack, and Teh HP Wizard (for her love all HP, which means Harry Potter, not Hewlett-Packard) joined us for dinner.  It was quiet, which was a nice way to start out Teh Bear's time in Bahrain, sans the soy sauce spillage incident.  I really wanted a group shot, but I'm that person that doesn't like asking a stranger to take a photo, so we didn't end up with one.  Well, I took a picture in my head, and everyone was smiling!

We picked up Teh Bear's suit after dinner and then it was nap time, because in all the excitement, sleep, apparently, was no longer necessary.  I got up about 2 hours before Teh Bear and did everything productive, like taking his dress shirts out of the dryer and hanging them in the closet in the dark, all without waking him.  Went to base, came back.  Flushed the toilet a couple of times, still didn't wake him up.  Finally, I decided it was time for him to get up, and of course, after all the effort I had put into being quiet the entire time he was asleep, the first thing I did when I went into the bedroom (since it was dark and all) was run into the corner of the bed.  Which I hit hard enough to jar him awake.  Oops, my bad, but no worries, I got a pretty bruise forming to prove the effort.  He roared fussed at me for letting him hibernate sleep so long.

We finally started watching The Pacific.  YAY HDMI ports on computers!  Teh Bear was super pleased with himself for being successful at setting up the HDMI stuff, because this means I can now watch my final season of the Tudors, which wasn't playable on my DVD player for some reason (I blame Bahrain).  He's great like that.

Then it was nap time again.  Then it was time for our dressed up date!

We went to brunch at the Golden Tulip, cause I heard you can pick out your own steak there.  Which was kinda true.  I said I wanted filet, and they cut a slab of meat off a larger slab of meat and plopped it down on a plate and asked me how I wanted it cooked and what table I was at.  Easy enough.  It seemed like they had a better spread than Movenpik.  Lots of lobster entrees, which of course is a quick and dirty way to win my heart.  Then I tested out their crepe bar....  Which was so disappointing it practically ruined all the affection the lobster had built up.  Since I was driving I didn't try the mojitos..

Side note:
0.0 is the acceptable blood alcohol content for Bahrain.  Yet, it only makes me feel marginally safer on the road since the people on the road here are fucking morons anyways.  It took about 10 minutes after his arrival for Teh Bear to witness his first Saudi left turn.  On the way to brunch we got to experience a person 2 lanes over from the left turn lane decide that they wanted to turn left, so they pulled in front of all the other cars and then waited for the light to turn green so they could continue their left hand turn, which kinda surprised me they waited.  W.T.F.

After brunch was a food induced coma nap.  We woke up for the evening and proceeded to make dinner, watch The Pacific and be generally boring, vacationers.  He marveled at how busy the Bahrain traffic was at 0330, which I explained to him was due to it being the weekend.

Then we took another nap.  And then we finally rolled out of the bed and picked up Teh Mexican and Mr. Curly Sweatervest to go to Wahoo, an indoor waterpark at one of the malls.  First was the lazy river.. which was boring.  Then was the slide of death (my name for it), it had a drop at the beginning that I'm pretty sure in places with regulations would require that all riders be strapped in securely.  I'm not a super huge fan of drops and neither is Teh Bear.  Yet, we were both troopers and did the slide 2x.  It was fun after the super huge drop of imminent death, but getting through that part was semi-difficult.  It was also fun riding it on a double float, so Teh Bear and I got to endure the huge drop of imminent death together, with me screaming and hanging on to his toes, and I'm sure he was just hangin on, like a man.  Then we headed to the halfpipe, which Mr. Curly Sweatervest claimed was super awesome.  We all headed up the stairs (omg so many freakin stairs) and arrived at the top.  At which point Teh Bear and I promply chickened out.  HELL NO.  The drop was too much for us.  Teh Mexican and Mr. Curly Sweatervest did it at least 2x.  We then headed outside to see the fun time that was to be had.

There was a slide ride that had 4 tubes going down, which you can see when you drive up to the mall, so I was pretty excited about this one.  We rode it once and burned our feet getting back across the patio to go back up all the stairs to go again.  We made it to the top and we had decided we were all going to go down different slides this time.  I approached my slide and slipped, and busted my shin on the edge of the slide.  Which was incredibly painful for there to be no broken skin, just a huge, malformed dent in my leg.  I wasn't sure what was going on with the leg, so I laid on my mat and Teh Bear elevated my leg by laying it on his knee.  The "lifeguard" was trying to call for a bag of ice on his walkie talkie, but was being extremely unsuccessful, so he had to make the very trying decision to step over me, or walk around me, which meant having to step in the water slides.  He very awkwardly stepped over me to fetch another "lifeguard".  It took about 5 minutes, but finally ice was fetched.

It was amazing to me that kids had to be told, no use the 3 other slides that were available, because they seemed to want to keep using the slide that I was blocking, which was very strange.  One kid was so determined to use the slide that I was laying in front of that he did the slide hop... pretty sure Teh Bear almost got crotch grazed, but I didn't tell him that.  Teh Mexican and Mr. Curly Sweatervest stood with us, we were all laughing and making jokes, which was prob one of the funnier parts of the trip.  After a few minutes of icing the forming knot, I decided it was time to just get to the bottom, and it was much easier to just go down the slide holding my ice bag.  On the way down I hit my elbow.  No jk.  Siiiigh, its hard to be me.

We then went to enjoy the wave pool, which we had to wait at least 10 minutes for the waves to start.  The guys got to talk about how creepy it was that Arabs seem to have no personal space, and dudes touching each other is no big thing.  Which was definitely amplified when some arab kid was practically hanging on Teh Mexican when the waves finally started.  I was amused.  Then confused, when everyone started chanting like there was a soccer game going on..  Then we realized every time the waves came, the locals would yell "Wahoo!".  Strange.

Then we enjoyed more water, got to experience the big bucket of water dumping on us, we dumped some water on some little kids, Mr. Curly Sweatervest and Teh Mexican shot one of the workers with one of the water guns, which she wasn't very appreciative of.  Took another lap on the lazy river, decided we were getting tired and tested out the not so hot tub, which had so much chlorine my eyes immediately begged for mercy.  Mr. Curly Sweatervest and Teh Mexican took 2 more turns on the halfpipe, while Teh Bear and I watched (which was better)..  and we decided to call it a day.

On the way out of the park, I saw a super awesome swim cap that I will find.  It was a smiling shark and there was a little fin on the top of the swim cap.  Totally awesome, but they were out, so I couldn't buy it, fail.

Thennnnnnnnn.....  was crepes.  The thing I've been looking forward to since I went and watched Hangover 2 with Teh Lumberjack in early June, and especially after the crepe fail at brunch.  YUM Nutella and banana crepe with ice cream....  That makes me want to go to the mall right now and get one, too bad its 5am.  Teh Bear and I shared my delicious crepe, while watching Teh Mexican shove down 3 very large crepe rolled hot dogs (don't think he actually ate all 3) and Mr. Curly Sweatervest got his own delicious crepe.  All was well with the bellies and it was time to head home.

After dropping off the company.. it was definitely time for a nap.  :)

PS.  This is part 2, because technically, my last post should have been part 1.  :)  I'm not crazy.  I'm methodical.

PPS.  Nap is not synonymous for sex.  It really means sleep.  I love sleep.  Srsly.  Stop being a perv, Gentle Reader, I expect more from you... and by that I don't mean sexual favors, gebus, stop being a perv!


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